Race 5 - 2019

iStock Racing Series

In the media this week...

  • Tamauria Spiders has a great week and the team are completely in sync, obviously buoyed by a better result last week. She'll start with a boost ready and begin the race in 7th.
  • Boothby Grafoe has a big disappointment, especially for something as trivial for the series leader. Astonishingly, his rear window detaches itself on the back straight during his final lap, trashing his time entirely. He'll begin 39th.
  • Ben Stover has a new sponsor this week in Scott Electronics. Lots of extra publicity for his team, but possibly some distraction - he'll start 16th.
  • Dominic Jackson takes part in a charity event for the homeless here in Vila Real, and will begin in 18th.
  • LA Brick has a miserable week with continue tire rub problems, only just qualifying in 40th.
  • Jay Wolff has a fantastic burst of pace and finally sets the marker for Yee Valley Racing, taking pole and securing a performance boost to help fight off would-be passers.
  • Tim Walker has some positive fan interaction and also discusses the extra work he's done on his brakes for this road race. A great result for his final qualifying run, leaving him sixth.

qualifying results

1st -- Jay Wolff

3rd -- Vasili Mikhailov

5th -- Varalia Spiders

7th -- Tamauria Spiders

9th -- Takumi Fujiwara

11th -- Emil Ziskie

13th -- A.I. Kraken

15th -- Nathan Dunkleman

17th -- Urist Tannhauser

19th -- Kieran Easter

21st -- Flash Finley

23rd -- Prichard Elias

25th -- Juan Solo

27th -- Hunky Davis

29th -- Franceso Rivera

31st -- Oliver Otter

33rd -- Aaliyah Stover

35th -- Egil Van Can

37th -- Max von Passum

39th -- Boothby Grafoe

41st -- Travis Elford

43rd -- Daniel Burman

2nd -- Cucumbers Caulfield

4th -- Corey Creek

6th -- Tim Walker

8th -- Kerry Mackinaw

10th -- Mason Shelton

12th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

14th -- Airen Slipper

16th -- Ben Stover

18th -- Dominic Jackson

20th -- Valkyr Slipper

22nd -- Abnaber Salad

24th -- Kiki Roseburg

26th -- Conor Westfall

28th -- Garrad McKinley

30th -- Paul Puffin

32nd -- Elias Prichard

34th -- Yokum Schmidt

36th -- Aaron Slipper

38th -- Rain Winterson

40th -- LA Brick

42nd -- Leapfrog Jones

RACE 5 - 2019 - 20 turns

Rio corgo 200

Vila Real, Portugal

Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

TURN 1 - TV - MIDDLE - Dominic Jackson fails their chance to move up, and Tamauria Spiders uses their performance boost to defend against Ben Stover!

TURN 2 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - Obviously eager to follow on from the chaotic dev series race, the main series is at it too. Kerry Mackinaw, Takumi Fujiwara, Nathan Dunkleman, Ben Stover, Dominic Jackson and Kieran Easter all get caught in the crash, leaving Mason, Emil, Fireplug, Kraken, Airen and Urist fine.

TURN 3 - YELLOW FLAG - All except Dominic Jackson are back out on the track.

TURN 4 - YELLOW FLAG - The covers are on, Jackson is done for the day, and so early on too.

TURN 5 - RARE - TOP - Vasili Mikhailov SURGES to the top, and leads!

TURN 6 - CONTROL - TOP - Vasili's lead doesn't last long, though he'll be pleased with the bonus points. Tamauria Spiders (7th) overtakes Vasili Mikhailov and moves to #1.

TURN 7 - PIT TURN - Varalia Spiders, Corey Creek and Tamauria Spiders all gain a boost from fast pitting. This works well for Tam, who uses her boost to defend from Vasili trying to take the lead back, and ensures she wins the race off pit road.


