L'ombre déchirée , poetry, La Bartavelle éditeur (France 1994)

Journal, poetry, La Bartavelle éditeur, ( France 1995)

La corde à nu, poetry, La Bartavelle éditeur (France 1999)

Ossuaire, poetry, illustrated pamphlet made for the show at the Galley La Cerisaie (France 2009)

Sur-Faces, poetry, illustrated pamphlet made for the show at the Gallery La Cerisaie (France 2011)

Les Maldormants, novel, Ressouvenances press (France 2014)

Orgasmes et Fantaisies, novel, 5 sens press, (Switzerland 2016)

Nanaqui ou les tribulations d'un poète, novel, 5 sens press, (Switzerland 2017)

Inside the Fire A Tale of the Insane, novel, Avid publishing, (USA 2018)

The Overflowing Body, poetry, Greying Ghost press, (2018, USA)

La Cicatrice nue, poetry, Traversées press, (Belgium 2020)

Free online access

The Blind Angle English Novella, 2018-2019 (click on cover below)

Ossuaire poems in French, published in 2009, illustrated (click on cover below)

Sur-Faces poems in French, published in 2011, illustrated (click on cover below)

L'ombre déchirée poems in French, published in 1995, fac-simile (click on cover below)

Brèves poems in French, written in 2014 , illustrated (click on cover below)


  • Raawart, in New York fall of 2002, (group show).
  • L'ARTicle gallery, rue Volta, in Paris, january 2005 .
  • Orsel gallery, rue d'Orsel, in Paris, september 2006.
  • Art de la Vie gallery, place du Marché Sainte-Catherine, in Paris, march 2007.
  • L'Espace Timbaud, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, in Paris, october 2007.
  • Espace Arsinoé, Montmartre, in Paris, may 2008.
  • Art'est gallery, rue Quincampoix, in Paris, december 2008.
  • Art'est gallery, Paris march 2009 (group show).
  • La Cerisaie gallery, quai des Célestins, in Paris, september 2009.
  • "Regards Interdits", Villa Deshayes in Paris december 2009 (group show)


  • La Cerisaie gallery, quai des Célestins, in Paris, june 2010.
  • Boxheart Gallery exposition de groupe, Pittsburgh , january 2011 (group show).
  • La Cerisaie gallery, quai des Célestins, in Paris, april 2011.
  • Croissant gallery, in Bruxelles november 2011 (group show).
  • Siena Art Institute "Drawing connections"in Sienna, september 2011 (group show).
  • Maxo Galeria "99 artistas", in Barcelona, december 2011 (group show).
  • Moulin de la Bièvre/Maison du Patrimoine, in l'Haÿ les Roses, january 2012.
  • "Is this it", exposition de groupe à la Lloyd Gill gallery, in Weston-super-mare, january-february 2012 (group show).
  • "Let it shine", at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, in New York, june 2013 (group show).
  • Reading/Exhibition of the original drawings selected for the book Les Maldormants, Viaduc des Arts, in Paris, december 28th 2014.