Race 5 - daytona 400

In the media this week...

  • Leapfrog Jones has a fantastic week of practice with numerous hot laps. He qualifies fourth overall.
  • A.I. Kraken has his car featured of "Paint Jobs of Professional Sports." I've not heard of it either, but he seemed happy with the coverage. He'll begin in tenth, his best qualifying position of the season by a mile.
  • Victor Lucky is anything but. The Wagner-Wartburg racer has a big wreck in qualifying. He did, however, manage to set at least one lap, but he'll start down in last as he was unable to improve further.
  • Tim Walker also has a torrid time of it. Harris Motorsports noticed a key flaw in the engine, perhaps explaining their poor performance this year, and the extra install time strangles his qualifying effort. He'll begin in 42nd.
  • Garrad McKinley's team is working in perfect syncrony this week. He'll start in fifth with a performance boost ready and waiting to go.
  • Winter McFish has some sanctions applied for a minor rules violation, and will therefore begin in 41st.
  • Travis Elford has some very positive time with his fanbase this week and this seems to boost him in a major way. He sets numerous laps just shy of the track record and seizes pole position plus a performance boost.
  • Violet Carrick, who has already been informed by Yee Valley Racing that she is being released at the end of the season, might be grateful. Her tyre issues throughout qualifying meant she struggled to place any higher than 40th.
  • L.A. Brick and Vasili Mikhailov have a pretty nasty bust-up as they pull out of the pit. With punches thrown, adrenaline seems to surge and we have a very, very interesting proposition on our hands. Brick will start in 3rd, with Vasili 2nd. With both men feuding, this can only end well.

qualifying results

1st -- Travis Elford

3rd -- LA Brick

5th -- Garrad McKinley

7th -- Tom Reynolds

9th -- Emil Ziskie

11th -- Max von Passum

13th -- Ben Stover

15th -- Daniel Burman

17th -- Airen Slipper

19th -- Prichard

21st -- Boothby Grafoe

23rd -- Fred Orca

25th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

27th -- Aaliyah Stover

29th -- Flash Finley

31st -- Cucumbers Caulfield

33rd -- Paul Puffin

35th -- Lars Ungar

37th -- Sweet Clyde

39th -- Selinia Spiders

41st -- Winter McFish

43rd -- Victor Lucky

2nd -- Vasili Mikhailov

4th -- Leapfrog Jones

6th -- Dominic Jackson

8th -- Jay Wolff

10th -- A.I. Kraken

12th -- Jayden Slipper

14th -- Tamauria Spiders

16th -- Nathan Dunkleman

18th -- Takumi Fujiwara

20th -- Egil Van Can

22nd -- Cannonball Malone

24th -- Elias

26th -- Randy Flamethrower

28th -- Lem Tables

30th -- Manne Love

32nd -- Urist Tannhauser

34th -- Abnaber Salad

36th -- Corky Cadorkian

38th -- Kiki Roseburg

40th -- Violet Carrick

42nd -- Tim Walker

Developmental Series

qualifying results

1st -- Oliver Otter

3rd -- Yokum Schmidt

5th -- Rain Winterson

7th -- Corey Creek

9th -- Xander Louis

11th -- Hunky Davis

2nd -- Kieran Easter

4th -- Conor Westfall

6th -- Mason Shelton

8th -- Stanley Tee

10th -- Kerry Mackinaw

Developmental Series (5 turn sprint race)

Note: As we now have an expanded roster, we now have a top and a middle group, splitting the pack into a 5 (top) and a 6 (middle). TOP is an even number on the black dice, MIDDLE is odd. A roll to check the TV list people will mean a roll for all drivers instead, as there is no TV list in developmental.

Daytona 50

Championship Permutations! Rain Winterson can take the title if she wins, or if she leads and places any higher than 11th. Conor Westfall will need a lead and a win, or a Winterson DNF, in order to take the crown. Corey Creek, Kerry Mackinaw and Hunky Davis could also steal it if there is carnage up front, but that seems a long shot.

