Race 9 - madison, IL.

In the media this week...

  • Daniel Burman praises Mobius Engineering for sticking with him and Takumi through a very difficult, disappointing season. He'll start in 17th.
  • Hunky Davis, riding high after last week's incredible result, has tire problems this week. He'll start back in 42nd.
  • A.I. Kraken holds a fan-fest to celebrate his decent season so far. It is attended by many humans and non-robots alike. He'll start 9th this week, a great result.
  • Cannonball Malone, Mr. Last Place, continues his awful run of luck. He has to change his engine just before the race and the resulting penalty will put him down in 41st.
  • Leapfrog Jones also has a poor week. "We do this for the fans," he says in an interview, "And I feel we kinda let the fans down with what we did this week. But we'll be back." He'll start today's race in 40th.

qualifying results

1st -- Tamauria Spiders

3rd -- Nathan Dunkleman

5th -- LA Brick

7th -- Dominic Jackson

9th -- A.I. Kraken

11th -- Urist Tannhauser

13th -- Yokum Schmidt

15th -- Fred Orca

17th -- Daniel Burman

19th -- Egil Van Can

21st -- Corey Creek

23rd -- Ben Stover

25th -- Kiki Roseburg

27th -- Kerry Mackinaw

29th -- Flash Finley

31st -- Garrad McKinley

33rd -- Stanley Tee

35th -- Prichard

37th -- Travis Elford

39th -- Randy Flamethrower

41st -- Cannonball Malone

43rd -- Emil Ziskie

2nd -- Selinia Spiders

4th -- Oliver Otter

6th -- Jay Wolff

8th -- Tim Walker

10th -- Aaliyah Stover

12th -- Victor Lucky

14th -- Max von Passum

16th -- Conor Westfall

18th -- Airen Slipper

20th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

22nd -- Corky Cadorkian

24th -- Takumi Fujiwara

26th -- Rain Winterson

28th -- Winter McFish

30th -- Manne Love

32nd -- Boothby Grafoe

34th -- Vasili Mikhailov

36th -- Paul Puffin

38th -- Tom Reynolds

40th -- Leapfrog Jones

42nd -- Hunky Davis

Developmental Series

NB: This is our first ever 1-2 for a team in iStock Racing history. Congratulations to the Spider Sisters team!

Dev. series qualifying results

1st -- Kieran Easter

3rd -- Franceso Rivera

5th -- DelBoy Trotter

7th -- Valkyr Slipper

9th -- Klodeus Cig

11th -- Abnaber Salad

13th -- Elias

15th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

17th -- Francis Neumann

19th -- Lars Ungar

21st -- Lem Tables

2nd -- Varalia Spiders

4th -- Aaron Slipper

6th -- Rodney Trotter

8th -- Juan Solo

10th -- Xander Louis

12th -- Mason Shelton

14th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

16th -- Sweet Clyde

18th -- Marthis Fiino

20th -- Violet Carrick

22nd -- Gary Gannet

Developmental Series (5 turn sprint race)

Gateway 50

TURN 1 - CONTROL - MIDDLE - Two good moves from the middle of the pack - Mason Shelton moves from 12th to 6th and Fireplug Fitzpatrick has his car working in overdriver, heading from 14th to 4th. Bonus points for Kieran Easter after leading from pole.

TURN 2 - PROBLEM - TOP - Perhaps it was too far for Fireplug Fitzpatrick! He struggles with a tyre rub, but careful talk from his high quality pit crew means that he doesn't lose any places because of it.

TURN 3 - DUEL - MIDDLE - Dr. Strangeloaf is not interested in hanging about, and he aims for Valkyr Slipper who sits in 9th. However, his inexperience shows, and he can't make the move stick. Even worse, he only just escapes trouble, and he settles back into place, staying 15th. Elias also thinks about making the same move, but backs off as he knows he's weaker in acceleration.

TURN 4 - SKILL - TOP - No moves happen during this ten mile stint, each racer understanding what their championship points will mean to them now we're at the sharp end of the season.

TURN 5 - RARE - TOP - Rain is on the way! However, it won't effect the race here. HEAT - TOP - Aaron Slipper makes a last minute lunge but just can't get it done, and Easter wins from pole!


Winner -- Kieran Easter

3rd -- Franceso Rivera

5th -- Aaron Slipper

7th -- DelBoy Trotter

9th -- Valkyr Slipper

11th -- Klodeus Cig

13th -- Abnaber Salad

15th -- Dr. Strangeloaf

17th -- Francis Neumann

19th -- Gary Gannet

21st -- Lem Tables

2nd -- Varalia Spiders

4th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

6th -- Mason Shelton

8th -- Rodney Trotter

10th -- Juan Solo

12th -- Xander Louis

14th -- Elias

16th -- Sweet Clyde

18th -- Marthis Fiino

20th -- Violet Carrick

22nd -- Gary Gannet

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RACE 9 - Gateway 300

Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

TURN 1 - SMART - MIDDLE - An interestingly cagey start from the racers - possibly due to it being the penultimate race or because it's the second longest on the calendar. Who knows? All we know is no-one shifts and Tamauria gets her bonus points.

