From the Indiana Division IWLA Save Our Steams Committee…

Fellow Ikes, please share this with your membership.

The IN-SOS Committee of the Indiana Division of the IWLA has received funding to build stream monitoring kits that we will loan to Indiana chapters and other organizations that volunteer to monitor at least one local stream for two years to help meet the goals of the Challenge.

We will be investing as much as $500 per kit so we will be asking those organizations or chapters that take a kit to sign a contract and name two responsible parties that will be responsible for seeing that the monitoring is done for at least two years AND the data gets entered into the appropriate databases. The responsible parties will also keep the kit supplied and in good working order.

Once these terms are met, the kits will become the property of the chapter or organization.

We have 7 kits left and are ready to distribute them as soon as a chapter steps up with a person that has had either the IWLA Save Our Streams or Hoosier Riverwatch training or has an interest and background in biology.

If interested in a kit or the training, please contact committee co-chair Jim Sweeney at 219-322-7239 or as soon as possible. These first kits will be loaned, as per these terms, on a first-come, first-served basis.