Race 4 - 2019

Developmental Racing Series

In the media this week...

  • Victor Lucky, despite his considerable qualifying skill, wrecks, doesn't set a time and will start last.
  • Lefty Louis has sanctions issued for minor rule violation regarding the inflation of his tires, and will begin 30th.
  • Colin "Tar" McAdam's fans are a little upset with him after a misplaced comment about the concept of "class" in a press conference, and he'll start in 18th as it seems to have knocked him a little.
  • Lem Tables a hot week for this notoriously bad qualifier and he will start 14th with a boost ready!
  • Andrew Fiddler has a TV interview where he discusses the fact that week in, week out there's unpredictability within our sport. Showing some of that, he'll start 10th - a career high.
  • Randy Flamethrower has an interview as well, where he's frank about where his career is right now, but that his love of racing will see him through. It must inspire him - he'll start in second place!
  • DelBoy Trotter has great pit cohesion this week and it's all just working beautifully for the Independent Traders team. He'll begin in 3rd with a performance boost ready.
  • Winter McFish appears in a charity event for a local animal shelter, and will start 31st.

qualifying results

1st -- Cam Cargo

3rd -- DelBoy Trotter

5th -- Ragnar Slipper

7th -- Jac Houns

9th -- Klodeus Cig

11th -- Foggy Cockburn

13th -- Al Houns

15th -- Xavier Tate

17th -- Avianna Muir

19th -- Bargain Bill

21st -- Ignacio Del Gato

23rd -- Paul Blart

25th -- Angelina Muir

27th -- Jack Carmichael

29th -- Lars Ungar

31st -- Winter McFish

33rd -- Corky Cadorkian

35th -- Drew Breezus

37th -- Rodney Trotter

2nd -- Randy Flamethrower

4th -- Marthis Fiino

6th -- Gary Gannet

8th -- Tom Reynolds

10th -- Andrew Fiddler

12th -- Jane Kinglet

14th -- Lem Tables

16th -- Baker Mudfield

18th -- Colin "Tar" McAdam

20th -- Stanley Tee

22nd -- Selinia Spiders

24th -- Manne Love

26th -- Gunther Heindrickson

28th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

30th -- Lefty Louis

32nd -- Xander Louis

34th -- Sweet Clyde

36th -- Checkers McGreen

38th -- Victor Lucky

RACE 4 - 2019 - 24 turns

advance auto 600


Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

TURN 1 - TV - MIDDLE - Colin McAdam (18) overtakes Gary Gannet and moves to #6, but moves from DelBoy Trotter and Andrew Fiddler. That means bonus points for polesitter Cam Cargo!

TURN 2 - HEAT - TOP - An early lead change! DelBoy Trotter takes the lead from Cam Cargo, then defends against Gary Gannet and Randy Flamethrower!

TURN 3 - HEAT - MIDDLE - Klodeus Cig (10) overtakes Randy Flamethrower and moves to #3, while attempts from Lem Tables, Al Houns and Tom Reynolds fail.

TURN 4 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - hopefully not a bad omen, but we have our first major coming together of the race. Gary Gannet, Foggy Cockburn, Tom Reynolds, Lem Tables and Baker Mudfield all get caught up in it, with escapes from Jac Houns, Bargain Bill, Andrew Fiddler, Al Houns, Xavier Tate, Jane Kinglet and Avianna Muir - though these last two had to spent their boosts to escape!

TURN 5 - YELLOW FLAG - Gary Gannet gets back out on track, as does Tom Reynolds.

TURN 6 - YELLOW FLAG - Foggy Cockburn is racing again, alongside Baker Mudfield, but Lem Tables is done for the day, which is a huge shame as he was running considerably higher than usual.

TURN 7 - PIT TURN - Lots of fast pitting resulting in performance boosts: Jane Kinglet, Xavier Tate, Avianna Muir, Ignacio Del Gato, Cam Cargo, Marthis Fiino, Randy Flamethrower and DelBoy Trotter all benefit. Ragnar Slipper attempts to take the lead as they leave the pit lane, but Trotter uses his boost to defend.


