The complete list of my research papers is available at my DBLP and Google Scholar profiles.

Below, a list of the selected publications:

  • TGA Virginio, LA Martins, LR Soares, RS Santana, APS Cruz, HAX Costa, I Machado. JNose: Java Test Smell Detector. SBES 2020 - Tools Track. [Best Paper Award]

  • NS Junior, LR Soares, LA Martins, I Machado. A survey on test practitioners' awareness of test smells. CIBSE 2020. [Best Paper Award]

  • AR Santos, IC Machado, ES Almeida, J Siegmund, S Apel. Comparing the influence of using feature-oriented programming and conditional compilation on comprehending feature-oriented software. Empirical Software Engineering 24(3): 1226-1258 (2019)

  • C Lima, WKG Assunção, J Martinez, W Mendonça, IC Machado, CvFG Chavez. Product line architecture recovery with outlier filtering in software families: the Apo-Games case study. Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society. 25(1): 7:1-7:17 (2019)

  • L Karita, BC Mourão, IC Machado. Software industry awareness on green and sustainable software engineering: a state-of-the-practice survey. SBES 2019: 501-510. [TOP 5 paper in the Conference]

  • LR Soares, P Yves-Schobbens, IC Machado, ES Almeida. Feature Interaction in Software Product Line Engineering: A Systematic Mapping Study. Information and Software Technology 98: 44-58 (2018)

  • MLL Carvalho, MLG Silva, GSS Gomes, AR Santos, IC Machado, MLJ Souza, ES Almeida. On the implementation of dynamic software product lines: an exploratory study. Journal of Systems and Software 136: 74-100 (2018)

  • YC Cavalcanti, IC Machado, PAMS Neto, ES Almeida. Towards semi-automated assignment of software change requests. Journal of Systems and Software 115: 82-101 (2016)

  • AR Santos, IC Machado, ES Almeida. RiPLE-HC: javascript systems meets SPL composition. SPLC 2016: 154-163

  • IC Machado, ES Almeida. Fault model-based Variability Testing. Thesis and Dissertation Contest in the Software Quality Field (CTDQS) - SBQS 2015: 278-292. [Best Ph.D. Thesis in Software Quality defended in Brazil in 2014]

  • IC Machado, JD. McGregor, YC Cavalcanti, ES Almeida. On strategies for testing software product lines: A systematic literature review. Information & Software Technology 56(10): 1183-1199 (2014)

  • YC Cavalcanti, PAMS Neto, IC Machado, TF Vale, ES Almeida, SRL Meira. Challenges and opportunities for software change request repositories: a systematic mapping study. Journal of Software: Evolution and Process 26(7): 620-653 (2014)

  • IC Machado, AR Santos, YC Cavalcanti, EG Trzan, MM Souza, ES Almeida. Low-level variability support for web-based software product lines. VaMoS 2014: 15:1-15:8 [Among the most highly ranked papers]

  • IS Souza, GSS Gomes, PAMS Neto, IC Machado, ES Almeida, SRL Meira. Evidence of software inspection on feature specification for software product lines. Journal of Systems and Software 86(5): 1172-1190 (2013)

  • C Wohlin, P Runeson, PAMS Neto, E Engström, IC Machado, ES Almeida. On the reliability of mapping studies in software engineering. Journal of Systems and Software 86(10): 2594-2610 (2013)

  • PAMS Neto, IC Machado, JD McGregor, ES Almeida, SRL Meira. A systematic mapping study of software product lines testing. Information & Software Technology 53(5): 407-423 (2011)

  • PAMS Neto, P Runeson, IC Machado, ES Almeida, SRL Meira, E Engström. Testing Software Product Lines. IEEE Software 28(5): 16-20 (2011)

  • IC Machado, ES Almeida, SRL Meira. RiPLE-TE: A Software Product Lines Testing Process. Thesis and Dissertation Contest in the Software Quality Field (CTDQS) - SBQS 2011. [Best M.Sc. Thesis in Software Quality defended in Brazil in 2014]