Race 2 - 2019


In the media this week...

  • Checkers McGreen has an altercation with Xavier Tate, almost leading to a fist fight but not quite. They agree, on camera, to settle it in the race. We will see, I suppose! He'll start 19th, with Tate starting just ahead in 14th.
  • Lem Tables, notoriously poor in qualifying, has a good week, and will start with a performance boost in 18th.
  • Stanley Tee, also generally a poor qualifier, spends some time praising his sponsors instead. He'll begin in 15th.
  • Bargain Bill has a great week and his crew are totally in sync throughout. He'll start in 7th, with a boost ready to use whenever he needs it.

qualifying results

1st -- Ignacio Del Gato

3rd -- Xander Louis

5th -- DelBoy Trotter

7th -- Bargain Bill

9th -- Paul Blart

11th -- Gary Gannet

13th -- Gunther Heindrickson

15th -- Stanley Tee

17th -- Lars Ungar

19th -- Checkers McGreen

21st -- Selinia Spiders

23rd -- Andrew Fiddler

25th -- Randy Flamethrower

27th -- Colin "Tar" McAdam

29th -- Cam Cargo

31st -- Sweet Clyde

33rd -- Jack Carmichael

35th -- Manne Love

37th -- Angelina Muir

2nd -- Victor Lucky

4th -- Baker Mudfield

6th -- Marthis Fiino

8th -- Rodney Trotter

10th -- Jane Kinglet

12th -- Jac Houns

14th -- Xavier Tate

16th -- Lefty Louis

18th -- Lem Tables

20th -- Ragnar Slipper

22nd -- Dr. Strangeloaf

24th -- Klodeus Cig

26th -- Corky Cadorkian

28th -- Foggy Cockburn

30th -- Al Houns

32nd -- Winter McFish

34th -- Avianna Muir

36th -- Drew Breezus

38th -- Tom Reynolds

RACE 1 - 2019 - 22 turns

US Cellular 250

newton, ia

Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

TURN 1 - RARE - MIDDLE - Jac Houns gets a SURGE going on, absolutely flying up the order and taking the entire top group by surprise. JAC HOUNS LEADS all the way from 12th!

TURN 2 - DUEL - Victor Lucky decides against a duel this early in the race.

TURN 3 - SKILL - MIDDLE - Lem Tables uses their performance boost to attack! Lem Tables (18) overtakes Ignacio Del Gato and moves to #2. Stanley Tee (16) overtakes Baker Mudfield and moves to #6. Xavier Tate fails the gas roll. Gunther Heindrickson (15) overtakes Lem Tables and moves to #2. Gary Gannet (15) overtakes Lem Tables and moves to #3. Jane Kinglet fails the gas roll. Rodney Trotter (13) overtakes Victor Lucky and moves to #6.

TURN 4 - STAR - MIDDLE - Lefty Louis fails the gas roll. Bargain Bill uses their performance boost to attack. Bargain Bill (13) overtakes Victor Lucky and moves to #7. Marthis Fiino fails the gas roll.

TURN 5 - REFLEX - MIDDLE - Lars Ungar, Lefty Louis and Xavier Tate all fail to take their chances. Jane Kinglet fails to overtake Lem Tables due to brake roll. Paul Blart fails the gas roll and Xander Louis fails the gas roll too!

TURN 6 - DUEL - Lefty Louis attempts to duel Victor Lucky, and wins it, taking 8th. Victor Lucky isn't as fortunate, banging into the wall and coming to a halt in pit lane, where he's swiftly covered up. He's done for the day! Xavier Tate attempts to duel Lefty Louis, but is able to escape trouble when it doesn't work out.

TURN 7 - PIT TURN - Fast pits from Lefty Louis, Jane Kinglet, Gunther Heindrickson, Ignacio Del Gato and Jack Houns set them up nicely for the middle part of the race. Rodney Trotter attempts to take the lead from Jac Houns, but she expends a boost to keep the lead.


