AWL Information

Welcome to the new American Wrestling League Information page. The AWL is a part of the Imaginary Wrestling Association. We will be using this site as the home of AWL stats and history.

Current AWL Bulletin

The AWL is now a member of the Steel Interfed Association. The Association is a group of league that recognize one World Champion with the IWA Steel Interfed World Heavyweight Title.

Leagues currently in the association include the following: AWL, CCL, IIL, LSL, MUL, OSL, and STW

Current IWA Steel Interfed World Heavyweight Champion: Chick Magnet George Erlewein (OSL) defending in the STW next cycle (Spring 2019)

Deadlines for match submission for Cycle #138: By Mail (3/21/19) - By E-Mail (3/26/19)

AWL Hardcore Title Target for Cycle #138 (Spring 2019): Undercover Brother

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