TURN 2 - PROBLEM - MIDDLE - Oh, really?! Egil Van Can, leading the championship by three points, find his car falling apart around him. Has multiple problems - exhaust, clutch and engine, and he simply pulls to a halt into the pits, gets out, and punches the window. Awful, awful luck for the leader, but it blows things wide open.

TURN 3 - DUEL - MIDDLE - It's all happening now! Fred Orca directly challenges Tim Walker, and wins, with Tim escaping any damage. Then it's Max Von Passum taking on Fred Orca, but this time Max fails his attempt and gets himself into trouble. He's able to get the battered bodywork fixed after a trip into the wall, but now he's dropped to last.

TURN 4 - SMART - TOP - Only one move, but it could be an important one - Dominic Jackson forces his way up from 7th and into the lead! He keeps his performance boost from last week unspent, doing it naturally, until Selenia Spiders tries to take revenge for her sister, and forces him to use it to keep her at bay. DOMINIC JACKSON LEADS!

TURN 5 - TV - TOP - No drivers qualify for a check during this stint, with most of the TV drivers back in the bottom group!

TURN 6 - SKILL - TOP - Change again! Selenia Spiders heads up from 3rd into the lead, finally making it stick past Dominic Jackson. She still has her performance boost from last week too!

TURN 7 - PIT TURN - Fast pits from Selenia Spiders, Victor Lucky, AI Kraken, Fred Orca, Tim Walker, Yokum Schmidt, Conor Westfall, Airen Slipper, Cucumbers Caulfield and Corey Creek set them up nicely for the next stint. Tamauria's attempt to take the lead from her sister fails.


1st -- Selinia Spiders

3rd -- Tamauria Spiders

5th -- Oliver Otter

7th -- Jay Wolff

9th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

11th -- Aaliyah Stover

13th -- Tim Walker

15th -- Conor Westfall

17th -- Corey Creek

19th -- Daniel Burman

21st -- Corky Cadorkian

23rd -- Takumi Fujiwara

25th -- Rain Winterson

27th -- Winter McFish

29th -- Manne Love

31st -- Boothby Grafoe

33rd -- Vasili Mikhailov

35th -- Paul Puffin

37th -- Tom Reynolds

39th -- Leapfrog Jones

41st -- Emil Ziskie

2nd -- Nathan Dunkleman

4th -- Dominic Jackson

6th -- LA Brick

8th -- Victor Lucky

10th -- A.I. Kraken

12th -- Fred Orca

14th -- Yokum Schmidt

16th -- Airen Slipper

18th -- Urist Tannhauser

20th -- Hunky Davis

22nd -- Ben Stover

24th -- Kiki Roseburg

26th -- Kerry Mackinaw

28th -- Flash Finley

30th -- Garrad McKinley

32nd -- Stanley Tee

34th -- Prichard

36th -- Travis Elford

38th -- Randy Flamethrower

40th -- Cannonball Malone

42nd -- Max von Passum


Turn 2 - Egil Van Can (clutch, engine, exhaust issues combined).

TURN 8 - CONTROL - TOP - Jay Wolff forces Selenia Spiders to use a boost, but that's about it, with nothing else changing as the drivers settle back down into their rhythm and focus on hitting their marks.

TURN 9 - CONTROL - BOTTOM - Finally, a check for the bottom group! Due to the sheer amount of fast pits two turns back, there's a lot of middle drivers who are able to use their boosts to keep the bottom drivers out: Cuce, Fred, Airen, Yokum, Corey and and Victor all forgo their boosts to keep their positions. There are two moves, however: Kiki Roseburg (24 > 18) and Ben Stover (22 > 17) both make several passes and make progress as a result.

TURN 10 - DUEL - TOP - Dominic Jackson is talking it over on the radio with his crew, but ultimately decides not to push ahead with the duel opportunity, as leader Selenia has a performance boost ready and waiting and he would be sure to fail.

TURN 11 -SKILL - MIDDLE - Cucumbers Caulfield heads from 11th to 6th, Conor Westfall from 15th to 5th and Kiki Roseburg does it again with a great sequence of laps which soars them up the rankings from 18th to 2nd!

TURN 12 - TV - TOP - Again, there are no TV drivers in the top group at all!

TURN 13 - SMART - TOP - Dominic Jackson forces the leader, Selenia, to spend her second chip and leave herself exposed for a pass. This opens the door for Cucumbers Caulfield, who clinically gets past her and into the lead from 5th. Selenia tries to retake him but can't get it done. CUCUMBERS CAULFIELD LEADS!

