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More lessons can be found on Greg Studley's website,, and in these other books.

The guitar is first and foremost a rhythm instrument. Every guitarist should have a solid understanding of numerous chords, the best fingerings to be used, how to seamlessly switch between them, and different strumming patterns. Essentials of Rhythm Guitar starts at the most common major and minor chords of the guitar, advancing to play barre chords, and finishing at jazz chords. This book series is perfect for the beginning guitarist, intermediate players looking to expand their knowledge of chords, or musicians who need to know the advanced chord theory for playing jazz. Check out some sample lessons from the book series.

This book series is designed to gradually enhance three essential components of the modern guitarist – speed, accuracy and technique. Regardless of the musical genre that you are exploring, whether it be jazz, blues, rock, metal, country or otherwise, these three categories should all be in harmony to allow you to play your best. The exercises contained within this series will not only train the fingers of your fretting hand, but will also enhance your picking techniques and create synonymous movement between the two. Check out some sample lessons from the book series. Already purchased the book? Free mp3s are available here.

All of the same exercises contained in Speed, Accuracy, & Technique for Guitar, now available for Bass!