Race 7 - 2019

Developmental Racing Series

In the media this week...

  • Lars Ungar has his pit crew bring it all together fabulously this week. He'll start with a performance boost ready, and will line up on the front row in 2nd.
  • Avianna Muir appears on a ESPN Race Week segment, talking about her current rank in the championship, and how she'll fix that this weekend. Sounds promising; she'll start 10th.
  • Randy Flamethrower has a bad time of things, running over his mechanic's foot and getting sanctioned for a tyre gun getting left outside of the line. He'll begin 31st.
  • Bargain Bill, Andrew Fiddler and DelBoy Trotter are all absolutely on it this week. They all take it in turns to break the Dev Series lap record, repeatedly. Each will start with a boost, with Bill 7th, Fiddler 6th and Trotter an impressive 3rd.
  • Jack Carmichael is interviewed just after his final lap, where he apologises for his slow performance this week, and any disappointment that it caused his sponsor. He'll start in 16th, which is hardly bad.
  • Rodney Trotter visits a local orphanage and brings enough merchandise with him to kill an elephant. However, his attempt to sell the merchandise rather than give it away raises more than a few eyebrows. He'll see the green light from 14th position.

qualifying results

1st -- Xander Louis

3rd -- DelBoy Trotter

5th -- Lefty Louis

7th -- Bargain Bill

9th -- Paul Blart

11th -- Tom Reynolds

13th -- Manne Love

15th -- Marthis Fiino

17th -- Baker Mudfield

19th -- Victor Lucky

21st -- Colin McAdam

23rd -- Winter McFish

25th -- Klodeus Cig

27th -- Stanley Tee

29th -- Checkers McGreen

31st -- Randy Flamethrower

33rd -- Lem Tables

35th -- Gary Gannet

37th -- Corky Cadorkian

2nd -- Lars Ungar

4th -- Cam Cargo

6th -- Andrew Fiddler

8th -- Sweet Clyde

10th -- Avianna Muir

12th -- Angelina Muir

14th -- Rodney Trotter

16th -- Jack Carmichael

18th -- Ragnar Slipper

20th -- Ignacio Del Gato

22nd -- Xavier Tate

24th -- Jane Kinglet

26th -- Al Houns

28th -- Foggy Cockburn

30th -- Selinia Spiders

32nd -- Jac Houns

34th -- Gunther Heindrickson

36th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

38th -- Drew Breezus

RACE 7 - 2019 - 20 turns

banamex 200


Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

TURN 1 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - The start is nothing less than spectacular! An immediate slip as the pace car pulls in shows that Tom Reynolds hasn't got full control of his traction, and he plows into teammate Manne Love and the two then collect Baker Mudfield. Everyone else in the middle group seems okay, but what a horrible star for the Shooting Stars.

TURN 2 - YELLOW FLAG - Baker Mudfield is off and running again; at least he got repaired.

TURN 3 - YELLOW FLAG - Crash-causer Reynolds is back in the race, but his teammate is done for the day.

TURN 4 - SMART - MIDDLE - Angelina Muir is the only racer that gets a chance to move up, but can't get it done.

TURN 5 - DUEL - FEUD - Gary Gannet (32nd) goes for Jac Houns (29th)! He does, however, get it badly wrong, cutting his tyre and causing him to end up on his roof, slowly sliding down towards the in-track. He's safe, but what a mistake. I think we can consider this feud settled at this point.


TURN 7 - PIT TURN - Fast pits from Lars Ungar, Cam Cargo and leader Xander Louis give them potential boosts for later. Fiddler attempts to take the lead from Xander, but can't get it done - though he did use the boost to do so.


1st -- Xander Louis

3rd -- DelBoy Trotter

5th -- Andrew Fiddler

7th -- Lefty Louis

9th -- Jack Carmichael

11th -- Angelina Muir

13th -- Marthis Fiino

15th -- Paul Blart

17th -- Ignacio Del Gato

19th -- Xavier Tate

21st -- Winter McFish

23rd -- Klodeus Cig

25th -- Stanley Tee

27th -- Checkers McGreen

29th -- Jac Houns

31st -- Gunther Heindrickson

33rd -- Corky Cadorkian

35th -- Tom Reynolds

OUT -- Manne Love

OUT -- Gary Gannet

2nd -- Lars Ungar

4th -- Cam Cargo

6th -- Bargain Bill

8th -- Avianna Muir

10th -- Ragnar Slipper

12th -- Rodney Trotter

14th -- Sweet Clyde

16th -- Victor Lucky

18th -- Colin McAdam

20th -- Randy Flamethrower

22nd -- Jane Kinglet

24th -- Al Houns

26th -- Foggy Cockburn

28th -- Selinia Spiders

30th -- Lem Tables

32nd -- Dr. Strangeloaf

34th -- Drew Breezus

36th -- Baker Mudfield

TURN 8 - REFLEX - TOP - Andrew Fiddler uses their performance boost to attack, and takes the lead! However, it's short lived, as Lars Ungar does the same, and seizes the lead from him.

