Thermo Scientific Spectra Ultra

HILLSBORO, Ore., March 3, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world chief in serving science, today divulged the 카지노사이트Thermo Scientific Spectra Ultra, a cutting edge checking transmission electron magnifying instrument ((S)TEM) that offers underlying and synthetic knowledge on a wide scope of materials at nuclear scale goal.

Thermo Scientific Spectra Ultra


The new Spectra Ultra gives adaptability to upgrade conditions to cutting edge imaging and examination in minutes versus hours. To quick track materials explore and improve throughput, clients can now quickly change speeding up voltage with high soundness. This empowers examination of an all-encompassing scope of tests, limits pillar harm and extraordinarily decreases instrument enhancement overhead.

Spectra Ultra incorporates another 바카라사이트energy-dispersive X-Ray (EDX) examination framework, the Thermo Scientific Ultra-X, with the biggest finder region accessible in a financially delivered (S)TEM. Joined with the new target focal point plan, the EDX locator engineering makes it conceivable to catch X-Rays twice as quick as presently accessible business arrangements, permitting the examination of more shaft delicate materials and tests with beforehand imperceptibly low centralizations of minor components.

Spectra Ultra expands on the progressions effectively accessible in the Thermo Scientific Themis and Spectra stages, eliminating intricacy so clients can acquire quality information at high goals.


"The Spectra Ultra, designed with Ultra-X, changes the game for the two materials science scientists and semiconductor producers. It can significantly lessen bar harm by quickly applying diverse speeding up voltages, and clients will actually want to recognize light components with even lower focus," said Rosy Lee, VP of materials science at Thermo Fisher. "Furthermore, clients can rapidly picture and investigate better than ever materials at expanded goals, contrasted with other monetarily accessible arrangements." 카지노사이트

"As semiconductor producers approach the actual furthest reaches of current cycle advances, they are gradually extending their utilization of components across the intermittent table to discover arrangements that convey the force, effectiveness and execution needed for arising applications," said Glyn Davies, VP of semiconductor at Thermo Fisher. "The Spectra Ultra gives industry-driving 우리카지노(S)TEM investigation and portrayal abilities to help them in satisfying the needs for cutting edge material arrangements."

New highlights of the Spectra Ultra (S)TEM include:

A steady force focal point and optics configuration empowering clients to quickly tune the instrument to the ideal voltage for their work.

The Ultra-X EDX indicator which parts the EDX planning time and essential focuses already imperceptible on a financially delivered framework.

Expanded imaging affectability with the capacity to quantify single electrons, empowering the high-goal portrayal of delicate materials.

Nuclear level examination for the basic turn of events and improvement of materials.


The discretionary excessively high brilliance X-CFEG (Cold FEG) producer that, when joined with the Spectra Ultra, conveys industry-driving imaging contrast and logical abilities.