1st -- Tamauria Spiders

3rd -- Corey Creek

5th -- Vasili Mikhailov

7th -- Tim Walker

9th -- Emil Ziskie

11th -- A.I. Kraken

13th -- Urist Tannhauser

15th -- Prichard Elias

17th -- Flash Finley

19th -- Juan Solo

21st -- Aaron Slipper

23rd -- Conor Westfall

25th -- Franceso Rivera

27th -- Oliver Otter

29th -- Aaliyah Stover

31st -- Egil Van Can

33rd -- Rain Winterson

35th -- Travis Elford

37th -- Daniel Burman

39th -- Takumi Fujiwara

41st -- Ben Stover

OUT -- Dominic Jackson

2nd -- Varalia Spiders

4th -- Jay Wolff

6th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

8th -- Mason Shelton

10th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

12th -- Airen Slipper

14th -- Abnaber Salad

16th -- Valkyr Slipper

18th -- Kiki Roseburg

20th -- Hunky Davis

22nd -- L.A. Brick

24th -- Garrad McKinley

26th -- Paul Puffin

28th -- Elias Prichard

30th -- Yokum Schmidt

32nd -- Max Von Passum

34th -- Boothby Grafoe

36th -- Leapfrog Jones

38th -- Kerry Mackinaw

40th -- Nathan Dunkleman

42nd -- Kieran Easter

TURN 8 - RARE - TOP - Driver incident - Tam and Varalia Spiders get into all sorts of shenanigans! They're going to end up on the feud list, if you can believe it, although both manage to avoid trouble and repairs this time.

TURN 9 - STAR - MIDDLE - Juan Solo (19) overtakes Vasili Mikhailov and moves to #5, Prichard Elias fails to move up, but then gets another go due to starred quality, forcing Varalia to use a boost. Abnaber Salad fails to move up, Corey Creek is forced to use a boost to defend, Airen Slipper forces a boost to be used by Jay Wolff, and then finally Emil Ziskie fails to get past Juan Solo.

TURN 10 - RARE - TOP - Driver error - Varalia Spiders (20th) - obviously still hot under the collar about earlier shenanigans, she cuts a corner entirely and has to slow right down in order to avoid going into the barrier. By the time she's sorted herself out, she's back in 20th.

TURN 11 - DUEL - Prichard Elias (15) wins the duel against Mason Shelton and moves to #8. Shelton avoids trouble successfully. Abnaber Salad also has the opportunity but leaves it for now, realising his chances of staying in the race were microscopic if he failed.

TURN 12 - CONTROL - BOTTOM - Ben Stover (41) overtakes Emil Ziskie and moves to #10. Nathan Dunkleman fails to overtake Prichard Elias. Kerry Mackinaw (39) overtakes Fireplug Fitzpatrick and moves to #12. Daniel Burman fails, but Leapfrog Jones (38) overtakes Urist Tannhauser and moves to #16. Rain Winterson (36) overtakes Leapfrog Jones and moves to #16. Oliver Otter (31) overtakes A.I. Kraken and moves to #14. (Roll: 3 Target: 1) Franceso Rivera (30) overtakes Airen Slipper and moves to #16. Garrad McKinley (30) overtakes Rain Winterson and moves to #18. L.A. Brick (29) overtakes Oliver Otter and moves to #14. Aaron Slipper uses their performance boost to attack, taking Airen Slipper and therefore 18th! A huge move! Travis Elford, Elias Prichard, Yokum Schmidt, Boothby Grafoe and Conor Westfall all fail their chance.

TURN 13 - RARE - MIDDLE - Rare may not be so rare! Driver incident - AI Kraken gets all bent out of shape trying to keep Franceso Rivera from moving up. He goes right off the track, though, and Franceso is fine - all a bit backwards there from Kraken!

TURN 14 - YELLOW FLAG - A track barrier needs adjustment after Kraken slammed it as he went past.

TURN 15 - TV - TOP - Tamauria Spiders uses their performance boost to defend against Tim Walker, but this exposes her to Jay Wolff, who gets past and into the lead!

TURN 16 - TROUBLE - BOTTOM - Another late race crash as concentration begins to wane. Westfall, Puffin, A. Stover, Schmidt, Van Can, Von Possum, Dunkleman, Kraken, Davis (boost) and Grafoe avoid the crash, leaving Winterson, Jones, Tannhauser, Salad, V. Slipper, Finley, Roseburg, V. Spiders, E. Prichard, Elford, Burman, Fujiwara and Easter in big danger and all with various degrees of damage.

