Just a Byte

Computer Service and Technical Support

Jared's Story in a nutshell

  • Built my first computer at 7 years old
  • Running my own computer company by 12
  • Just a Byte has been my primary income for the majority of my life
  • Today I fix, update, repair, optimize, install, configure, etc. all kinds of computers, tablets, smartphones, and services for people all over the world.

The love of my life

Christine helps me see the world through a beautiful and delightful new light. She holds space for me to be my authentic and real self. We met in February 2018, and my life has changed dramatically for the best.

Why is this content even here?

I suppose I should just have some pictures of computers and technology, and devices, and me fixing stuff and saying how amazing I am at it. "Book now, because I have a few openings," and things like that. Maybe it's because I've been sick so long, and I get excited when I feel good enough to visit the beach or go to the grocery store. Maybe, it's because I'm so thankful that I have Christine in my life that I feel no need to hide or pretend I'm different then I am. Whatever the reasons are, I want you to know that I appreciate you, and if I can help with your technology than it will be my pleasure to do so.