Race 8 - Walt Disney World Speedway, Orlando, FL.

In the media this week...

  • Aaliyah Stover's father and daughter team is all over the news this week as some bad press emerges about treatment of one of the mechanics. True or false, it puts a dark cloud over the team. Aaliyah will start in 19th, just avoiding the bottom group.
  • Tim Walker has an even worse time of it. Suspension problems dog him all week, and he's right down in 41st.
  • Teammate Travis Elford fares slightly better and appears on a national TV chat show to talk up the surprisingly good season that Harris Motorsports are having. He'll start in 9th, raring to put more pressure on the Blues.
  • Tom Reynolds upsets a huge swath of his fans when he cancels two autograph signings in less than 48 hours. When the dust settles, it was for a perfectly justifiable personal reason, but there's an ugly mood over his fanbase this week. He'll start in 40th.
  • Oliver Otter phones in as part of the "Rookie Review" section on a local radio station in Florida. He'll start today's race in 15th - a super result for his skills.
  • Cannonball Malone has a major equipment overhaul just before the race, and although they hope it'll improve his prospects in the race, it'll start him right back in 39th.
  • Nathan Dunkleman, contrary to Reynolds, has a fantastic week with his fans and even presides over a local wedding! He sets some excellent times and will begin fifth overall.
  • While not on the TV list, it becomes apparent during qualifying that Vasili Mikhailov has done some special training to prepare for this race, and has added the SMART skill to his repertoire.

qualifying results

1st -- Cucumbers Caulfield

3rd -- Emil Ziskie

5th -- Nathan Dunkleman

7th -- Flash Finley

9th -- Travis Elford

11th -- Boothby Grafoe

13th -- Egil Van Can

15th -- Oliver Otter

17th -- Leapfrog Jones

19th -- Aaliyah Stover

21st -- Winter McFish

23rd -- Corky Cadorkian

25th -- Daniel Burman

27th -- Airen Slipper

29th -- Vasili Mikhailov

31st -- Tamauria Spiders

33rd -- Yokum Schmidt

35th -- Max von Passum

37th -- Rain Winterson

39th -- Cannonball Malone

41st -- Tim Walker

43rd -- A.I. Kraken

2nd -- Victor Lucky

4th -- Hunky Davis

6th -- Corey Creek

8th -- Stanley Tee

10th -- Kiki Roseburg

12th -- Selinia Spiders

14th -- Dominic Jackson

16th -- Fred Orca

18th -- Paul Puffin

20th -- Jay Wolff

22nd -- Randy Flamethrower

24th -- Garrad McKinley

26th -- Violet Carrick

28th -- Takumi Fujiwara

30th -- Prichard

32nd -- Ben Stover

34th -- Urist Tannhauser

36th -- LA Brick

38th -- Kerry Mackinaw

40th -- Tom Reynolds

42nd -- Manne Love

Developmental Series

Dev. series qualifying results

1st -- Varalia Spiders

3rd -- Kieran Easter

5th -- Juan Solo

7th -- Marthis Fiino

9th -- Elias

11th -- Sweet Clyde

13th -- Klodeus Cig

15th -- Valkyr Slipper

17th -- Lem Tables

19th -- Abnaber Salad

2nd -- Aaron Slipper

4th -- Lars Ungar

6th -- Gary Gannet

8th -- Violet Carrick

10th -- Mason Shelton

12th -- Franceso Rivera

14th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

16th -- Xander Louis

18th -- Francis Neumann

Developmental Series (5 turn sprint race)

Disney World 50

TURN 1 - RARE - TOP - It's a surge for Kieran Easter, who immediately smashes his way up to first place, and gives no-one else a chance to respond! That puts Varalia back - another race with no bonus points for pole for her.

TURN 2 - SKILL - TOP - No challenges during this section of the race - Gary Gannet the only racer to have this quality, and he's not going anywhere at this point in time.

TURN 3 - RARE - MIDDLE - Well, that's a turn up for the books. Two double 6s in three turns. Wow! Fireplug Fitzpatrick gets a bizarre black flag for aggressive driving, and finds himself dumped to the back of the race and trundling along.

