ITT 2020 back to Greece !

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are in the unpleasant position to announce the cancellation of ITT 2020.

The safety of all of us comes first so we hope to see you all next year in Greece for ITT 2021, when we will also celebrate our club’s 20th anniversary!

After two successful events in 2008 in Parga and 2012 in Kyllini, this year Hellas Transalp Club will have the pleasure to host ITT 2020 !

Our aim is to offer all Transalp friends in Europe unique memories and experiences at a different location this time .... At the mountain of the ancient Greek Gods: Mt Olympus!

The mythical Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and the second highest in the Balkans. It is there that, according to mythology, the gods of the ancient Greeks lived. Olympus is in central Greece between Macedonia and Thessaly. Its highest peak is Mytikas, at 2,917m.

So, why choose Elatochori? For all the best reasons!!!!

Εlatochori lies at the east foothills of Pieria Mountains at an altitude of 780m and can be reached by driving eastwards from Katerini to Veroia. It is a quaint, verdant village, in an area of great natural beauty, filled with magical paths and trails and blessed with truly hospitable inhabitants. In other words, it is the ideal location for a few days of relaxation, scenic road trips and sports activities in nature. Tradition is depicted on every corner of this beautiful village, which is rich in rare flora and fauna, boasting an amazing view to Mountain Olympus, which will surely bedazzle you. It is also renowned for its mouthwatering, traditional, Macedonian cuisine, which is prepared by pure and fine, local products.

It is one of the most popular winter tourist resorts in the region and hosts the only ski resort in the county (at 6km distance). According to Greek mythology, the mighty Zeus, the supreme god and ruler of the 12 gods of Olympus, whose throne was at the top of the mountain, often descended from Olympus to meet and flirt with the 9 beautiful Pierians Nymphs, goddesses of art and literature. Well, who can blame him? The verdant nature and the magnificent view to Mountain Olympus on one side and the endless blue waters of the Thermaic Gulf on the other, can only fascinate the visitor by inviting him again and again.

The county of Pieria is an area rich in attractions of great historical and archaeological interest. These attractions range from the wealth of findings at the Neolithic Settlement in Makrigialos, through the remains of Byzantine Pydna, to the ruins of the City of Dion- the holy city of Macedonia- and the Castle at Platamonas.

The monasteries and churches in abundance bear witness to the great religious significance of the area. The Post-Byzantine Monastery of Agios Georgios (14th century) in Retini and Agios Nikolaos church (17th century) in Paleo Elatochori with its magnificent wood carving, a true masterpiece, have been preserved and constitute very important historical monuments of the wider area.

The accommodation which we have chosen follows the traditional aesthetics of the village, offering first class facilities, and their hospitable owners look forward to welcoming us and guiding us through the beautiful countryside.

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History and Name of the village.

Elatochori consists of 2 settlements, the old and the new. Initially, the name of the old settlement was Skouterna, given during the Othoman Rule from the term “skoutia”, the thick, woolen fabrics manufactured at a local fabric factory. On 27th January 1944, the Germans destroyed the old settlement. In the new settlement, one can visit the Folklore Museum and its exhibition of a variety of objects representing the daily life of residents during the old times, the local culture and activities.

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Apart from the road tours around Elatochori, there are several activities catering to all tastes. Nature lovers can enjoy interesting walking trips, along mountain paths which pass through lush forests and small waterfalls. Moreover, you can go hiking, mountain climbing or even skiing, at the nearby ski resort (only during winter).

On top of all the above, this area will give us the opportunity to spend four enjoyable and relaxing days, away from the crowded weekend resorts and very close to all the interesting destinations that are a must- visit, such as Mount Olympus, the Ancient Ruins of Vergina, the sacred place of Dion and many more which we will come across in our itinerary.

So, join us for a wonderful road trip! The only thing that you need to bring along is your good mood and leave all the rest to us!