TURN 1 - TOP - PROBLEM - Drama almost immediately at mile 3, with Oliver Otter facing a problem! He reports his car is set up badly, faring far too tight on the track, and the crew attempt to reset the systems to give him a little more flexibility. He drops right to the back of the race - awful from pole! KIERAN EASTER LEADS!

TURN 2 - MIDDLE - REFLEX - Otter seems better on the track now and attempts to make a move on Creek, but Corey just about manages to hold him off. Kerry Mackinaw (9th) gets a good shift on and jumps to 6th, but is followed and passed, dropping him to 7th by Xander Louis around mile 18.

TURN 3 - TOP - SKILL - Not a great stint of the race by any means, with only Conor Westfall (3rd) having any chance to make a move, and he just can't get enough acceleration to move up.

TURN 4 - TOP - TROUBLE - Uh-oh! Almost as if it is scripted, Rain Winterson has a big problem! Black smoke just begins pouring out of her engine, and the race leader is in serious trouble. She pulls into the pits and is visibly emotional as her crew try to console her - she's done for the day and so too might be her championship hopes.

TURN 5 - YELLOW FLAG - We have a yellow deployed to help clean up the mess left by whatever went wrong with Rain's car - all we know is there's oil everywhere on the road.

TURN 6 - TOP - TROUBLE - Are you serious?! Leader Kieran Easter's tyre blows out spectacularly, probably over some form of debris, and his car arcs in and into Mason Shelton! Shelton is able to correct the problem and get going again, but Easter is out and we have another yellow flag and another lead change! YOKUM SCHMIDT LEADS!

TURN 7 - YELLOW FLAG - Debris is cleared from the track after Easter's problem.

TURN 8 - MIDDLE - CONTROL - Yokum Schmidt's win is confirmed with no action in the back of the group, and we look to see where the other runners trot in before we can assess the standings!



3rd -- Xander Louis

5th -- Corey Creek

7th -- Hunky Davis

9th -- Mason Shelton


Turn 4 - Rain Winterson (Engine Failure)

Turn 6 - Kieran Easter (Tyre Blowout)

2nd -- Conor Westfall

4th -- Kerry Mackinaw

6th -- Stanley Tee

8th -- Oliver Otter

Developmental Series drivers are now in their Offseason, and contract offers can be made from the Contact Us section if you want them in your team! Where a driver is already in a team, their owner can promote them and replace one of their existing drivers with a developmental driver. If in doubt, get in touch!

Drivers that will be promoted automatically unless owner states otherwise: Conor Westfall, Kerry Mackinaw, Rain Winterson, Stanley Tee, Hunky Davis, Xander Louis, Corey Creek.

Drivers that need owner permission/movements to be promoted: Yokum Schmidt (Prost Racing), Mason Shelton (Yee Valley Racing), Oliver Otter (North Isles Racing).

Drivers ineligible for promotion unless hired by another player: Kieran Easter (Did not complete enough races).


Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

TURN 1 - PROBLEM - TOP - Another dramatic beginning, and this time it's Tom Reynolds, starting in 7th. The winner of our first race has been luckless since, and this time he finds his car is set up all wrong. So loose into the turns it's dangerous, he pits for correction and drops to last place.

TURN 2 - CONTROL - BOTTOM - Elford gains his bonus points for the lead from pole. Violet Carrick tries to make up for her dreadful season, moving from 39th to 14, and Selenia Spiders looks to help her team with the constructor's championship by heading up to 16th. Lars Ungar moves from 36th to 13, but it's Cucumbers Caulfield setting the pace and showing how badly he wants the championship; jumping from 33rd to 9th!

TURN 3 - DUEL - TOP - Brick says it's time and engages with his feudmate Vasili! However, he messes it all up, clips the wall and fishtails. He recovers after some repair and takes last place. Foolish!