TURN 4 - DUEL - TOP - More potential chaos! Marthis Fiino decides that the lead can be his. However, he's doing alright and making up a few places, when he manages to completely sideswipe Aaron Slipper. Slipper is fine, and Fiino just about escapes trouble, but loses all his progress instead.

TURN 5 - REFLEX - MIDDLE - Abnaber Salad, after a poor qualifying and still healing last week's injury, has a great push all the way up to 6th from 18th. Valkyr Slipper, seeing his championship hopes ever-fading, tries to move up, but Juan Solo's boost gained in qualifying holds him back. Violet Carrick, retiring at the end of the season, moves up one place into the top group.


Winner -- Kieran Easter

3rd -- Aaron Slipper

5th -- Juan Solo

7th -- Violet Carrick

9th -- Marthis Fiino

11th -- Mason Shelton

13th -- Franceso Rivera

15th -- Airen Slipper

17th -- Lem Tables

19th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

2nd -- Varalia Spiders

4th -- Lars Ungar

6th -- Abnaber Salad

8th -- Gary Gannet

10th -- Elias

12th -- Sweet Clyde

14th -- Klodeus Cig

16th -- Xander Louis

18th -- Francis Neumann

Click the table for a larger version.

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RACE 8 - disney world 500

Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

TURN 1 - STAR - MIDDLE - It's a quiet start to the race, with no change to the lead meaning Cucumbers Caulfield gets his bonus points. Paul Puffin seems to have grand dreams today, though, and heads up to 5th from 18th.

TURN 2 - CONTROL - BOTTOM - A couple of moves from the bottom group: Manne Love from 42nd to 20th, Rain Winterson from 37th to 18th, and Ben Stover (up to 19th) and Leapfrog Jones (up to 21st) also get ahead. Randy Flamethrower tries to shift up but is blocked by the performance boost of Boothby.

TURN 3 - SKILL - TOP - Cucumbers Caulfield is a terrifying prospect. With a high ability with the brake pedals, plus the bonus for being the leader, he's so difficult to pass. No-one gets past him this turn, or even comes close.

TURN 4 - SMART - MIDDLE - A few moves up to the top group - Selenia Spiders from 15th to 4th, Dominic Jackson up to 2nd after using his performance boost - but what a chunk of the race for Oliver Otter! Arguably the worst driver in the series, he moves all the way up from 16th to 3rd, much to the chagrin of the other drivers!

TURN 5 - SKILL - TOP - Selenia Spiders manages to do what no-one else has - and that's to pass Cucumbers Caulfield! A clean move with plenty of space to spare. SELENIA SPIDERS LEADS!

TURN 6 - SMART - BOTTOM - Quite a few moves from the further back drivers. Tim Walker (42nd > 22nd), Vasili Mikhailov (32nd > 12th), Corky Cadorkian (30th > 18th), Manne Love (27th > 8th), Urist Tannhauser (36th > 23rd), Takumi Fujiwara (31st > 15th), Jay Wolff (29th > 21st) and Aaliyah Stover all make good progress up the field. Interestingly, the training pre-race for Vasili has paid off, as he would not normally have this quality.

TURN 7 - PIT TURN - Slower pits from Nathan Dunkleman and Paul Puffin lose them some places. Fast pits from Hunky Davis, Dominic Jackson, Victory Lucky, Oliver Otter and Cucumbers Caulfield all give them a performance boost to use later in the race. An attempt from Emil Ziskie to seize the lead from Selenia fails.