TURN 17 - PIT TURN - Winterson is done, damagewise, as is Leapfrog Jones. Tannhauser, Roseburg, V. Spiders, E. Prichard and Elford get going again. Tim Walker, Corey Creek, Juan Solo, Cucumbers Caulfield, Tamauria Spiders and Jay Wolff all benefit from fast pitting. Caulfield attempts to take the lead, but Wolff uses his newfound boost to keep Caulfield back and retain the lead for himself.


1st -- Jay Wolff

3rd -- Corey Creek

5th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

7th -- Vasili Mikhailov

9th -- Prichard Elias

11th -- Oliver Otter

13th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

15th -- Emil Ziskie

17th -- Aaron Slipper

19th -- Garrad McKinley

21st -- Conor Westfall

23rd -- Aaliyah Stover

25th -- Egil Van Can

27th -- Boothby Grafoe

29th -- A.I. Kraken

31st -- Kiki Roseburg

33rd -- Elias Prichard

35th -- Daniel Burman

37th -- Kieran Easter

OUT -- Dominic Jackson

OUT -- Rain Winterson

OUT -- Leapfrog Jones

2nd -- Tim Walker

4th -- Juan Solo

6th -- Tamauria Spiders

8th -- L.A. Brick

10th -- Mason Shelton

12th -- Kerry Mackinaw

14th -- Ben Stover

16th -- Franceso Rivera

18th -- Airen Slipper

20th -- Hunky Davis

22nd -- Paul Puffin

24th -- Yokum Schmidt

26th -- Max Von Passum

28th -- Nathan Dunkleman

30th -- Urist Tannhauser

32nd -- Varalia Spiders

34th -- Travis Elford

36th -- Takumi Fujiwara

Round 18 - YELLOW FLAG - Burman, Fujiwara and Easter are all going again, but the mechanics have given up with Salad, V. Slipper and Finley's cars, giving them the DNF for the day.

TURN 19 - REFLEX - TOP - Vasili Mikhailov fails to overtake Jay Wolff, but Caulfield has a boost and seizes the lead from Jay! It doesn't last long - Juan Solo of all people is up there, taking the lead and some bonus points following another well-timed boost - but it's a story of boosts one more time as Corey Creek takes the lead on mile 189, right towards the end of the stint!

TURN 20 - STAR - MIDDLE - There are a few starred drivers in the middle of the pack, who could still take the win here. Garrad McKinley isn't one of those, but shifts all the way up to 3rd from 19th. Airen Slipper fails his first move, but then takes Jay Wolff and 5th, before losing it to Emil Ziskie. Tim Walker uses his boost to keep Franceso Rivera back, and Kerry Mackinaw fails to move up. Prichard Elias fails their attack and has a second go, this time taking Slipper and putting him back to 7th, leaving him 6th on a lovely last-lap move.


WINNER -- Corey Creek

3rd -- Garrad McKinley

5th -- Emil Ziskie

7th -- Airen Slipper

9th -- Tim Walker

11th -- Vasili Mikhailov

13th -- Mason Shelton

15th -- Kerry Mackinaw

17th -- Ben Stover

19th -- Aaron Slipper

21st -- Conor Westfall

23rd -- Aaliyah Stover

25th -- Egil Van Can

27th -- Boothby Grafoe

29th -- A.I. Kraken

31st -- Kiki Roseburg

33rd -- Elias Prichard

35th -- Daniel Burman

37th -- Kieran Easter

OUT -- Dominic Jackson

OUT -- Rain Winterson

OUT -- Leapfrog Jones

OUT -- Abnaber Salad

OUT -- Valkyr Slipper

OUT -- Flash Finley

2nd -- Juan Solo

4th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

6th -- Prichard Elias

8th -- Jay Wolff

10th -- Tamauria Spiders

12th -- L.A. Brick

14th -- Oliver Otter

16th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

18th -- Franceso Rivera

20th -- Hunky Davis

22nd -- Paul Puffin

24th -- Yokum Schmidt

26th -- Max Von Passum

28th -- Nathan Dunkleman

30th -- Urist Tannhauser

32nd -- Varalia Spiders

34th -- Travis Elford

36th -- Takumi Fujiwara

Tamauria Spiders and LA Brick still have boosts left unspent, so their handlers will be contacted on Monday if they have enabled this choice.


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