1st -- DelBoy Trotter

3rd -- Marthis Fiino

5th -- Klodeus Cig

7th -- Colin McAdam

9th -- Xavier Tate

11th -- Ignacio Del Gato

13th -- Andrew Fiddler

15th -- Bargain Bill

17th -- Selinia Spiders

19th -- Manne Love

21st -- Angelina Muir

23rd -- Dr. Strangeloaf

25th -- Lefty Louis

27th -- Xander Louis

29th -- Sweet Clyde

31st -- Checkers McGreen

33rd -- Victor Lucky

35th -- Tom Reynolds

37th -- Baker Mudfield

OUT -- Lem Tables

2nd -- Cam Cargo

4th -- Randy Flamethrower

6th -- Ragnar Slipper

8th -- Jane Kinglet

10th -- Avianna Muir

12th -- Jac Houns

14th -- Al Houns

16th -- Stanley Tee

18th -- Paul Blart

20th -- Jack Carmichael

22nd -- Gunther Heindrickson

24th -- Lars Ungar

26th -- Winter McFish

28th -- Corky Cadorkian

30th -- Drew Breezus

32nd -- Rodney Trotter

34th -- Gary Gannet

36th -- Foggy Cockburn

TURN 8 - HEAT - MIDDLE - Marthis Fiino uses their performance boost to defend against Paul Blart! Al Houns fails to move, but Ignacio Del Gato (11) overtakes Klodeus Cig and moves to #5.

TURN 9 - SMART - MIDDLE - Cam Cargo uses their performance boost to defend against Selinia Spiders, as does Randy Flamethrower to keep Jac Houns back.

TURN 10 - SMART - TOP - no moves this time, with the only attempt being a failed move from Klodeus Cig against DelBoy.

TURN 11 - DUEL - Bargain Bill decides against a duel, as does Al Houns, as there's nothing safe enough ahead to risk.

TURN 12 - HEAT - TOP - a trio of lead changes - first, Klodeus Cig puts a lovely move on Trotter, but is then passed by Ignacio Del Gato, who is in turn taken by Randy Flamethrower. Bonus points for all! RANDY FLAMETHROWER LEADS!

TURN 13 - REFLEX - BOTTOM - Rodney Trotter (32) overtakes Paul Blart and moves to #18. Drew Breezus (31) overtakes Colin McAdam and moves to #8. Avianna Muir uses their performance boost to defend against Xander Louis, as does Jane Kinglet with Winter McFish. Lefty Louis (27) overtakes Andrew Fiddler and moves to #14. Jack Carmichael uses their performance boost to attack, overtaking Al Houns and moving to 16th.

TURN 14 - DUEL - FUME/FEUD - Gary Gannet targets Jac Houns! Running back in 34th, he makes a fairly suicidal charge in revenge, but gets it all wrong, clips off Sweet Clyde, and drops to the back. I'm not sure Jac even knew he was coming.

TURN 15 - DUEL - Klodeus Cig decides against a duel, again with no safe target.

TURN 16 - CONTROL - MIDDLE - no moves, with Al Houns, Andrew Fiddler and Colin McAdam failing to move.

TURN 17 - PIT TURN - Andrew Fiddler, Jane Kinglet, Xavier Tate, Jack Carmichael, Al Houns, Stanley Tee, Cam Cargo, Marthis Fiino and Randy Flamethrower all gain from the work of their pit crews and will now have a boost ready to go. Klodeus Cig attempts to take the lead from Randy Flamethrower, but he uses his boost to defend.


