Just a Byte

Computer Service and Technical Support

Jared's Story in a nutshell

  • Built my first computer at 7 years old
  • Running my own computer company by 12
  • Just a Byte has been my primary income for the majority of my life
  • Today I fix, update, repair, optimize, install, configure, etc. all kinds of computers, tablets, smartphones, and services for people all over the world.

The love of my life

Christine helps me see everyday as a blessing, even the ones I struggle to get out of bed (because of the pain and nausea). She holds space for me to heal, and allows me to be me. Without her, I would not be able to work on computers today. We met in February 2018, and my life has changed dramatically for the best.

Why is this content even here?

I suppose I should just have some pictures of computers and technology, and devices, and me fixing stuff and saying how amazing I am at it. "Book now, because I have a few openings," and things like that. Maybe it's because I've been sick so long, and I get excited when I feel good enough to visit the beach or go to the grocery store. Maybe, it's because I'm so thankful that I have Christine in my life that I feel no need to hide or pretend I'm different then I am. Whatever the reasons are, I want you to know that I appreciate you, and if I can help with your technology than it will be my pleasure to do so.