1st -- Jac Houns

3rd -- Ignacio Del Gato

5th -- Bargain Bill

7th -- Lem Tables

9th -- Jane Kinglet

11th -- Xavier Tate

13th -- DelBoy Trotter

15th -- Paul Blart

17th -- Baker Mudfield

19th -- Ragnar Slipper

21st -- Selinia Spiders

23rd -- Manne Love

25th -- Jack Carmichael

27th -- Sweet Clyde

29th -- Cam Cargo

31st -- Colin McAdam

33rd -- Randy Flamethrower

35th -- Andrew Fiddler

37th -- Tom Reynolds

2nd -- Gunther Heindrickson

4th -- Gary Gannet

6th -- Rodney Trotter

8th -- Lefty Louis

10th -- Xander Louis

12th -- Lars Ungar

14th -- Marthis Fiino

16th -- Stanley Tee

18th -- Checkers McGreen

20th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

22nd -- Drew Breezus

24th -- Avianna Muir

26th -- Winter McFish

28th -- Al Houns

30th -- Foggy Cockburn

32nd -- Corky Cadorkian

34th -- Klodeus Cig

36th -- Angelina Muir

OUT -- Victor Lucky (turn 6, accident)

URN 8 - SKILL - TOP - Jac Houns uses their performance boost to defend against Lem Tables, then fends off attacks from Gannet and Heindrickson with her superior braking.

TURN 9 - DUEL - Ragnar Slipper attempts to duel Xander Louis, wins it, and Louis survives trouble. Checkers McGreen, from 19th, succeeds in a duel with Ragnar, but pushes Slipper into the wall. He'll repair, but end up at the back, with Checkers off sailing happily. They should now be considered to be feuding.

TURN 10 - CONTROL - MIDDLE - Gunther Heindrickson uses their performance boost to defend against Baker Mudfield, as does Ignacio Del Gato against Marthis Fiino. Lars Ungar (13) overtakes Bargain Bill and moves to #5, and Checkers McGreen (11) overtakes Rodney Trotter and moves to #7.

TURN 11 - DUEL - Ignacio Del Gato attempts to duel Gunther Heindrickson, but escapes successfully when it goes a bit pear-shaped for him.

TURN 12 - SMART - MIDDLE - Xander Louis (12) overtakes Bargain Bill and moves to #6 and Lefty Louis (11) overtakes Lars Ungar and moves to #5.

TURN 13 - RARE - MIDDLE - Dr. Strangeloaf and Andrew Fiddler have a big coming together. Both manage to escape any further trouble, but they should now be considered to be in a FEUD as the incident was totally avoidable with a bit of common sense.

TURN 14 - STAR - MIDDLE - Marthis Fiino fails to overtake Gary Gannet due to brake skill, and Lefty Louis uses their performance boost to defend against Bargain Bill!

TURN 15 - STAR - MIDDLE - Bargain Bill (8) overtakes Gunther Heindrickson and moves to #2.

TURN 16 - CONTROL - MIDDLE - Baker Mudfield (18) overtakes Lefty Louis and moves to #6, good on his debut in the series! Marthis Fiino, Lem Tables, Checkers McGreen and Xander Louis all fail to make their opportunities stick.

TURN 17 - PIT TURN - Lem Tables, Jane Kinglet, Lars Ungar, Xavier Tate and Paul Blart all gain performance boosts from good pit crew work - but the big story is Bargain Bill, who wins the race off pit road and takes the lead!


1st -- Bargain Bill

3rd -- Gunther Heindrickson

5th -- Gary Gannet

7th -- Lefty Louis

9th -- Lem Tables

11th -- Xavier Tate

13th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

15th -- Rodney Trotter

17th -- DelBoy Trotter

19th -- Stanley Tee

21st -- Angelina Muir

23rd -- Klodeus Cig

25th -- Corky Cadorkian

27th -- Foggy Cockburn

29th -- Al Houns

31st -- Winter McFish

33rd -- Avianna Muir

35th -- Drew Breezus

37th -- Ragnar Slipper

2nd -- Jac Houns

4th -- Ignacio Del Gato

6th -- Baker Mudfield

8th -- Jane Kinglet

10th -- Lars Ungar

12th -- Paul Blart

14th -- Checkers McGreen

16th -- Xander Louis

18th -- Marthis Fiino

20th -- Selinia Spiders

22nd -- Andrew Fiddler

24th -- Randy Flamethrower

26th -- Colin McAdam

28th -- Cam Cargo

30th -- Sweet Clyde

32nd -- Jack Carmichael

34th -- Manne Love

36th -- Tom Reynolds

OUT -- Victor Lucky (turn 6, accident)