TURN 4 - DUEL - MIDDLE - The blood is up! Ben Stover engages the leader of his group, Cucumbers Caulfield, but fails and escapes damage. Jayden Slipper follows up with equal pressure, and is successful. Having stolen 9th from Cuce, the 42 car declares a problem, and has to pit to correct it. Does that mean the championship hunt is over for Caulfield?

TURN 5 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - It just carries on! We have a huge coming together, with both Spider Sisters colliding, plus Jayden Slipper, Elias, Violet Carrick and Ben Stover all getting in on the bumping. As their packmates surge around them, a stunning thing happens: every car gets repaired and back on track. Miraculous, but potentially championship-ruining for the Sisters.


TURN 7 - PIT TURN - As the dust settles from the pit turn, we've had a few major shuffles in order, and Garrad McKinley surprises many as he squeezes past Elford to take the lead on the launch from pit lane! GARRAD MCKINLEY LEADS!


1st -- Garrad McKinley

3rd -- Jay Wolff

5th -- Emil Ziskie

7th -- Dominic Jackson

9th -- Boothby Grafoe

11th -- Takumi Fujiwara

13th -- Max von Passum

15th -- A.I. Kraken

17th -- Daniel Burman

19th -- Lars Ungar

21st -- Fred Orca

23rd -- Randy Flamethrower

25th -- Manne Love

27th -- Paul Puffin

29th -- Corky Cadorkian

31st -- Kiki Roseburg

33rd -- Tim Walker

35th -- Tom Reynolds

37th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

39th -- Elias

41st -- Selinia Spiders

43rd -- Tamauria Spiders

2nd -- Travis Elford

4th -- Leapfrog Jones

6th -- Vasili Mikhailov

8th -- Egil Van Can

10th -- Airen Slipper

12th -- Prichard

14th -- Aaliyah Stover

16th -- Lem Tables

18th -- Nathan Dunkleman

20th -- Cannonball Malone

22nd -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

24th -- Flash Finley

26th -- Urist Tannhauser

28th -- Abnaber Salad

30th -- Sweet Clyde

32nd -- Winter McFish

34th -- Victor Lucky

36th -- LA Brick

38th -- Jayden Slipper

40th -- Violet Carrick

42nd -- Ben Stover

TURN 8 - STAR - MIDDLE - Aaliyah Stover makes a move to the top of her group, to 9th from 14th. Max Von Passum heads into the top group (6th place), as does Takumi Fujiwara (5th) and Airen Slipper (4th).

TURN 9 - CONTROL - MIDDLE - Nathan Dunkleman and Leapfrog Jones have great stints of the race, heading from 18th to 4th and from 8th to 5th respectively.

TURN 10 - HEAT - BOTTOM - Quite a bit of movement from the bottom group. Ben Stover has a great 5 mile section in which he jumps from 42nd up to 23rd. Violet Carrick crests her best position so far, up in 9th, with Urist Tannhauser moving to 14th. Paul Puffin, quiet so far, heads to 8th and Randy Flamethrower jumps from 27th up to 8th position, just outside the top group.

TURN 11 - REFLEX - MIDDLE - Lots more movement as the racers don't seem to consider settling in this longer race. Prichard goes from 19th up to 6th and Egil Van Can, rumoured to be joining Yee Valley, shocks no-one when he moves all the way up to 2nd from the back of the middle group. Dominic Jackson has a smaller amount of success, going from 15th to 10th. Randy (8th) fights hard to retain his place, and Takumi Fujiwara goes on a charge, using his performance boost to head to third place. Leapfrog Jones, shoved back by all these moves, makes one final effort on mile 109, taking back 7th.

TURN 12 - DUEL - TOP - Prichard senses weakness in Garrad McKinley and goes for it. He's successful, and takes the lead, with Garrad escaping any danger by a sensible margin. No sense in risk! PRICHARD LEADS!

TURN 13 - TV - BOTTOM - The TV list drivers look to take advantage and Victor Lucky (36th) does just that, taking 10th. Tim Walker successfully heads up to 12th from 35th, and A.I. Kraken now leads the middle group in 8th, having started mile 120 in 20th.

TURN 14 - CONTROL - TOP - Big changes at the front! First, Leapfrog Jones jumps past Prichard into the lead, gaining the bonus points for leading laps, but he's soon chased down and taken by Jay Wolff, meaning two lead changes in 10 miles! JAY WOLFF LEADS!

TURN 15 - DUEL - MIDDLE - Violet Carrick engages A.I. Kraken, but fails miserably and can't avoid trouble. She repairs her car after a trip through a sponsor sign on the infield, but is now predictably back in 43rd. Airen Slipper also makes a move on Kraken, but escapes trouble after his attempt fails too.

TURN 16 - PROBLEM - MIDDLE - Flamethrower spins! He doesn't impact anyone else, nor cause any damage to his car other than a bald spot, but with the pits coming up in the next 10 miles, this isn't a huge deal. He falls down to 20th.

TURN 17 - PIT TURN - Some extremely fast pits from Max Von Passum, Emil Ziskie, Dominic Jackson, Airen Slipper, Urist Tannhauser and Boothby Grafoe stand them in good stead for the rest of the race, but it's Takumi Fujiwara who capitalises the most, coming out of the pit section in the lead! TAKUMI FUJIWARA LEADS!


1st -- Takumi Fujiwara

3rd -- Leapfrog Jones

5th -- Egil Van Can

7th -- Travis Elford

9th -- Emil Ziskie

11th -- Airen Slipper

13th -- Boothby Grafoe

15th -- Victor Lucky

17th -- Tim Walker

19th -- Vasili Mikhailov

21st -- Paul Puffin

23rd -- Daniel Burman

25th -- Lars Ungar

27th -- Fred Orca

29th -- Flash Finley

31st -- Abnaber Salad

33rd -- Sweet Clyde

35th -- Winter McFish

37th -- LA Brick

39th -- Jayden Slipper

41st -- Selinia Spiders

43rd -- Violet Carrick

2nd -- Jay Wolff

4th -- Prichard

6th -- Garrad McKinley

8th -- Max von Passum

10th -- Dominic Jackson

12th -- Urist Tannhauser

14th -- A.I. Kraken

16th -- Nathan Dunkleman

18th -- Aaliyah Stover

20th -- Randy Flamethrower

22nd -- Lem Tables

24th -- Ben Stover

26th -- Cannonball Malone

28th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

30th -- Manne Love

32nd -- Corky Cadorkian

34th -- Kiki Roseburg

36th -- Tom Reynolds

38th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

40th -- Elias

42nd -- Tamauria Spiders

TURN 18 - STAR - TOP - Takumi's lead doesn't last long. He's unable to get his tires fully up to temperature, and he's passed by Egil Van Can. Egil settles in for 4 miles in the lead, grabbing valuable points, but is then taken in turn by Prichard, who is having the race of his life! PRICHARD LEADS!

TURN 19 - TROUBLE - MIDDLE - It's a big one! Max, Emil, Dominic, Airen, Urist, Boothy, Nate and Aaliyah escape trouble in their group, but Kraken, Victor, Tim Walker and Vasili all get hit badly. Tim Walker and Victor Lucky manage to get back on the track, but it's game over for A.I. Kraken and Vasili Mikhailov; the latter of which could terminate Allied Racing hopes for a constructor's trophy.



TURN 22 - STAR - TOP - A huge, risky move from Egil Van Can shows how seriously he's fighting today; he knows the championship could be his. He surges past Prichard and settles in for what he hopes is a lengthy lead.

TURN 23 - SMART - BOTTOM - Caulfield has had enough of lurking at the back, and makes numerous huge moves from 34th until he ends up in 9th. Elsewhere, Airen Slipper and Dominic Jackson are forced to spend their performance boosts to fend off traffic and retain their places.

TURN 24 - DUEL - TOP - Garrad McKinley engages the leader, Egil Van Can, in a duel, and is successful! It's a clean move, however, and Van Can escapes any trouble as a result, settling into second. GARRAD MCKINLEY LEADS!

TURN 25 - STAR - TOP - Garrad's lead didn't last long! It's Prichard, again, using his considerable acceleration and high-speed skills to pull past. Travis Elford tries to join in too, but can't get it to work out for him. PRICHARD LEADS!

TURN 26 - REFLEX - MIDDLE - After all that drama at the top, Randy Flamethrower wants in. he heads from 17th to 9th. Nathan Dunkleman, second in the championship, heads to 8th, with Urist Tannhauser shifting from 15th to 7th. Dunkleman despairs on the radio as he hears that Cucumbers Caulfield has also had success - and considerable success too - moving from 11th to 2nd overall!

TURN 27 - PIT TURN - Takumi Fujiwara has a good pit and heads to 3rd, with lots of fast stops for those in the middle group. Garrad McKinley takes the lead back from Prichard - what a battle these two are having! GARRAD MCKINLEY LEADS!


1st -- Garrad McKinley

3rd -- Takumi Fujiwara

5th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

7th -- Urist Tannhauser

9th -- Dominic Jackson

11th -- Travis Elford

13th -- Emil Ziskie

15th -- Randy Flamethrower

17th -- Airen Slipper

19th -- Lem Tables

21st -- Ben Stover

23rd -- Cannonball Malone

25th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

27th -- Manne Love

29th -- Corky Cadorkian

31st -- Kiki Roseburg

33rd -- Tom Reynolds

35th -- Jayden Slipper

37th -- Selinia Spiders

39th -- Violet Carrick

41st -- Tim Walker

2nd -- Prichard

4th -- Egil Van Can

6th -- Jay Wolff

8th -- Boothby Grafoe

10th -- Leapfrog Jones

12th -- Max von Passum

14th -- Nathan Dunkleman

16th -- Aaliyah Stover

18th -- Paul Puffin

20th -- Daniel Burman

22nd -- Lars Ungar

24th -- Fred Orca

26th -- Flash Finley

28th -- Abnaber Salad

30th -- Sweet Clyde

32nd -- Winter McFish

34th -- LA Brick

36th -- Elias

38th -- Tamauria Spiders

40th -- Victor Lucky


Turn 19: A.I. Kraken, Vasili Mikhailov (accident).

TURN 28 - SKILL - MIDDLE - Randy Flamethrower (15th) continues to appear in the headlines, moving up to 8th. Boothby Grafoe continues to show his class, ending up in 5th. Jay Wolff moves from 9th to 3rd and Emil Ziskie shocks everyone in attendance with a series of moves that take him from 13th to 2nd!

TURN 29 - SMART - MIDDLE - Airen Slipper (17th) does a fantastic job, heading up to 3rd, and Dominic Jackson attempts to make up for his teammate's crash by jumping into the top group (6th) from 11th.

TURN 30 - RARE EVENT - Well, this is very new. We have a rain threat called in, and checking the weather radar it's very clear that a nasty storm that we'd hoped would miss the Florida coast is going to make its way inland very, very quickly. With rain due from turn 36, the racers buckle down to see what they can do before the seemingly inevitable red flag.

TURN 31 - CONTROL - TOP - Airen Slipper realises, with the weather news, that it's now or never, and makes a successful pass into the lead! AIREN SLIPPER LEADS!

TURN 32 - HEAT - BOTTOM - Not a lot of movement from most, but significant jumps from Cannonball Malone, who has been quiet so far (23rd to 9th) and Ben Stover grabs 8th from 21st.

