Race 5 - Circuito international de vila real

In the media this week...

  • L.A. Brick releases his first book, "Cementing Your Legacy", on the day of qualifying. By all accounts, it's selling well. He'll start in sixth and hope it boosts sales even further.
  • Nathan Dunkleman has to feature after being the first ever iStock two time winner. He backs it up with another good week, exciting his fans with a solid performance. He'll start one place ahead of Brick in 5th.
  • A.I. Kraken isn't content to let his teammate have all the fun! Can the Squid Fanatics bounce back from a tricky start this season? Looks that way - Kraken stuns everyone by qualifying second and will have a performance boost ready, plus an extra boost to his attacking power after last week's result.
  • Leapfrog Jones continues to try to secure his status as the hottest free agent racer! Not only will he start with three performance boosts available, a quite incredible week around this twisty circuit leaves him starting on pole position - first place!
  • Rain Winterson has a good week as well and will start with a performance boost. She outdoes her teammate again - Cucumbers Caulfield will be wondering where his championship-winning performance from last year has gone!
  • Dominic Jackson continues his string of bad luck. He has suspension problems throughout qualifying and needs extra time to get the car roadworthy. He'll begin in 40th.
  • Randy Flamethrower has a minor altercation with Cannonball Malone, the other TV list driver. While it's easily resolved and there's no bad blood, it remains to be seen whether they would have done better without the trouble. Flamethrower will start in third, Malone fourth - both great results for two men who have had little luck this year.
  • The number of slow weeks was shockingly high this week, perhaps due to the different nature of this track. Three times as many drivers had slow weeks as those that had fast weeks; and that has resulted in some pretty shocking names appearing at the back of the pack!

qualifying results

1st -- Leapfrog Jones

3rd -- Randy Flamethrower

5th -- Nathan Dunkleman

7th -- Rain Winterson

9th -- Oliver Otter

11th -- Ben Stover

13th -- Flash Finley

15th -- Victor Lucky

17th -- Jay Wolff

19th -- Boothby Grafoe

21st -- Prichard

23rd -- Daniel Burman

25th -- Manne Love

27th -- Emil Ziskie

29th -- Aaliyah Stover

31st -- Stanley Tee

33rd -- Corey Creek

35th -- Yokum Schmidt

37th -- Egil Van Can

39th -- Travis Elford

41st -- Paul Puffin

43rd -- Garrad McKinley

2nd -- A.I. Kraken

4th -- Cannonball Malone

6th -- LA Brick

8th -- Urist Tannhauser

10th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

12th -- Corky Cadorkian

14th -- Fred Orca

16th -- Tom Reynolds

18th -- Max von Passum

20th -- Tamauria Spiders

22nd -- Vasili Mikhailov

24th -- Tim Walker

26th -- Hunky Davis

28th -- Kerry Mackinaw

30th -- Winter McFish

32nd -- Conor Westfall

34th -- Kiki Roseburg

36th -- Selinia Spiders

38th -- Airen Slipper

40th -- Dominic Jackson

42nd -- Takumi Fujiwara

Developmental Series

Dev. series qualifying results

1st -- Varalia Spiders

3rd -- Abnaber Salad

5th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

7th -- Xander Louis

9th -- Gary Gannet

11th -- Sweet Clyde

13th -- Juan Solo

15th -- Kieran Easter

17th -- Elias

19th -- Lem Tables

2nd -- Valkyr Slipper

4th -- Aaron Slipper

6th -- Klodeus Cig

8th -- Mason Shelton

10th -- Lars Ungar

12th -- Franceso Rivera

14th -- Violet Carrick

16th -- Francis Neumann

18th -- Marthis Fiino

Developmental Series (5 turn sprint race)

Rio Corgo 50

TURN 1 - SKILL - MIDDLE - Elias makes a good series of moves up to 6th. Kieran Easter forces Aaron Slipper to spend the performance boost that he gained in qualifying, which will expose him more in the future. Mason Shelton continues his decent season and makes a good start, heading all the way up to 2nd! Bonus points are secure for Varalia after leading the first section of the race from pole.

TURN 2 - CONTROL - TOP - No moves - Elias and Mason both fail to take their chances.

TURN 3 - DUEL - TOP - Elias tries to emulate Prichard in the main series and goes straight for the leader, but fails! He can't escape trouble and slams into the wall. He'll have to go in for some repairs to hammer out the wheel holes, and rejoins at the back.

TURN 4 - TROUBLE - TOP - Fireplug Fitzpatrick, Aaron Slipper and Abnaber Salad get all kinds of torn up and end up smashed along the track barrier on this very narrow street circuit. We almost have a red flag situation but two of the cars retain some semblance of locomotion and can get themselves into one of the escape streets. Salad manages, after some time, to get going again, and feels he can just limp out the rest of the race of the back to ensure he gets the points. Bitter turn of events for Aaron, who had he kept his performance boost earlier, would have survived the incident.



TURN 7 - CONTROL - TOP - Lars Ungar almost squeaks past Varalia but her superior brake skills save her this time. Gary Gannet also makes an attempt but it's the same story, and Mason Shelton just gets it all wrong and has to settle for the second podium of his career and his best ever result. Varalia takes the flag!


Winner -- Varalia Spiders

3rd -- Valkyr Slipper

5th -- Xander Louis

7th -- Lars Ungar

9th -- Franceso Rivera

11th -- Violet Carrick

13th -- Francis Neumann

15th -- Lem Tables

17th -- Abnaber Salad


Turn 4: Aaron Slipper, Fireplug Fitzpatrick (accident)

2nd -- Mason Shelton

4th -- Klodeus Cig

6th -- Gary Gannet

8th -- Sweet Clyde

10th -- Juan Solo

12th -- Kieran Easter

14th -- Marthis Fiino

16th -- Elias

RACE 5 - Rio corgo 200 (20 turns)

Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

TURN 1 - HEAT - MIDDLE - A couple of moves from the middle of the pack, sensing the opportunity to move up while some of the big guns are stuck at the back. Ben Stover heads up from 11th to 4th, Urist into 3rd from 9th. Cucumbers Caulfield climbs six places from 11th to 5th, and L.A. Brick finishes this stint in 6th.

TURN 2 - SKILL - BOTTOM - Leapfrog Jones secures his bonus points for leading the race. Paul Puffin has a great surge from 41st to 24th, Egil Van Can begins to make up for a disappointing week by moving from 37th to 16th. Kiki Roseburg moves from 37th to 18th, Dominic Jackson up 20 places to 20th, Selenia Spiders forces Rain Winterson to spend a performance boost, and Stanley Tee and Prichard both make moves to end up 25th and 22nd respectively. Interestingly, Yee Valley Racing drivers Emil and Egil end up 15th and 16th - could this backfire?

TURN 3 - STAR - TOP - Not a lot of action - Ben Stover forces Leapfrog Jones to use up one of his performance boosts, but Urist Tannhauser can't get it done.

TURN 4 - CONTROL - MIDDLE - Rain Winterson heads from 11th to 7th, and Nathan Dunkleman continues to impress, moving from 9th to 5th.

TURN 5 - STAR - BOTTOM - More action from the back of the pack. We see moves from Corey Creek (37th to 19th), Aaliyah Stover (33nd to 23rd), Hunky Davis (32nd to 22nd), Paul Puffin (27th to 17th), Tim Walker (33rd to 12th), Daniel Burman (32nd to 20th), Vasili Mikhailov (31st to 14th), Max Von Passum (26th to 15th), and Emil Ziskie leaves Egil behind, taking 11th. Prichard makes the most of his starred star quality (!) and double moves, ending up 3rd all the way back from 28th!

TURN 6 - RARE - TOP - The drivers are reporting in via radio that the track surface around the outside edge is pretty dangerous. The skill rating will not count until it's cleared!

TURN 7 - PIT TURN - We see fast pits from Leapfrog, Kraken, Dunkleman, Cuce, Emil, Rain, Brick, Wolff, Puffin, Tamauria and Corey. Kraken attempts to take on Leapfrog as they enter the pit, and the two force each other to use up performance boosts to retain the status quo.


1st -- Leapfrog Jones

3rd -- Nathan Dunkleman

5th -- Prichard

7th -- Ben Stover

9th -- Rain Winterson

11th -- Jay Wolff

13th -- Tamauria Spiders

15th -- Tim Walker

17th -- Randy Flamethrower

19th -- Max von Passum

21st -- Oliver Otter

23rd -- Aaliyah Stover

25th -- Egil Van Can

27th -- Kiki Roseburg

29th -- Dominic Jackson

31st -- Stanley Tee

33rd -- Boothby Grafoe

35th -- Kerry Mackinaw

37th -- Conor Westfall

39th -- Selinia Spiders

41st -- Travis Elford

43rd -- Garrad McKinley

2nd -- A.I. Kraken

4th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

6th -- Urist Tannhauser

8th -- Emil Ziskie

10th -- LA Brick

12th -- Paul Puffin

14th -- Corey Creek

16th -- Cannonball Malone

18th -- Vasili Mikhailov

20th -- Daniel Burman

22nd -- Hunky Davis

24th -- Corky Cadorkian

26th -- Flash Finley

28th -- Victor Lucky

30th -- Fred Orca

32nd -- Tom Reynolds

34th -- Manne Love

36th -- Winter McFish

38th -- Yokum Schmidt

40th -- Airen Slipper

42nd -- Takumi Fujiwara

TURN 8 - CONTROL - MIDDLE - Vasili Mikhailov moves up from 18th to 9th. Tamauria uses her performance boost to climb from 13th up to 6th. Jay Wolff forces Nathan Dunkleman to use his boost, but exposes him to L.A. Brick, who pushes past into 3rd.

TURN 9 - SKILL - MIDDLE - No moves are possible as the drivers struggle with the track conditions!

TURN 10 - TV - MIDDLE - Randy Flamethrower can't do much with his chance, but Cannonball Malone forces A.I Kraken to use up a performance boost. Rain Winterson manages to use her boost to force past L.A Brick, taking third!

TURN 11 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - A five car pileup! Prichard, Ben Stover, Tim Walker, Randy Flamethrower and Max Von Passum are all involved in a shunt on one of the narrowest parts of the track. Getting snagged on one of the barriers has clearly ended Ben Stover's day, and Prichard also pulls off into the escape road and out of the race. After lengthy repairs, Tim Walker, Max Von Passum and Randy Flamethrower can all get back out on the track.


TURN 13 - YELLOW FLAG - The track surface begins to return to normal with grip - skill quality is now back in play!

TURN 14- BOTTOM - SKILL - Quite a few moves from people hoping to end up in the points, even if the win looks unlikely - Randy Flamethrower (41st to 20th), Garrad McKinley (38th to 8th), Selenia Spiders (34th to 23rd), Manne Loves (29th to 25th), Tom Reynolds (32nd to 11th), Egil Van Can (25th to 12th), Hunky Davis (22nd to 9th). We also see moves from Conor Westfall, who ends up in 13th, and Flash Finley heading to 14th.

TURN 15 - DUEL - FEUD! - Travis Elford is having a bad day and he's angry - he's got his sights set on getting forward and having a crack at Emil Ziskie, who he's feuding with. However, as he bangs past yet another car into 20th, he gets it all wrong, and almost spears his car on a piece of track side equipment in a run off area. He's out!


TURN 17 - PIT TURN - We see fast pits from Dunkleman, L.A. Brick, Cucumbers Caulfield and Tamauria Spiders, which will all be very helpful in this last boost. Tamauria challenges Leapfrog for the lead, but through sacrifice of her boosts, completely strips away any boosts that Leapfrog has left. He's now completely exposed and with far higher quality drivers behind him!


1st -- Leapfrog Jones

3rd -- Nathan Dunkleman

5th -- Tamauria Spiders

7th -- Rain Winterson

9th -- Paul Puffin

11th -- Garrad McKinley

13th -- Urist Tannhauser

15th -- Flash Finley

17th -- Egil Van Can

19th -- Emil Ziskie

21st -- Boothby Grafoe

23rd -- Selinia Spiders

25th -- Manne Love

27th -- Aaliyah Stover

29th -- Kiki Roseburg

31st -- Dominic Jackson

33rd -- Stanley Tee

35th -- Winter McFish

37th -- Airen Slipper

39th -- Tim Walker

2nd -- Cucumbers Caulfield

4th -- LA Brick

6th -- A.I. Kraken

8th -- Jay Wolff

10th -- Corey Creek

12th -- Hunky Davis

14th -- Tom Reynolds

16th -- Vasili Mikhailov

18th -- Conor Westfall

20th -- Randy Flamethrower

22nd -- Cannonball Malone

24th -- Daniel Burman

26th -- Oliver Otter

28th -- Corky Cadorkian

30th -- Victor Lucky

32nd -- Fred Orca

34th -- Kerry Mackinaw

36th -- Yokum Schmidt

38th -- Takumi Fujiwara

40th -- Max von Passum

Out -

Turn 11 - Ben Stover, Prichard (accident)

Turn 15 - Travis Elford (accident)

TURN 18 - STAR - MIDDLE - Egil Van Can heads up from 17th to 8th, Jay Wolff from 8th to 5th, and Corey Creek takes the chance to spend his performance boost to go to 7th.

TURN 19 - HEAT - TOP - And now it all kicks off! Tamauria Spiders takes the lead and some bonus points, before she's deposed two miles later by L.A. Brick. Cucumbers Caulfield, with two performance boosts, forces Brick to use his, then powers through anyway into the lead himself! A crazy section of the race!

TURN 20 - SMART - TOP - It's not over yet! The front is just absolute chaos! Jay Wolff takes the lead from Caulfield, but then loses his place to Nathan Dunkleman after performance boosts are used and abused! Dunkleman leads for 7 more miles, but it's an on-the-line challenge, including a photo finish, that shows that Cucumbers Caulfield pipped him on the line! Incredible scenes in the garage - what an amazing finish to this race!


Winner-Cucumbers Caulfield

3rd -- Jay Wolff

5th -- Tamauria Spiders

7th -- Corey Creek

9th -- A.I. Kraken

11th -- Paul Puffin

13th -- Hunky Davis

15th -- Tom Reynolds

17th -- Vasili Mikhailov

19th -- Emil Ziskie

21st -- Boothby Grafoe

23rd -- Selinia Spiders

25th -- Manne Love

27th -- Aaliyah Stover

29th -- Kiki Roseburg

31st -- Dominic Jackson

33rd -- Stanley Tee

35th -- Winter McFish

37th -- Airen Slipper

39th -- Tim Walker

Out -- Travis Elford

Out -- Prichard

2nd -- Nathan Dunkleman

4th -- LA Brick

6th -- Leapfrog Jones

8th -- Egil Van Can

10th -- Rain Winterson

12th -- Garrad McKinley

14th -- Urist Tannhauser

16th -- Flash Finley

18th -- Conor Westfall

20th -- Randy Flamethrower

22nd -- Cannonball Malone

24th -- Daniel Burman

26th -- Oliver Otter

28th -- Corky Cadorkian

30th -- Victor Lucky

32nd -- Fred Orca

34th -- Kerry Mackinaw

36th -- Yokum Schmidt

38th -- Takumi Fujiwara

40th -- Max von Passum

Out -- Ben Stover

Out -

Turn 11 - Ben Stover, Prichard (accident)

Turn 15 - Travis Elford (accident)

Drivers with an unspent performance chip are Paul Puffin.

Two awards will be made, with each receiving a chip too:

  • Driver of the Day: Corey Creek - his joint best finish, with lots of higher quality drivers stuck behind him. A great drive from Corey!
  • Unlucky Driver of the Day: Takumi Fujiwara - he could just get nothing done at all today, failing every skill check he made.

Choices will be emailed no later than Wednesday if their owners have enabled them.


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