TURN 14 - SMART - BOTTOM - Tom Reynolds forces AI Kraken to use his boost, as does Flash Finley with Tim Walker. We see a few other moves from Manne Love (29 > 13), Winter McFish (27 > 11) and Takumi Fujiwara (26 > 10).

TURN 15 - PROBLEM - TOP - Oh no! Nathan Dunkleman loses all power to his engine and he pulls up to a halt, spewing smoke. We'll have a yellow flag while it's cleared - a disappointment for Dunkleman, as it drops him from championship contention.

TURN 16 - YELLOW FLAG - Cucumbers Caulfield, the leader, does not elect for an early pit.

TURN 17 - PIT TURN - Fast pits from some in the middle group - Airen Slipper, Yokum Schmidt, Tim Walker, AI Kraken, Jay Wolff, Takumi Fujiwara and LA Brick all get a boost. Again, Tamauria is in position to make a lead challenge, but can't get the jump right coming out of the pits.


1st -- Cucumbers Caulfield

3rd -- Tamauria Spiders

5th -- Conor Westfall

7th -- Oliver Otter

9th -- Takumi Fujiwara

11th -- A.I. Kraken

13th -- Tim Walker

15th -- Airen Slipper

17th -- Manne Love

19th -- Fred Orca

21st -- Ben Stover

23rd -- Urist Tannhauser

25th -- Corky Cadorkian

27th -- Kerry Mackinaw

29th -- Garrad McKinley

31st -- Stanley Tee

33rd -- Prichard

35th -- Travis Elford

37th -- Randy Flamethrower

39th -- Cannonball Malone

41st -- Max von Passum

2nd -- Selinia Spiders

4th -- Kiki Roseburg

6th -- Dominic Jackson

8th -- LA Brick

10th -- Jay Wolff

12th -- Aaliyah Stover

14th -- Yokum Schmidt

16th -- Winter McFish

18th -- Victor Lucky

20th -- Hunky Davis

22nd -- Corey Creek

24th -- Daniel Burman

26th -- Rain Winterson

28th -- Flash Finley

30th -- Boothby Grafoe

32nd -- Vasili Mikhailov

34th -- Paul Puffin

36th -- Tom Reynolds

38th -- Leapfrog Jones

40th -- Emil Ziskie


Turn 2 - Egil Van Can (clutch, engine, exhaust issues combined).

Turn 15 - Nathan Dunkleman (no engine power).

TURN 18 - SKILL - TOP - No moves as leader Cucumbers Caulfield's brakes are just too good to let anyone have the confidence to get past him.

TURN 19 - PROBLEM - TOP - Dominic Jackson is reporting a clutch problem and although they try to do everything to reset it, the failure is mechanical, and he drops out from the race. Valuable points lost, but it shouldn't mean he ends up in the bottom 10 at the end of the next race. Just.

TURN 20 - SMART - TOP - Selenia heads back into the lead from second place, but Cucumbers Caulfield is always on the hunt and not content to settle and draft along behind her, finally retaking first place on mile 199!

TURN 21 - HEAT - MIDDLE - Yokum Schmidt continues his great race, moving from 13th to 5th, and Tim Walker uses his performance to climb 10 places from 12th all the way to 2nd!

TURN 22 - SKILL - MIDDLE - More action in the middle group. Hunky Davis uses his boost to move from 19th to 6th, as does Jay Wolff from 11th to 5th. The story in this section, however, is LA Brick. Using his starred skill quality, he moves from 9th to 3rd, then uses his performance boost to take the lead! LA BRICK LEADS!

TURN 23 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - Oh dear! Oliver Otter has got it all wrong and turned too tight into the final turn of the lap, flipping his car around and into the wall. Somehow, miraculously, every other driver in the group manages to avoid him, and they continue unabated - though it did take Takumi Fujiwara, AI Kraken and Aaliyah Stover's performance boosts to do it...

TURN 24 - YELLOW FLAG - Oliver Otter is announced as out of the race.

TURN 25 - HEAT - MIDDLE - Three moves from the middle group now we're getting to the tail end of the race. Conor Westfall moves from 10th to 6th, Airen Slipper boosts from 14th to 4th, and Ben Stover makes up a staggering 16 places from 19th to 3rd.

TURN 26 - TROUBLE - TOP - I think it was always going to happen in a race as issue-rife as this one. Cucumbers Caulfield and Selenia Spiders tangle one time too often, and this time they put each other into the infield, spinning wildly, and the crowd wincing as they run back up onto the track and also nudge the leader into the wall too! Ben Stover, Airen Slipper, Tim Walker and Conor Westfall can all avoid trouble, but we'll have yellow flags out for the pit turn and the turn after that now, as we see whether any of the three drivers involved can get going again. BEN STOVER LEADS!