TURN 33 - SMART - BOTTOM - Again, time is of the essence and these guys know it. Tim Walker tries to make amends for the crash and moves from 41st to 8th. Winter McFish also makes progress from 32nd to 19th, with Flash Finley successfully taking 10th from 26th. Daniel Burman continues to impress for the always consistent Mobius Racing, moving to 11th.

TURN 34 - CONTROL - TOP - All change at the top again - Jay Wolff roars back into the lead and deposing Airen! JAY WOLFF LEADS!

TURN 35 - TV - MIDDLE - The TV list drivers are focused on by the race cam for this portion of the race, but Winter, Leapfrog and Tim Walker all fail to progress.

TURN 36 - SKILL - MIDDLE - Caulfield continues to show his class, moving from 16th to 3rd, with Boothby following closely behind as he is passed, going from 10th to 5th. Randy Flamethrower ends up in 7th, just inside the top group, with Dominic Jackson gaining one place to move from 9th to 8th. Prichard attempts to arrest his slide backwards caused by these other drivers, moving back into 4th. Eyes to the sky - it's dark - really, really dark, but no rain yet.

TURN 37 - PIT TURN - Garrad McKinley takes 4th from Prichard, dropping the latter back to 6th. Randy Flamethrower comes out of the pit in the lead, having numerous strokes of luck, but as he approaches mile 368 the heavens absolutely open. Cars are almost taken straight off the track and there's no choice left but to red flag the race as it currently stands. Either a climactic or anti-climatic finish - you decide!


1st -- Randy Flamethrower

3rd -- Garrad McKinley

5th -- Airen Slipper

7th -- Prichard

9th -- Egil Van Can

11th -- Dominic Jackson

13th -- Urist Tannhauser

15th -- Takumi Fujiwara

17th -- Cannonball Malone

19th -- Winter McFish

21st -- Max von Passum

23rd -- Aaliyah Stover

25th -- Lem Tables

27th -- Fred Orca

29th -- Manne Love

31st -- Corky Cadorkian

33rd -- Kiki Roseburg

35th -- LA Brick

37th -- Elias

39th -- Tamauria Spiders

41st -- Victor Lucky

2nd -- Jay Wolff

4th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

6th -- Boothby Grafoe

8th -- Tim Walker

10th -- Emil Ziskie

12th -- Flash Finley

14th -- Daniel Burman

16th -- Ben Stover

18th -- Leapfrog Jones

20th -- Travis Elford

22nd -- Nathan Dunkleman

24th -- Paul Puffin

26th -- Lars Ungar

28th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

30th -- Abnaber Salad

32nd -- Sweet Clyde

34th -- Tom Reynolds

36th -- Jayden Slipper

38th -- Selinia Spiders

40th -- Violet Carrick


Turn 19: A.I. Kraken, Vasili Mikhailov (accident).


thus ends the 2017 season...

With congratulations to our winners above, we now move ahead to the Offseason. A very important time for iStock, as drivers are progressed (or regressed!) into their 2018 versions, and hiring and firing happens.

With at least seven drivers due to come up from the Development Series, the current situation is as below.

There are a few other promotions possible, but as these are like for like within teams, they should not cause problems. One of the promoted drivers declining promotion will mean more spaces open up etc.

Teams interested in the Constructor's Championship should check the Offseason rules, then the Contact Us forms to let me know your intentions. Drivers that agree moves will be announced in Discord and on the home page of this site as they happen.

This will be complicated as a first running - being in the Discord or making sure I have your email address is the only way to truly stay up to date. We will be gradually rolling out progression, starting from the top racers in the series, but Developmental is already done if you view their current Roster page.


  • Customisation Deadline - 48 hours before the first race of the 2018 season, stated to begin on the 7th of October.
  • Movement Deadline - Midday British time, Saturday 30th September. All requests for hirings, firings and voluntary demotion must be received by this point.

FINALLY - please complete the following poll to let me know the desired length of next season: http://www.strawpoll.me/13990202

As ever, please do hop into our Discord to say hello and leave any messages about the race - no install required!