TURN 18 - SKILL - BOTTOM - Moves from Tom Reynolds, Manne Love, Avianna Muir, Colin McAdam and Klodeus Cig all move up the track, with Paul Blart having to use his performance boost to hold back Selinia Spiders.

TURN 19 - HEAT - BOTTOM - Lars Ungar uses their performance boost to defend against Jack Carmichael, with Jane Kinglet having to spend two of them to keep Al Houns and DelBoy Trotter back.

TURN 20 - PROBLEM - TOP - Gunther Heindrickson, in third, has an issue. He's so loose into the turn as to make his car almost undriveable, and by the time the internal computing gets reset, he's solidly at the back of the pack.

TURN 21 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - with one turn left to go, it's chaos as we have a huge accident on our hands! Lem Tables, Lars Ungar, Xavier Tate, Dr. Strangeloaf, Rodney Trotter, Klodeus Cig, Colin McAdam and Xander Louis all avoid trouble, with Paul Blart, Avianna Muir, Checkers McGreen and Tom Reynolds caught in it.

TURN 22 - YELLOW FLAG - should have been the final turn, but we have an extended race on our hands!

TURN 23 - YELLOW FLAG - it's clear by now that all four caught in the crash can't get going again and are out of the race.

TURN 24 - TROUBLE - BOTTOM - really?! We have a further extension, apparently, once this is cleared up - but it may take a while! Angelina Muir, Andrew Fiddler, Randy Flamethrower, Corky Cadorkian, Cam Cargo, Winter McFish, Jack Carmichael, Ragnar Slipper and Gunther Heindrickson avoid the crash. This leaves Selinia Spiders, Foggy Cockburn, Al Houns, Sweet Clyde and Drew Breezus spinning and colliding in another splintering impact.

TURN 25 - YELLOW FLAG - Houns and Clyde are both back out on the track.

TURN 26 - YELLOW FLAG - The covers are on for Selinia, Cockburn and Breezus - they're all out.

TURN 27 - DUEL - Gary Gannet, knowing he can't get first place off Bargain Bill at this point, targets 2nd place overall in a foolhardy move. However, it works! Jac Houns loses the duel and goes off, onto the grass, and with the pack bunched falls all the way to the back. What a crushing blow after such a superb race - there'll be words about this after the race!


Final Standings:

1st -- Bargain Bill

3rd -- Ignacio Del Gato

5th -- Lefty Louis

7th -- Lem Tables

9th -- Xavier Tate

11th -- Rodney Trotter

13th -- Colin McAdam

15th -- Manne Love

17th -- Marthis Fiino

19th -- Angelina Muir

21st -- Randy Flamethrower

23rd -- Cam Cargo

25th -- Jack Carmichael

27th -- Gunther Heindrickson

29th -- Sweet Clyde

2nd -- Gary Gannet

4th -- Baker Mudfield

6th -- Jane Kinglet

8th -- Lars Ungar

10th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

12th -- Klodeus Cig

14th -- Xander Louis

16th -- DelBoy Trotter

18th -- Stanley Tee

20th -- Andrew Fiddler

22nd -- Corky Cadorkian

24th -- Winter McFish

26th -- Ragnar Slipper

28th -- Al Houns

30th -- Jac Houns

OUT --

Victor Lucky (turn 6, accident)

Paul Blart, Avianna Muir, Checkers McGreen, Tom Reynolds (turn 21, accident)

Selinia Spiders, Foggy Cockburn, Drew Breezus (turn 24, accident)

Drivers with unspent performance boosts are Lem Tables, Xavier Tate and Dr. Strangeloaf. Their handlers will be emailed midweek if they have enabled this preference.


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