TURN 27 - PIT TURN - Fast pits for Kiki Roseburg, Winter McFish, Corey Creek and Daniel Burman may set them up nicely for the final section of the race. Airen Slipper's attempt on leader Stover fails to take. Despite extra time due to the pit turn, it's clear that LA Brick and Selenia Spiders are not going to get going again, and their race is over.


1st -- Ben Stover

3rd -- Tim Walker

5th -- Jay Wolff

7th -- Hunky Davis

9th -- Winter McFish

11th -- Corey Creek

13th -- Takumi Fujiwara

15th -- Aaliyah Stover

17th -- Victor Lucky

19th -- Fred Orca

21st -- Rain Winterson

23rd -- Flash Finley

25th -- Boothby Grafoe

27th -- Vasili Mikhailov

29th -- Travis Elford

31st -- Randy Flamethrower

33rd -- Cannonball Malone

35th -- Max von Passum

37th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

2nd -- Airen Slipper

4th -- Conor Westfall

6th -- Tamauria Spiders

8th -- Kiki Roseburg

10th -- Daniel Burman

12th -- Yokum Schmidt

14th -- A.I. Kraken

16th -- Manne Love

18th -- Urist Tannhauser

20th -- Corky Cadorkian

22nd -- Kerry Mackinaw

24th -- Garrad McKinley

26th -- Stanley Tee

28th -- Prichard

30th -- Tom Reynolds

32nd -- Leapfrog Jones

34th -- Emil Ziskie

36th -- Paul Puffin


Turn 2 - Egil Van Can (clutch, engine, exhaust issues combined).

Turn 15 - Nathan Dunkleman (no engine power).

Turn 18 - Dominic Jackson (clutch failure).

Turn 24 - Oliver Otter (accident).

Turn 27 - Selenia Spiders and LA Brick (irreparable damage after accident).

TURN 28 - YELLOW FLAG - Somehow Cucumbers Caulfield is running again, but his car looks a shadow of its former self.

TURN 29 - PROBLEM - TOP - Ben Stover, race leader, has a big problem. He's complaining via radio that one of the tires wasn't put on correctly in the pit, and he's far too tight on the in-turn. This has a dramatic effect on his lap times, and he drops and drops and drops - all the way from 1st to 20th. Awful luck for Ben. AIREN SLIPPER LEADS!

TURN 30 - SMART - MIDDLE - Perhaps an anti-climax at the end of the race, with so much potential action at the front - but at this point of the season all points count. Corky Cadorkian (19 > 6), Urist Tannhauser (17 > 8) and Winter McFish (8 > 5) all make moves - and all hail Fred Orca, who moves from 18th to 9th to double the points haul for his team - having scored a solid 0 all season thus far.


Winner -- Airen Slipper

3rd -- Conor Westfall

5th -- Winter McFish

7th -- Tamauria Spiders

9th -- Fred Orca

11th -- Kiki Roseburg

13th -- Corey Creek

15th -- Takumi Fujiwara

17th -- Aaliyah Stover

19th -- Victor Lucky

21st -- Rain Winterson

23rd -- Flash Finley

25th -- Boothby Grafoe

27th -- Vasili Mikhailov

29th -- Travis Elford

31st -- Randy Flamethrower

33rd -- Cannonball Malone

35th -- Max von Passum

37th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

2nd -- Tim Walker

4th -- Jay Wolff

6th -- Corky Cadorkian

8th -- Urist Tannhauser

10th -- Hunky Davis

12th -- Daniel Burman

14th -- Yokum Schmidt

16th -- A.I. Kraken

18th -- Manne Love

20th -- Ben Stover

22nd -- Kerry Mackinaw

24th -- Garrad McKinley

26th -- Stanley Tee

28th -- Prichard

30th -- Tom Reynolds

32nd -- Leapfrog Jones

34th -- Emil Ziskie

36th -- Paul Puffin


Turn 2 - Egil Van Can (clutch, engine, exhaust issues combined).

Turn 15 - Nathan Dunkleman (no engine power).

Turn 18 - Dominic Jackson (clutch failure).

Turn 24 - Oliver Otter (accident).

Turn 27 - Selenia Spiders and LA Brick (irreparable damage after accident).

Drivers with an unspent performance chip are Corey Creek, Daniel Burman and Kiki Roseburg.

Two awards will be made, with each receiving a chip too:

  • Driver of the Day: Fred Orca - after 9 races, he scores the first points for the Yooperland Speedtraps, and will carry a performance boost into next week's race, which could be the last of his career.
  • Unlucky Driver of the Day: Ben Stover - you finally get to lead, then the car begins to fall out from under you. What can you do? Have a boost next week, Ben.

Choices will be emailed no later than Wednesday if their owners have enabled them.


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