Arganorh Council Proposes Protections for the Rising Sea

After massive Green Party gains in the Arganorhan Council in recent elections, the Arganorh Council is poised to finally pass legislation that would bring international protections to the ocean between Avanor and Norrhan. What would these protections include, and how would they effect member states? UEG Reports.

Uddeberg's parliament has passed a law criminalizing homophobia and racism in a controversial bill proposed to the Royal Diet. UEG investigates the law that has sparked protests from the right wing of politics.

Lhanbryde Formally Elects Prime Minister After Threats of a Third Snap Election

After the threat of a third snap election in less than six months, the Lhanbryde parliament has secured a majority for a coalition government with the Social Democrats at the helm.

Leichtstetten is set to vote on the so called "Good Business Law" in an upcoming national referendum. UEG heads to the capital of the mountainous island paradise to understand what exactly this law would do, and why it has become so controversial among the people living in the business friendly nation.

Kiang has launched an official investigation into Man Kyung-Gu, a long time member of the Kiang'i Nationalist Front. Provincial authorities in his home province have accused Man of tax evasion, bringing the once possible presidential candidate to struggle to stay in office in the face of criminal investigation. UEG News has more on the latest developments.

The Unity Party has gathered a slight lead ahead of the close second placed Social Party. With a possible Unity controlled House of Commons, what would be the likely policies proposed and passed? UEG reports on the latest polls ahead of the regional elections next week on October 31st.

The Democrats have been in opposition against a proposed immigration bill, proposed by Black Hallows, that would make immigration into Southfield easier. Why are the Democrats against the bill, and will it be passed? The UEG reports on the growing concerns out of the House.

The French language was once spoken to a great degree in the Region of Southfield. Today, it is the 5th most popular language in Southfield. Is it time to remove French as a language and replace it with something more applicable? Or should tradition survive? UEG Reports.

Mao Motors has issued a mass recall of one of their new major cars. However they refused to do so in Omya Alora, the world's most populous nation. This has caused outrage from consumers groups and citizens alike, as the government refuses to take action. UEG takes a look at the outrage, as the company tries to mitigate its losses, and the government tries to save face.

The Citadel of the Moon has released a public memo to the Arganorh Union, announcing its intention of beginning its new AI program. Although the proposal has made many in the Arganorh Union uneasy, the body has no power over what the Citadel does or doesn't do. So what exactly is this AI program, and why are people so worried about it?

The MFP Party, a globalist AoR party running in the first AoR elections, has picked up steam in Southfield, as the party registers to be a regional political party. UEG News looks at the effect the party is having on the regional political landscape, and the gains it is predicted to have in regional elections coming up.

The Arganorh Union has approved the construction of a nuclear power plant on the island of Wei Jing, against the wishes of the city's residents. We went to Hao Square to see protesters gathering to march against the AU's decision.

The Sassanyama city of Pwuajari sees bombing campaign after rebel tribal fighters had been cornered by President Kwutari's forces. In the resulting bombing, over 6000 were killed in the downtown residential district.

Southfield has a long and proud tradition of being neutral in the realm of NationStates. However, with our admission into the AoR, and antagonizing figures in our ally India, is neutrality a realistic policy anymore? We interviews Valis to find out more.

Arganorh Union Proposes Protections for the Rising Sea

Following a resounding victory in the last Arganorh Union elections, the majority parties have proposed environmental protections for The Rising Sea.

Vizu has been placed on high alert this week after Storm 22 forms east of the island's shores. We have reporters on the scene, as the island braces for impact.

Davintharian rapper 'Quicksilver' has been charged in a drug possession case, while staying at a luxury Mainnet hotel. UEG investigates why the rapper has been charged.

Lhanbryde, reeling from a snap election for their parliament, is struggling to form a government with the rise of Anglish and Deitscher nationalist parties taking the majorities away from the two largest parties. The Social Democrats have enough to cobble together two unlikely coalitions. Read more about the troubles plaguing Lhanbryde's ruling people.

The Results of the August 2019 elections for the House of Representatives are counted. Here are the first results from the election board.

We sit down in an interview with the founder Wintermoore to discuss the death of his brother, and how he feel the original account holder of the nation impacted Southfield.

Thaecia is preparing to leave the Regions Assembly. However, new information reveals one of the parties behind the leave campaign may have possible ties to Fascism, all this as the Regions Assembly works on its much needed reforms.

Averra wins election for the position of Foreign Affairs Minister by higher margins than expected. We cover the results.

General Secretary Averra sits down with us to discuss their opinions on reform and their hopes for the future of the RA.

UEG News takes you into the roleplay nation of Wintermoore: a place of cold and snow, but of immense wealth. How do they live?

The National Secretary of Haivaan has ordered the closing of borders and the inceneration of the dead as the deadly plague rips through the streets. UEG News reports on erupting chaos in the Korashan nation.