IT & CI Leadership Symposium

Strengthening Connections Between Teaching, Learning, and Technology

The Arizona Technology in Education Association and Arizona School Administrators have partnered to present the IT and C&I Leadership Symposium. The symposium is a one-day event that will bring together educational leaders from across the state of Arizona to explore the challenges and share the successes that exist between Teaching, Learning, & IT.

Location: Black Canyon Conference Center 9440 N. 25th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021

Date: Friday April 13, 2018 8:00-3:30

Event attendees will include Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Teaching, Learning and Assessment Directors, Professional Development Coordinators, Chief Technology Officers, Instructional Technology leaders, and other state and district key players within Arizona education.

In the K-12 environment Teaching & Learning and IT departments have historically been separate silos that often are not on the same page. That may have worked early on when IT was building infrastructure and Teaching & Learning was still adopting textbooks, but those days are behind us and districts understand their success will rely on Teaching & Learning and IT coming together sharing common instructional goals. Districts will share their stories of best practices, learning approaches, professional development, culture, and unified IT systems, in a small setting that will allow for collaboration among the leaders of Arizona schools.

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