Race 2 - 2017 - Garden state 500

In the media this week...

  • Travis Elford takes part in a phone-in radio show, where his 24th position last week is soundly dissected by the listeners. He qualifies 14th, but probably not as a result of "Randy from Richmond"'s 'special tips'.
  • Aaliyah Stover may struggle to repeat her points scoring from last week, qualifying well off the pace in 34th following serious engine problems.
  • Lem Tables has a new sponsor this week and they're keen to play up his unpredictability! He qualifies in 33rd, which was probably predictable.
  • Corky Cadorkian appears on an ESPN segment profiling the series. He qualifies 19th, which is a solid result looking at his placements in Race 1.
  • Sweet Clyde gets himself in trouble, running with slightly too little weight and falling afoul of the iStock Rules Committee. After the penalty is applied, he'll start back in 35th.
  • Selenia Spiders conducts a TV interview. "Surprisingly, the jack man saw some things about the track and suggested we put them into place. Once we did that, things just seemed to click!" She will start in second place as a result.
  • Cucumbers Caulfield spends his time promoting his sponsors and they'll be pleased to see him representing them in 11th. If they have eyes and sentient thought, which anyone sponsoring Cucumbers probably doesn't.
  • Max von Passum appears on TV to discuss the layout of the track. He lets on that during his amateur years he raced here numerous times and he hopes it'll help. "You gotta take the good with the bad," he says, and he'll start in 16th.
  • Lars Ungar is the last on our TV list this week and he's had a great week culminating in three elementary school visits. This seems to gee him up and he stuns everyone by qualifying in third place.

qualifying results

1st -- Tim Walker

3rd -- Lars Ungar

5th -- Prichard

7th -- Nathan Dunkleman

9th -- Flash Finley

11th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

13th -- Dominic Jackson

15th -- Boothby Grafoe

17th -- Takumi Fujiwara

19th -- Corky Cadorkian

21st -- Garrad McKinley

23rd -- Urist Tannhauser

25th -- A.I. Kraken

27th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

29th -- Kiki Roseburg

31st -- Randy Flamethrower

33rd -- Lem Tables

35th -- Sweet Clyde

37th -- Violet Carrick

39th -- Tom Reynolds

41st -- Ben Stover

43rd -- Manne Love

2nd -- Selinia Spiders

4th -- LA Brick

6th -- Victor Lucky

8th -- Vasili Mikhailov

10th -- Paul Puffin

12th -- Egil Van Can

14th -- Travis Elford

16th -- Max von Passum

18th -- Tamauria Spiders

20th -- Leapfrog Jones

22nd -- Airen Slipper

24th -- Daniel Burman

26th -- Fred Orca

28th -- Cannonball Malone

30th -- Winter McFish

32nd -- Jay Wolff

34th -- Aaliyah Stover

36th -- Jayden Slipper

38th -- Emil Ziskie

40th -- Abnaber Salad

42nd -- Elias

Developmental Series

qualifying results

1st -- Conor Westfall

3rd -- Hunky Davis

5th -- Stanley Tee

2nd -- Kerry Mackinaw

4th -- Rain Winterson

6th -- Mason Shelton

Developmental Series (5 turn sprint race)

Note: As this is a small grid, every driver is checked for the quality, so there is no top, middle or bottom. A roll to check the TV list people will mean a roll for all drivers instead, as there is no TV list in developmental.

Garden State 50

TURN 1 - TV - Rain Winterson makes a huge lunge for first at the 8 mile point, succeeding and forcing Conor back. Stanley Tee follows her, securing second, with Conor falling down to third. Not the start he'd have wanted.

TURN 2 - REFLEX - Mackinaw (5th) and Tee (2nd) attempt to make a move on the leader, but are unsuccessful.

TURN 3 - SKILL - Hunky Davis (4th) jumps up to third position, but is immediately dumped back down to 4th by Conor Westfall, who goes on a huge charge to take back first place.

TURN 4 - DUEL - Mackinaw (5th) attempts to take on Conor Westfall, but fails. Kerry gets it all wrong. Mackinaw collects Tee, Hunky and Mason in the incident, with all four drivers sliding and colliding at some point or other.

TURN 5 - YELLOW FLAG - Mason Shelton is forced to retire with damage from the turn 4 incident.

TURN 6 - YELLOW FLAG - Both Stanley Tee and Hunky Davis are forced to retire; teammates that put each other out when Mackinaw got sideways will leave their owner furious.

