Warning: These pages contain advanced technical content

A warning and a challenge:

These pages may have specific fixes or procedures for accomplishing complex tasks. These are also more of a "quick reference" for me. Please read the source(s) if present and be as familiar with the content as possible before following it. If you are new to a topic, I highly recommend creating a "test system" or attempting it through a Virtual Machine (if possible) before proceeding on a real system.

A note everyone using technology should be practicing (backups):

Rather you try these or not, any and ALL important data on your computer should ALWAYS be backed up. To have a backup means to have a 2nd (duplicate) copy of your data on a separate device (cloud, drive, system, computer, USB, etc.) If your data is only in one place (such as a "backup USB drive), then it is no longer a "backup" it is literally the "source!" If that data is important to you, back it up immediately!

Computers should be assumed that at any point they can fail (eventually they WILL). So a backup is CRITICAL!! Not optional for any and all data you deem important. Articles that state "backup before proceeding" are really missing the entire point. A backup is for when something fails unexpected, we seldom get to know before such an occurrence.

This is true for all your devices (computers, tables, phones, USB drives, etc.). Ensure you always have at least one additional backup, if you want to be more resilient (which I recommend), have a second backup at a different geographical location. This is one reason why "cloud backups" are so useful and reliable, though, they need to have zero-knowledge encryption, so they remain "your" backup.

"Never let the task you are trying to accomplish distract you from the study of computers."

Things do not always turn out the way we expect. Expectations are literally our "egos" pre-designed "suffering" mechanisms. Computers "can" be frustrating when they do not work, crash, or malfunction. But they don't "have to be." They can be a fun challenge, and exciting puzzle to solve, and a way to increase and develop new knowledge. This is the mindset and presence I recommend.