Monday, 27 March, 2023 

ITAH Workshop at IUI 2023

First Workshop on Interactive Technologies for AI in Healthcare: Diagnosis, Management, and Assistance

 About The Workshop

The ITAH workshop will be run as part of the 2023 ACM Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) conference combining two main themes of IUI, namely, human-computer interaction and AI, with an emphasis on applications in assistive healthcare. We aim to facilitate the ideation, discussions and future research for AI models that will be more reliable and acceptable for physicians, patients, and all targeted user groups in the healthcare space. 

AI for healthcare has been a very active research area in recent years. AI can support many processes in healthcare including but not limited to automatic screening and diagnostic tools, health management applications, administrative workflow automation, clinical documentation, patient outreach, and specialized support via image analysis, and medical device automation. Although AI systems have been shown to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes, adoption of these systems in practice remains a challenge due to the lack of user-centered design, personalisation, and the opaqueness of algorithms . Target users for AI systems in healthcare space can include clinicians, patients, and healthcare payers, where clinicians might include all practitioners who diagnose, treat, or care for patients. From the perspective of clinicians, as shown by the studies, they are more likely to accept a decision support system if the system matches their own decision-making processes, which can be possible by allowing them to interact with the systems and placing the user in the loop. Considering different application areas, feedback from not only the clinicians but also other target user groups can improve the systems’ performance significantly, which can result in better performance and end-user experience. From the perspective of target users, it is increasingly desirable that such technologies are tailored to their specific needs and profiles. While modern technologies can offer many benefits, e.g., planning and delivery of clinical care, and management of special conditions at home, they still suffer from unidirectional interaction, and a one-fits-all paradigm.

Motivated by the above points, we aim to address the Interactivity in AI solutions targeted for healthcare domain by bringing together multidisciplinary researchers and practitioners from AI, healthcare, medicine, user interaction & experience design domains and facilitating the discussions in this very critical space. We aim to cover topics around different means of interactivity in AI solutions for healthcare, challenges associated with adaptation of AI models in healthcare space from end-users perspective, and how human-AI interaction can help build better solutions that can lead to better user experience.

Important Dates

The workshop will be held online, as a half day event!!

Workshop Proceedings

Workshop proceedings have been published in CEUR: