Race 4 - Daytona international

In the media this week...

  • Egil Van Can has what can only be described as a "spectacular qualifying week"! He'll start on pole, with two performance boosts available to him!
  • Leapfrog Jones is disappointed when he has sanctions issued for a minor rules violation. He'll start 42nd.
  • Airen Slipper equally has a spectacular week, and will start in second place with two boosts also ready to go. Crazy scenes in qualifying this week!
  • A.I. Kraken appears on a TV interview before hopping into the car. "There's just nothin' like the smell, the sounds, the whole atmosphere, to make you feel like an actual living human and definitely not a robot, and to fire you up for a big race like this." He qualifies well above his usual position, in third.
  • Jay Wolff, carrying over his performance boost from last week, talks up his sponsors in a Florida mall. He'll start in 7th.
  • L.A. Brick, one of the worst ranked drivers in the series despite being one of the best on paper, will look to bounce back. He has an excellent qualifying session, and will start in 4th.
  • Tim Walker is full of praise for his sponsors in a segment which comes off slightly forced. He'll start tenth overall this week.
  • Manne Love is interviewed on national TV. "We got here a little late, and some of our people were off their game, so it took some time - but we got it together. I think." More woe for the Shooting Stars? He'll begin in 16th.
  • Winter McFish has some major suspension problems throughout qualifying and just can't get going. She'll start this week's race in last: 43rd.
  • Travis Elford has a fantastic set of laps in qualifying; a performance which would usually have secured pole position if not for the other incredible feats this week. He'll begin in 5th with a performance boost ready.
  • Hunky Davis also has a good set of laps throughout the week and looks pretty sharp. He'll begin in sixth position, again with a performance chip ready. We've never seen this before - the front of the grid looks chaotic!

qualifying results

1st -- Egil Van Can

3rd -- A.I. Kraken

5th -- Travis Elford

7th -- Jay Wolff

9th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

11th -- Corky Cadorkian

13th -- Boothby Grafoe

15th -- Kiki Roseburg

17th -- Fred Orca

19th -- Yokum Schmidt

21st -- Kerry Mackinaw

23rd -- Corey Creek

25th -- Conor Westfall

27th -- Rain Winterson

29th -- Prichard

31st -- Daniel Burman

33rd -- Flash Finley

35th -- Aaliyah Stover

37th -- Vasili Mikhailov

39th -- Urist Tannhauser

41st -- Max von Passum

43rd -- Winter McFish

2nd -- Airen Slipper

4th -- LA Brick

6th -- Hunky Davis

8th -- Nathan Dunkleman

10th -- Tim Walker

12th -- Selinia Spiders

14th -- Oliver Otter

16th -- Manne Love

18th -- Tamauria Spiders

20th -- Victor Lucky

22nd -- Ben Stover

24th -- Emil Ziskie

26th -- Randy Flamethrower

28th -- Garrad McKinley

30th -- Tom Reynolds

32nd -- Cannonball Malone

34th -- Dominic Jackson

36th -- Stanley Tee

38th -- Paul Puffin

40th -- Takumi Fujiwara

42nd -- Leapfrog Jones

Developmental Series

Dev. series qualifying results

1st -- Varalia Spiders

3rd -- Mason Shelton

5th -- Francis Neumann

7th -- Valkyr Slipper

9th -- Lem Tables

11th -- Lars Ungar

13th -- Elias

15th -- Gary Gannet

17th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

2nd -- Kieran Easter

4th -- Aaron Slipper

6th -- Franceso Rivera

8th -- Violet Carrick

10th -- Juan Solo

12th -- Sweet Clyde

14th -- Abnaber Salad

16th -- Xander Louis

Developmental Series (5 turn sprint race)

Growth Energy 50

TURN 1 - REFLEX - TOP - Valkyr is off and running immediately, seizing the lead on mile 3! An immediate attack back from Varalia Spiders, who he knocked back, is fought off, but only at the expense of his performance boost from qualifying. Now he's pretty exposed!

TURN 2 - RARE - TOP - Track conditions have deteriorated, and the skill quality of the drivers will no longer matter! This will be very interesting if we get such a check come up, as it's a free chance for anyone.

TURN 3 - REFLEX - MIDDLE - Violet Carrick is the only member of the middle group who is able to make it happen, with terrible attacking driving from all the others. She shifts from 8th all the way up to 2nd!

TURN 4 - SKILL - MIDDLE - They all get a go here! We see moves from Xander Louis (16th to 5th), Elias heads up to 8th from 13th, and Aaron Slipper helps secure the Slipper dynasty up into 4th.

TURN 5 - REFLEX - TOP - Reflex has really come into it today! Xander Louis takes the lead and holds it for 8 miles, but is finally undone when he gets drafted and then passed in dramatic fashion by previous leader Valkyr Slipper! The #150 car holds on for the win, but a great surge from Xander almost won the day!

Winner -- Valkyr Slipper

3rd -- Violet Carrick

5th -- Aaron Slipper

7th -- Mason Shelton

9th -- Francis Neumann

11th -- Lem Tables

13th -- Lars Ungar

15th -- Abnaber Salad

17th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick



2nd -- Xander Louis

4th -- Varalia Spiders

6th -- Kieran Easter

8th -- Elias

10th -- Franceso Rivera

12th -- Juan Solo

14th -- Sweet Clyde

16th -- Gary Gannet


Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

TURN 1 - REFLEX - BOTTOM - Leapfrog, clearly annoyed by his poor performance despite TV attention, makes an immediate push and launches himself right towards the top of the middle group! He heads from 42nd to 11th! Daniel Burman climbs 10 places from 31st to 21st, and Dominic Jackson does the same, 34th to 24th. Corky Cadorkian sets out his stall earlier from 30th to 12th, and Randy Flamethrower goes from 29th to 20th.

TURN 2 - HEAT - TOP - Travis Elford forces Egil to spend a boost to defend, as does Airen Slipper. Egil is now exposed and his qualifying bonuses used, but he is still in the lead and will get his bonus points for leading the race.

TURN 3 - REFLEX - TOP - Jay Wolff knows when he senses weakness, and strikes! He takes the lead from Egil Van Can in a fair challenge, and although he's forced to use his performance boost to fight off the maddened dutchman, he keeps the lead for now. JAY WOLFF LEADS!

TURN 4 - DUEL - TOP - Hunky Davis, shocking everyone, uses his performance boost to push his way past Jay Wolff! There's trouble and Jay fails to escape it, banging himself off the wall and needing to dive into the pits to give his car a once over. He's fine, but he's last. HUNKY DAVIS LEADS!

TURN 5 - TV - MIDDLE - Manne Love forces Airen Slipper to use up a performance boost, but otherwise a quiet section of the race with Leapfrog Jones and Tim Walker failing to take their chances.

TURN 6 - PROBLEM - BOTTOM - Garrad McKinley gets it all wrong and wrecks his car, slicing his tyres open and leaving himself unrecoverable. A yellow is out, but they're all pitting anyway!

TURN 7 - PIT TURN - We have some extremely fast pitting - Conor, Corky, Leapfrog, Cuce, Airen, Egil, Boothby, Selenia, Kiki and Travis all get good boosts - but it's Nathan Dunkleman who launches himself into first place with a supreme stop! NATHAN DUNKLEMAN LEADS!

TURN 8 - REFLEX - MIDDLE - Conor forces Airen to use his boost, then chips past him. Leapfrog Jones then forces Conor to use up his boost. Lots of strategy so far this race. Prichard makes a move from 14th to 6th but is then forced to defend himself by a charge from Cucumbers Caulfield, which is only narrowly avoided.


1st -- Nathan Dunkleman

3rd -- Egil Van Can

5th -- A.I. Kraken

7th -- LA Brick

9th -- Conor Westfall

11th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

13th -- Kiki Roseburg

15th -- Selinia Spiders

17th -- Oliver Otter

19th -- Randy Flamethrower

21st -- Fred Orca

23rd -- Dominic Jackson

25th -- Victor Lucky

27th -- Ben Stover

29th -- Emil Ziskie

31st -- Tom Reynolds

33rd -- Flash Finley

35th -- Stanley Tee

37th -- Paul Puffin

39th -- Takumi Fujiwara

41st -- Winter McFish

Out -- Garrad McKinley

2nd -- Hunky Davis

4th -- Travis Elford

6th -- Prichard

8th -- Leapfrog Jones

10th -- Airen Slipper

12th -- Tim Walker

14th -- Manne Love

16th -- Boothby Grafoe

18th -- Corky Cadorkian

20th -- Daniel Burman

22nd -- Tamauria Spiders

24th -- Yokum Schmidt

26th -- Kerry Mackinaw

28th -- Corey Creek

30th -- Rain Winterson

32nd -- Cannonball Malone

34th -- Aaliyah Stover

36th -- Vasili Mikhailov

38th -- Urist Tannhauser

40th -- Max von Passum

42nd -- Jay Wolff

TURN 9 - CONTROL - MIDDLE - Again, a lot of strategy coming into play due to so many performance boosts being out there. Randy makes his way up from 19th to 3rd, with Airen climbing two places to 10th. Selenia heads up from 9th to 2nd, with Kiki closely following to head to 6th when all is said and done. LA Brick heads up six places to 5th and AI Kraken continues his great weekend by moving to 4th.

TURN 10 - TROUBLE - BOTTOM - We have a big one! Ten cars are involved! We see Tamauria, Dominic Jackson, Ben Stover, Kerry Mackinaw, Emil Ziskie, Cannonball Malone, Flash Finley, Urist Tannhauser, Max Von Passum and Jay Wolff all involved and shunted around, with all sorts of damage being done. The yellows come out but it's clear that Urist's day is over as his car is unmoving.

TURN 11 - YELLOW FLAG - Emil's done - his wheel simply fell off trying to get into the pits and he can't do a thing. Max Von Passum is also done for the day and pulls up for recovery.

TURN 12 - YELLOW FLAG - Kerry Mackinaw and Dominic Jackson are clearly out of the race, but the others involved are all fine, just at the back of the pack.

TURN 13 - RARE - MIDDLE - GREEN FLAG RACING - Corky Cadorkian is black flagged for aggressive driving at the end of the yellow flag period, and is forced to drop to the back. Not a great restart for him!

TURN 14 - TV - MIDDLE - Manne Love fails to do anything, but it's a good period for our featured TV drivers as we check in on them. Tim Walker moves from 15th to 3rd, Airen Slipper from 12th to 7th, and Travis Elford continues his good day with a move from 11th to 6th. Leapfrog Jones continues to impress, climbing ten places from 12th to 2nd.

TURN 15 - HEAT - BOTTOM - Tom Reynolds forces Boothby Grafoe to use up his performance boost to save his place. Corey Creek moves up to 12th, and Yokum Schmidt heads to just outside the top group, from 21st to 8th.

TURN 16 - PROBLEM - TOP - Leapfrog almost has his day ruined, but is able to use his performance boost in order to avoid any lasting damage, and retains his place.

TURN 17 - PIT TURN - We see fast pits from Tim Walker, Leapfrog Jones, Airen Slipper, L.A. Brick, A.I. Kraken and Egil Van Can, but Egil is unable to force his way past Nathan, who still leads.


1st -- Nathan Dunkleman

3rd -- Leapfrog Jones

5th -- Airen Slipper

7th -- Randy Flamethrower

9th -- A.I. Kraken

11th -- Kiki Roseburg

13th -- Corey Creek

15th -- Prichard

17th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

19th -- Boothby Grafoe

21st -- Daniel Burman

23rd -- Victor Lucky

25th -- Tom Reynolds

27th -- Stanley Tee

29th -- Paul Puffin

31st -- Winter McFish

33rd -- Tamauria Spiders

35th -- Ben Stover

37th -- Corky Cadorkian

2nd -- Tim Walker

4th -- Travis Elford

6th -- Selinia Spiders

8th -- LA Brick

10th -- Egil Van Can

12th -- Yokum Schmidt

14th -- Hunky Davis

16th -- Conor Westfall

18th -- Manne Love

20th -- Oliver Otter

22nd -- Fred Orca

24th -- Rain Winterson

26th -- Aaliyah Stover

28th -- Vasili Mikhailov

30th -- Takumi Fujiwara

32nd -- Flash Finley

34th -- Cannonball Malone

36th -- Jay Wolff


Turn 6 - Garrad McKinley (sliced tyres, leaving unrecoverable car)

Turn 10 - Urist Tannhauser (accident)

Turn 11 - Emil Ziskie, Max Von Passum (irreparable damage following accident)

Turn 12 - Kerry Mackinaw, Dominic Jackson (irreparable damage following accident)

TURN 18 - REFLEX - MIDDLE - Prichard continues to be a thorn in the side of the top group, again sliding in, as he moves up from 15th to 4th, and Egil Van Can tries to make up some ground, knowing his teammate is out. He heads to 7th. Cuce forces Travis to use a performance boost, as does Selenia on Airen.

TURN 19 - HEAT - BOTTOM - The action shifts to the back as people desperately try to move up for points. Tamauria heads from the back all the way up to 17th, Tom Reynolds from 25th to 20th, and Boothby Grafoe climbs three places which, as it stands, would be enough to put him in the points.

TURN 20 - STAR - MIDDLE - We focus on the middle as it's clear that Nathan Dunkleman has the race all sewn up and has his second career win in the bag. Tamauria forces Tim Walker to use up a performance boost, and Hunky does the same to Egil, which will be aggravating to those losing it at this late stage - but better a boost than a place! The race ends with Dunkleman celebrating over the radio.


Winner - Nathan Dunkleman

3rd -- Leapfrog Jones

5th -- Travis Elford

7th -- Egil Van Can

9th -- Randy Flamethrower

11th -- A.I. Kraken

13th -- Yokum Schmidt

15th -- Hunky Davis

17th -- Tamauria Spiders

19th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

21st -- Manne Love

23rd -- Daniel Burman

25th -- Victor Lucky

27th -- Aaliyah Stover

29th -- Vasili Mikhailov

31st -- Takumi Fujiwara

33rd -- Flash Finley

35th -- Ben Stover

37th -- Corky Cadorkian

2nd -- Tim Walker

4th -- Prichard

6th -- Airen Slipper

8th -- Selinia Spiders

10th -- LA Brick

12th -- Kiki Roseburg

14th -- Corey Creek

16th -- Conor Westfall

18th -- Boothby Grafoe

20th -- Tom Reynolds

22nd -- Oliver Otter

24th -- Fred Orca

26th -- Rain Winterson

28th -- Stanley Tee

30th -- Paul Puffin

32nd -- Winter McFish

34th -- Cannonball Malone

36th -- Jay Wolff


Turn 6 - Garrad McKinley (sliced tyres, leaving unrecoverable car)

Turn 10 - Urist Tannhauser (accident)

Turn 11 - Emil Ziskie, Max Von Passum (irreparable damage following accident)

Turn 12 - Kerry Mackinaw, Dominic Jackson (irreparable damage following accident)

Drivers with an unspent performance chip are Nathan Dunkleman, Leapfrog Jones, L.A Brick, Corky Cadorkian and A.I. Kraken.

Two awards will be made, with each receiving a chip too:

  • Driver of the Day: Leapfrog Jones impressed many with his performance today, ending up much higher than his skillset would have you believe.
  • Unlucky Driver of the Day: Urist Tannhauser - when is he going to get a break? For a 4 gas, 2 brake, 4 quality driver to be smashed out of the race at the back of the bottom group, it's just terribly unlucky.

As a note of history, Nathan Dunkleman is the first ever driver to record two iStock Main Series wins!

Choices will be emailed no later than Wednesday if their owners have enabled them.


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