Get Involved

To become a more involved member of the Order of the Arrow the best thing you can do is join a committee. Below you can find a description of each committee and a google form that will allow you to join.


The Membership committee is responsible for maintaining and growing membership. They Manage unit elections and keep a record of troops that need elections. They also actively look for ways to improve member involvement.

- If you want to get others involved in the OA this is the place for you


The Administration committee in is involved with event registration and the many different competitions at Dixie. Some including the Newsletter, Lodge Website, lodge display, and Honor Lodge.

- If you're interested in writing this is the place for you

American Indian Affairs:

The American Indian Affairs or AIA committee is responsible for the Dance and Drum/Sing Sub-Committees as well as supporting any Chapter AIA events.

- If you're interested in Dance/ Drum this is for you.


The Ceremonies committee is responsible for all ceremonies in the Lodge and in the Chapters.

Cook Team:

The Cook team are the cooks of the Lodge. They work most events to provide us with wonderful food. Cooking things like a cow's leg, a whole pig, and Cornish game hens.