TURN 9 - PROBLEM - MIDDLE - Sweet Clyde (14th) has a cut tire and it's caused him all sorts of undercarriage damage. He's not going to be able to get rolling again and he's done for the day.

TURN 10 - PROBLEM - MIDDLE - Seems that today's heat is really taxing the cars. Angelina Muir reports overheating and they find that her radiator is massively underperforming. A repair does get her going however, but that's a lot of time lost.

TURN 11 - DUEL - Winter McFish attempts to duel Jack Carmichael, but makes a horrific mistake as she tries to side-draft him. She's off and sideways, snapping her suspension as she goes. Seeing her fate, Randy Flamethrower decides against a duel.

TURN 12 - YELLOW FLAG - A short cautionary period as McFish' car is recovered.

TURN 13 - SKILL - TOP - Cam Cargo uses his starred skill quality to have two attacks, but can't manage it as he forces Lars to use a performance boost. However, this exposes Ungar to DelBoy Trotter, who takes the lead! He comes under immediate attack from Xander Louis, but uses his boost in turn to fight off Xander.

TURN 14 - STAR - MIDDLE - Cam Cargo uses their performance boost to defend against Victor Lucky, and Marthis Fiino (12) overtakes Andrew Fiddler and moves to 3rd.

TURN 15 - RARE - TOP - We have a streaker loose in the infield! Everyone is slowed right down, possibly to gawp, but as ever the TV cameras do a sterling job of not capturing any of the action.

TURN 16 - STAR - MIDDLE - Bargain Bill uses their performance boost to defend against Ignacio Del Gato, with Victor Lucky and Lefty Louis unable to get the acceleration they need.

TURN 17 - PIT TURN - Andrew Fiddler, Cam Cargo and DelBoy Trotter all gain boosts from good pitting. Very powerful position for the top 3! Lars Ungar attempts to take the lead from DelBoy Trotter, but uses their performance boost to defend!


1st -- DelBoy Trotter

3rd -- Cam Cargo

5th -- Marthis Fiino

7th -- Lars Ungar

9th -- Randy Flamethrower

11th -- Jack Carmichael

13th -- Rodney Trotter

15th -- Jane Kinglet

17th -- Xavier Tate

19th -- Ignacio Del Gato

21st -- Al Houns

23rd -- Foggy Cockburn

25th -- Selinia Spiders

27th -- Lem Tables

29th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

31st -- Drew Breezus

33rd -- Baker Mudfield

OUT -- Manne Love

OUT -- Gary Gannet

OUT -- Sweet Clyde

OUT -- Winter McFish

2nd -- Andrew Fiddler

4th -- Bargain Bill

6th -- Xander Louis

8th -- Avianna Muir

10th -- Lefty Louis

12th -- Ragnar Slipper

14th -- Paul Blart

16th -- Colin McAdam

18th -- Victor Lucky

20th -- Klodeus Cig

22nd -- Stanley Tee

24th -- Checkers McGreen

26th -- Jac Houns

28th -- Gunther Heindrickson

30th -- Corky Cadorkian

32nd -- Tom Reynolds

34th -- Angelina Muir

TURN 18 - PROBLEM - MIDDLE - Paul Blart has an electrical problem, again related to the sheer heat here in Mexico City. He gets repaired and back out, but last.

TURN 19 - DUEL - Bargain Bill can not find a safe duel, even at this late stage of the game, and doesn't even make an attempt. He seems happy with 4th.

TURN 20 - TV - MIDDLE - Andrew Fiddler uses their performance boost to defend against Rodney Trotter, keeping him back. However, he then loses his place to Jack Carmichael. Randy Flamethrower uses their performance boost to attack, stealing 7th from Xander Louis. The race finishes with Avianna Muir taking 5th place, further shaking up the top group. That's DelBoy Trotter's first ever win!


1st -- DelBoy Trotter

3rd -- Andrew Fiddler

5th -- Avianna Muir

7th -- Marthis Fiino

9th -- Xander Louis

11th -- Lefty Louis

13th -- Rodney Trotter

15th -- Colin McAdam

17th -- Victor Lucky

19th -- Klodeus Cig

21st -- Stanley Tee

23rd -- Checkers McGreen

25th -- Jac Houns

27th -- Gunther Heindrickson

29th -- Corky Cadorkian

31st -- Tom Reynolds

33rd -- Angelina Muir

OUT -- Manne Love

OUT -- Gary Gannet

OUT -- Sweet Clyde

OUT -- Winter McFish

2nd -- Jack Carmichael

4th -- Cam Cargo

6th -- Bargain Bill

8th -- Randy Flamethrower

10th -- Lars Ungar

12th -- Ragnar Slipper

14th -- Jane Kinglet

16th -- Xavier Tate

18th -- Ignacio Del Gato

20th -- Al Houns

22nd -- Foggy Cockburn

24th -- Selinia Spiders

26th -- Lem Tables

28th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

30th -- Drew Breezus

32nd -- Baker Mudfield

34th -- Paul Blart

Cam Cargo and Avianna Muir have boosts still left over, and their handlers will be contacted on Monday.


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