FLL mentoring

Coach Elaine and Alexa mentored team 28907, TMS Chinooks, Teeland Middle School, Wasilla after they had won State Champions. They would be moving on to compete at the North American Open Championship in California. They talked about their experience and tips about what to do with everything from their light sensors to traveling. Alexa and Coach Elaine received a thank you letter and MENTOR shirts from the team once they had returned from the competition.

FLL kickoff

At the FLL Kickoff we impacted our community by sharing presentations, advising teams and getting kids exited about First. More then 70 people attended not counting teams Skyping from other parts of Alaska and volunteers.

Chugatch optional carnival

Mitchell and Alexa brought JARVIS to the Chugach Fall Carnival along with The Nerds of the North, HyperLynx and Gravity Check. They were very excited to demo the newly programmed and moving robot.

Turnagain Elementary STEM day

Today AJ, Michell, Kiana and Alexa volunterred at the Turagain Elementray schools STEM day. They brought the robot and allowed kids to drive it around. Other FTC teams participated along with an FRC team and UAA. The goal of the event was to get kids interested in robots and engineering in general.

Post Earthquake Mentoring

Alexa and Coach Elaine had the idea of creating a Post - Earthquake FLL event after two of the FLL qualifiers got canceled. On Thursday December 6 we hosted the event all day since all schools had been canceled that week. We set up one FLL table that Dave Patterson brought us and Alexa brought in all sorts of FLL posters and binders to help coaches and teams. The main goal of the event was to help FLL teams get back on their feet and help them with any advice or assistance they needed. Alexa talked to many rookie coaches who came to th event with basic questions about FLL and gave them her email to ask for help. She will be going to mentor one of those teams later, they emailed her a few days after the event.

FLL state competition

The team all volunteered at the FLL state competition. It was fun but long day. Mitchell was a referee because he liked doing it at the qualifier. He also helped set up Juding rooms the night before with Alexa. Mitchell had a lot of fun watching all the different robots compete and was expecially interested because he used to be the head builder of an FLL team. By the end of the day he was very tired and ready to go home but had a great day.