Math Competitions

Moems (Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools)

Two divisions, elementary (up to 6th grade) and middle (up to 8th grade). Compete with students from around the world. Five tests, each consists of 5 questions, held monthly from November to March. 30 minutes for each test. Scores are accumulated and several awards are available. See MOEMS for details.

Contest dates: (LOP, Temple City): Elementary division (Fridays) 11/22/19, 12/20, 1/31, 2/21, 3/20; 6-7pm; Middle School division (Mondays) 12/2/19, 12/16, 1/27, 2/17, 3/16; 4:30-5:30pm

(South Bay Academy, Torrance): Saturdays 11/16/19, 12/14, 1/18, 2/15, 3/21 afternoon

Cost: $35 (COOL MATH student), $50 (non COOL MATH student), practice materials included. Test spots are limited and priority is given to COOL MATH students.

Restriction: You can only participate with Cool Math if your own school is not hosting it.

Registration: Call 626.8O6.848l or email us.


National tests held in Fall and Spring for students in grades 2-8. Each test is 45 minutes long and consists of 20 problems. Various awards are given to each grade for each test. See Noetic for details.

Contest dates: Fall: 11/15/2019 - 11/23/2019; Spring 4/17/2020 - 4/20/2020

(Contact us for the exact date/time of your gr. level and to register)

Venue: Live Oak Park Community Center, Temple City or South Bay Academy, Torrance, CA

Cost: $20 one test/$30 both tests (COOL MATH students), $25/$40 (non COOL MATH students), practice materials included. Seats are limited and priority is given to COOL MATH students.

Annual national test for 1st to 12th graders. Held on 3rd Thursday in March. 75 minutes for 24 to 30 questions depending on grade level. Each level consists of two grades 1-2 gr, 3-4 gr etc. Several state and national awards are given. Very well recognized and many countries have their own Kangaroo contest. Cool Math will be hosting MK at Live Oak Park Community Center on 3/19/2020 5:45pm. Register at, deadline 12/15/2019.

"In a math competition, if you can solve the problems, you win; if you can't, but learn how to solve them afterwards, you win bigger!"

--Virginia Wong