1st -- Selinia Spiders

3rd -- Emil Ziskie

5th -- Victor Lucky

7th -- Hunky Davis

9th -- Aaliyah Stover

11th -- Travis Elford

13th -- Corey Creek

15th -- Takumi Fujiwara

17th -- Nathan Dunkleman

19th -- Kiki Roseburg

21st -- Jay Wolff

23rd -- Urist Tannhauser

25th -- Paul Puffin

27th -- Ben Stover

29th -- Winter McFish

31st -- Garrad McKinley

33rd -- Conor Westfall

35th -- Prichard

37th -- Yokum Schmidt

39th -- LA Brick

41st -- Cannonball Malone

43rd -- A.I. Kraken

2nd -- Cucumbers Caulfield

4th -- Oliver Otter

6th -- Dominic Jackson

8th -- Manne Love

10th -- Stanley Tee

12th -- Vasili Mikhailov

14th -- Flash Finley

16th -- Paul Puffin

18th -- Corky Cadorkian

20th -- Boothby Grafoe

22nd -- Tim Walker

24th -- Egil Van Can

26th -- Rain Winterson

28th -- Leapfrog Jones

30th -- Randy Flamethrower

32nd -- Daniel Burman

34th -- Airen Slipper

36th -- Tamauria Spiders

38th -- Max von Passum

40th -- Kerry Mackinaw

42nd -- Tom Reynolds

TURN 8 - SKILL - BOTTOM - A flurry of moves from the back. LA Brick (39th > 25th), Tamauria Spiders (36th > 14th), Conor Westfall (33rd > 17th), Egil Van Can (29th > 20th), Max Von Passum (38th > 15th), Prichard (25th > 18th), Garrad McKinley (36th > 19th) and Boothby Grafoe (25th > 9th) all shift up the ranking.

TURN 9 - DUEL - TOP - Hunky Davis, punching well above his weight in 7th, gets a head of steam. He goes for the lead and the juicy bonus points that it contains. He's far too vicious with the move though, thumping right into Selenia to throw her off the racing line, which in turn slams her into the infield and out of the race! Selenia is out - HUNKY DAVIS LEADS! I think we can consider them FEUDING from this point on!


TURN 11 - DUEL - TOP - Uh?! Well, here we go again! This time, from 7th as well, it's Manne Love wanting to force his way ahead. He targets Emil Ziskie, who is sitting in 3rd - wisely noting that 1st and 2nd both have performance boosts which would mean they avoid any pass. Emil is in trouble! He skids off the track and heads to the pit for some repairs after a double spin, but is able to rejoin at the back of the pack. Another FEUD in the books!


TURN 13 - DUEL - MIDDLE - This is getting ridiculous now! First up is Flash Finley, who succeeds in his move past Aaliyah Stover. She suffers no consequences and settles in behind him to draft. However, he's followed immediately and challenged immediately by Egil Van Can! Flash bangs into the wall and cuts a tire, and is forced to pit, while Egil steals his place! Another FEUD begins!

TURN 14 - STAR - MIDDLE - Corey Creek, using his starred star quality (what a phrase...) forces Oliver Otter to use his performance boost, then passes him anyway way. That's a jump from 15th to 4th! Tamauria Spiders also makes a good move up to 3rd from 13th!

TURN 15 - SMART - TOP - Cucumbers Caulfield has Hunky Davis in his sights but is content to give the rookie a fright rather than anything else, and causes Davis to use his performance boost.

TURN 16 - STAR - MIDDLE - Moves from Takumi Fujiwara, Max Von Passum, Travis Elford and Aaliyah Stover all give them some progress heading towards the second and final pit turn of the race.

TURN 17 - PIT TURN - Slow pits from Tamauria Spiders, Boothby Grafoe and Dominic Jackson cause them to lose some of their spots. Fast pits from Hunky Davis, Cucumbers Caulfield, Aaliyah Stover and Travis Elford all set them up for what could be a dramatic finish. Cucumbers Caulfield manages to retake the lead on the race out of pit lane, leaving Hunky to bide his time and hope for a chance to use his boost.