1st -- Randy Flamethrower

3rd -- Marthis Fiino

5th -- Klodeus Cig

7th -- DelBoy Trotter

9th -- Andrew Fiddler

11th -- Jack Carmichael

13th -- Stanley Tee

15th -- Colin McAdam

17th -- Avianna Muir

19th -- Bargain Bill

21st -- Rodney Trotter

23rd -- Manne Love

25th -- Gunther Heindrickson

27th -- Lars Ungar

29th -- Xander Louis

31st -- Sweet Clyde

33rd -- Victor Lucky

35th -- Foggy Cockburn

37th -- Gary Gannet

OUT -- Lem Tables

2nd -- Cam Cargo

4th -- Ignacio Del Gato

6th -- Ragnar Slipper

8th -- Xavier Tate

10th -- Jane Kinglet

12th -- Al Houns

14th -- Drew Breezus

16th -- Lefty Louis

18th -- Jac Houns

20th -- Selinia Spiders

22nd -- Paul Blart

24th -- Angelina Muir

26th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

28th -- Winter McFish

30th -- Corky Cadorkian

32nd -- Checkers McGreen

34th -- Tom Reynolds

36th -- Baker Mudfield

TURN 18 - SKILL - TOP - Ragnar Slipper (6) overtakes Randy Flamethrower and moves to #1, showing he's back in for another win, possibly, but he gets taken pretty quickly by Cam Cargo. CAM CARGO LEADS!

TURN 19 - RARE - TOP - we have a surge from Ragnar Slipper, who attempts to seize the lead, but Cam Cargo is able to defend it by using his performance boost.

TURN 20 - REFLEX - TOP - Randy Flamethrower fails to get the acceleration he needs, but Ragnar Slipper is able to finally get enough pressure on Cargo to push past him, and takes the lead!

TURN 21 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - another late-race situation! Andrew Fiddler, Jack Carmichael and Bargain Bill avoid the crash, while Xavier Tate, Al Houns, Stanley Tee and Jane Kinglet all burn their boosts to stay out of trouble. This leaves Drew Breezus, Colin McAdam, Lefty Louis, Avianna Muir and Jac Houns to get caught up in the crash. We'll have two yellow flag periods then a sprint for the finish, by the looks of it!

TURN 22 - YELLOW FLAG - Drew Breezus is clearly out of the race, as is Colin McAdam. Jac Houns gets going again, albeit in a wobbly fashion.

TURN 23 - YELLOW FLAG - Lefty Louis' garage shuts up for the day, he's done - as is Avianna Muir.

TURN 24 - SMART - MIDDLE - Marthis Fiino uses their performance boost to defend against Angelina Muir, keeping her back, but we see Selinia Spiders (15) overtakes Klodeus Cig to move to 6th, and a last lap lunge from Bargain Bill propels him from 15th all the way to 4th - a huge points haul for him!

WINNER -- Ragnar Slipper

3rd -- Randy Flamethrower

5th -- Marthis Fiino

7th -- Selinia Spiders

9th -- DelBoy Trotter

11th -- Andrew Fiddler

13th -- Jack Carmichael

15th -- Stanley Tee

17th -- Paul Blart

19th -- Angelina Muir

21st -- Dr. Strangeloaf

23rd -- Winter McFish

25th -- Corky Cadorkian

27th -- Checkers McGreen

29th -- Tom Reynolds

31st -- Baker Mudfield

33rd -- Jac Houns

OUT -- Lem Tables

OUT -- Drew Breezus

OUT -- Colin McAdam

OUT -- Lefty Louis

OUT -- Avianna Muir

2nd -- Cam Cargo

4th -- Bargain Bill

6th -- Ignacio Del Gato

8th -- Klodeus Cig

10th -- Xavier Tate

12th -- Jane Kinglet

14th -- Al Houns

16th -- Rodney Trotter

18th -- Manne Love

20th -- Gunther Heindrickson

22nd -- Lars Ungar

24th -- Xander Louis

26th -- Sweet Clyde

28th -- Victor Lucky

30th -- Foggy Cockburn

32nd -- Gary Gannet

Xavier Tate, Andrew Fiddler and Jack Carmichael all have unspent boosts, and their handlers will be contacted on Monday if they've enabled this option.


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