ivan c. machado

Assistant Professor • Computer Science Department • Federal University of Bahia

Short BIO

I am an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), in Salvador, Brazil, where I am currently serving as the Chair of the Department. My broad research area is software engineering, and my specific interests include software product line engineering, self-adaptive systems, software testing and analysis, software evolution and modularity. I am a member of the Software Engineering Laboratory and the Reuse in Software Engineering (RiSE) Research Group at UFBA.

I received my Ph.D. degree from the Federal University of Bahia, in 2014, advised by Professor Eduardo Almeida and my M.Sc. degree from the Federal University of Pernambuco, in 2010, advised by Professors Silvio Meira and Eduardo Almeida. During my Ph.D. I was a Visiting Scholar at Clemson University with John D. McGregor's group. I received my B.S. from Bahia State University in 2006.

Office: UFBA, Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, Office #213

Email: ivan • machado (at) ufba • br


Reviewer for: Software and System Modeling, Software: Practice & Experience, Information and Software Technology, IET Software, Journal of Systems and Software, Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, ACM TOSEM, IEEE Access

TPC: CIBSE 2018 SET (PC) SAC 2018 VSPL Track (PC), SEKE 2018 (PC), SBCARS 2018 (PC), ITNG 2018 (PC), WASHES 2018 (PC), SAST 2018 (PC), CI4SPL 2018 (PC), SPLTea 2018 (PC), VAMOS 2017 (PC), SBCARS 2017 (PC), SEKE 2017 (PC), CIbSE 2017 (PC), WASHES 2017 (PC), ICSR 2017 (OC), SBES 2016 (PC), SBCARS 2016 (PC), SEKE 2016 (PC), FSE 2016 (AR), SPLC 2016 (AR), ICSR 2016 (AR), ESELAW 2016 (AR), CTD SBC 2016 (AR), VAMOS 2016 (OC), SBCARS 2015 (PC), SEKE 2015 (PC), SPLC 2015 (AR), VAMOS 2015 (AR), FSE 2014 (AR), VAMOS 2014 (AR), SPLC 2013 (AR), ICSR 2013 (AR), ESEM 2013 (AR), VAMOS 2013 (AR), SBCARS 2013 (AR), CBSOFT TOOLS 2013 (AR), SBQS 2013 (OC), FMSPLE 2012 (PC), VAMOS 2012 (AR), PLEASE 2012 (AR), SPLC 2012 (OC)

* PC - Program Committee Member, AR - Additional Reviewer, OC - Organizing Committee


Prospective students (Undergrad, Masters or Ph.D.) interested in discussing aspects related to any of my research interests, please drop by my office or schedule a meeting through email.

"Where there's a will there's a way"

Address: UFBA Campus Ondina, Adhemar de Barros Ave., Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, Room 213 - Salvador, BA, Brazil - ZIP Code 40170-110