Interdisciplinary Technology Lab

2018 Student Hackathon

Sponsored by Grimshaw Architects

Push your Design Projects into new territories

The ITL Student Hackathon hosted by Grimshaw Architects is a one day event where a group of Students will have the opportunity to work directly with a diverse group of designers, innovators, and developers from the AEC industry. Students are encouraged to bring their design work to the event to learn from these experts and push their projects forward toward their end of the year finals. Everyone will be challenged to work collaboratively towards pushing their own designs into new territories, adopting contemporary emerging workflows, develop new digital toolsets to augment their process, and network with industry leaders.

Network with pioneers in computational design from AEC, Academia, and Software Companies

The event will immerse students in an open source collaborative culture that permeates the computational design community within our industry. Opening with a symposium by contemporary designers from a wide array of firms, students will have the opportunity to see these thought leaders perspectives on the current state of practice. This will be followed by a series of workshops from several developers of groundbreaking open source toolkits. Students will have the opportunity to learn from the authors themselves and carry this knowledge into the hackathon event which will run the remainder of the day.

Learn new platforms and ways of working from their creators.

Presenters and Workshop hosts will cover a wide range of contemporary means of project development and delivery. Some of the topics include, Advanced 3d Modeling , Physics Simulation, VR Platforms, Gaming Environments, UI & Presentation Automation, Web Collaboration, and Software Interoperability.

Who is it for?

Students from:

  • Pratt Institute, Undergraduate School of Architecture
  • Pratt Institute, Graduate School of Architecture
  • Pratt Institute, School of Design

What is provided?

  • Knowledge & Expertise
  • Seat & Work Surface
  • Power
  • Internet (Limited)
  • Coffee & Water
  • Catered Sandwich Lunch
  • Pizza Dinner

What should I bring?


  • Laptop & any needed peripherals
  • VR Cardboard (if available)


  • Rhino 5 + Grasshopper, Unity, Enscape

Grasshopper Plugins:

  • Pufferfish, Elefront, Kangaroo 2, Human UI, Aviary, Weaverbird, TT Toolbox