1st -- Cucumbers Caulfield

3rd -- Aaliyah Stover

5th -- Manne Love

7th -- Corey Creek

9th -- Dominic Jackson

11th -- Takumi Fujiwara

13th -- Egil Van Can

15th -- Boothby Grafoe

17th -- Conor Westfall

19th -- Garrad McKinley

21st -- Nathan Dunkleman

23rd -- Corky Cadorkian

25th -- Jay Wolff

27th -- Urist Tannhauser

29th -- Rain Winterson

31st -- Leapfrog Jones

33rd -- Randy Flamethrower

35th -- Airen Slipper

37th -- Kerry Mackinaw

39th -- Tom Reynolds

41st -- Emil Ziskie

Out -- Selinia Spiders

2nd -- Hunky Davis

4th -- Travis Elford

6th -- Tamauria Spiders

8th -- Victor Lucky

10th -- Max von Passum

12th -- Oliver Otter

14th -- Stanley Tee

16th -- Vasili Mikhailov

18th -- Prichard

20th -- Paul Puffin

22nd -- LA Brick

24th -- Kiki Roseburg

26th -- Tim Walker

28th -- Fred Orca

30th -- Ben Stover

32nd -- Winter McFish

34th -- Daniel Burman

36th -- Yokum Schmidt

38th -- Cannonball Malone

40th -- A.I. Kraken

42nd -- Flash Finley

TURN 18 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - It's a big coming together at mile 175! Victor Lucky, Dominic Jackson, Max Von Passum, Oliver Otter, Egil Van Can, Stanley Tee and Prichard all escape trouble, but Takumi Fujiwara, Vasili Mikhailov, Boothby Grafoe, Conor Westfall and Garrad McKinley are all caught up in it and dumped off the track in various ungainly fashions! That'll extend the race while we clear the wreckage!

TURN 19 - YELLOW FLAG - Takumi Fujiwara and Conor Westfall are both announced as out of the race, as crews try to repair Vasili, Garrad and Boothby's cars.

TURN 20 - YELLOW FLAG - That's it also for Vasili Mikhailov - he's done for the day. Garrad McKinley and Boothby Grafoe both get out onto the track, but barring something special, they're just making up the numbers now.

TURN 21 - SMART - TOP - If it had been any other quality, this could have been a dramatic turn. As it is, Manne Love forces Cucumbers Caulfield to spend one of his two performance boosts, but that's it. The wily 2017 champion crosses the line in first, taking his second race of the year!


Winner -- "Cuce" Caulfield

3rd -- Aaliyah Stover

5th -- Manne Love

7th -- Corey Creek

9th -- Dominic Jackson

11th -- Oliver Otter

13th -- Stanley Tee

15th -- Paul Puffin

17th -- LA Brick

19th -- Kiki Roseburg

21st -- Tim Walker

23rd -- Fred Orca

25th -- Ben Stover

27th -- Winter McFish

29th -- Daniel Burman

31st -- Yokum Schmidt

33rd -- Cannonball Malone

35th -- A.I. Kraken

37th -- Flash Finley

39th -- Boothby Grafoe

Out -- Takumi Fujiwara

Out -- Vasili Mikhailov

2nd -- Hunky Davis

4th -- Travis Elford

6th -- Tamauria Spiders

8th -- Victor Lucky

10th -- Max von Passum

12th -- Egil Van Can

14th -- Prichard

16th -- Nathan Dunkleman

18th -- Corky Cadorkian

20th -- Jay Wolff

22nd -- Urist Tannhauser

24th -- Rain Winterson

26th -- Leapfrog Jones

28th -- Randy Flamethrower

30th -- Airen Slipper

32nd -- Kerry Mackinaw

34th -- Tom Reynolds

36th -- Emil Ziskie

38th -- Garrad McKinley

Out -- Selinia Spiders

Out -- Conor Westfall

Drivers with an unspent performance chip are Cucumbers Caulfield, Hunky Davis, Aaliyah Stover, Travis Elford, Victory Lucky and Dominic Jackson.

Two awards will be made, with each receiving a chip too:

  • Driver of the Day: Oliver Otter drove out of his skin today and finished well above where he should have. Just go look at his driver card in comparison to the others!
  • Unlucky Driver of the Day: Poor Selenia Spiders - finally on course for a good result, and to have it smashed out of her is just awful luck. Hopefully this chip will help ease it.

Choices will be emailed no later than Wednesday if their owners have enabled them.


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