TURN 7 - GREEN FLAG RACING - TV - It's all change at the restart for the final turn of this extended race! Mackinaw takes Winterson but this spurs the Space Fish even further on, with Winterson making a daring challenge around the outside of both of the remaining drivers in the race! With just two corners left, Winterson takes the lead and she doesn't lose it. RAIN WINTERSON WINS!

WINNER - Rain Winterson

3rd - Kerry Mackinaw


Turn 5 - Mason Watson (irreparable damage)

Turn 6 - Stanley Tee and Hunky Davis (irreparable damage)

2nd - Conor Westfall

Existing players with two or less racers are very welcome to register a third driver for the developmental series, especially if they have a team. Preparing for future seasons can only be a good thing! Use the usual form if interested.

race 2 - garden state 500 - 17 turns

Remember that each turn is 10 miles, and is represented by the skill being checked and the group of drivers being checked. With regards to groups, 1st - 7th is TOP, 8th - 19th is MIDDLE and 20th and below is BOTTOM.

Turn 1: HEAT - TOP - A busy start for the top group of 7 drivers. Dunkleman shows his hand by trying to make a move but is unsuccessful. Victor Lucky is able to shift up to 5th, pushing Prichard to 6th. L.A. Brick shows unusual pace by moving to third, pushing Ungar immediately to 4th as predicted.

Turn 2: SKILL - BOTTOM - Another busy section of the race for our lower drivers. By the end of the ten mile stint, we see that Stover has climbed from 41st to 13th. Another big climber is Violet Carrick, moving seventeen places from 37th to 20th, and Randy Flamethrower gains ten places to end up in 21st. Cannonball Malone jumps eight places to sit just towards the top of the bottom group, but most impressive is Urist Tannhauser, who emerges in eighth!

Turn 3: DUEL - MIDDLE - Well, here we go already! Both Dominic Jackson and Egil Van Can have a chance to duel to the top of the middle group, where Urist awaits. Egil is unable to do much with his chance but is able to escape trouble. Dominic Jackson is able to make the pass stick but the closeness of his pass unsettles Urist and it's bang into the wall! Urist is able to get back onto track but at the cost of considerable time, and he drops all the way back to 43rd and last. Tim Walker receives his leader bonus by remaining the leader after turn 2, as he began on pole.

Turn 4: YELLOW FLAG - Urist is recovers his car from the infield back onto the racing line and the race is made safe again.

Turn 5: GREEN FLAG RACING - REFLEX - TOP - Dunkleman (7th) attempts to move and initially does, but a late move from Prichard at the 49 mile mark disrupts the back of this group. Prichard takes 5th and Dunkleman is back where he began in 7th. Brick continues his very solid start and takes second place.

Turn 6: TROUBLE - MIDDLE - Uh-oh! We have a collection of bumps begun by Vasili Mikhailov, who is sat in 9th. He is spun down to collide with the lower wall, trapping Flash Finley with him as they go. A side of fibreglass from their car slices into the front left wheel of Boothby, who was otherwise an innocent bystander, and he's off face first into the wall too. Takumi Fujiwara and Cannonball Malone are also involved, with Malone sustaining windscreen damage, but they rejoin the race at the back rather than being forced to retire.

Turn 7 - YELLOW FLAG - The wreckage of Mikhailov, Finley and Boothby is recovered. Race leader Tim Walker elects to bring forward the pit turn from turn 9 to turn 8, as is his right.

Turn 8 - PIT TURN - Always chaotic, we see a huge chunk of the middle of the pack gain performance chips from their quick pitting, and numerous positions move around as a result of the good (or bad) crew work! Nathan Dunkleman moves to 6th place, forcing Lucky back to 7th.

Turn 9 - DUEL - TOP - Victor Lucky aims himself at the lead of Tim Walker, but fails at the final hurdle. He does, however, manage to escape trouble, and the race continues with no changes at this halfway point.


1st -- Tim Walker

3rd -- Selinia Spiders

5th -- Prichard

7th -- Victor Lucky

9th -- Ben Stover

11th -- Corky Cadorkian

13th -- Violet Carrick

15th -- Max von Passum

17th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

19th -- Randy Flamethrower

21st -- Airen Slipper

23rd -- A.I. Kraken

25th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

27th -- Winter McFish

29th -- Lem Tables

31st -- Sweet Clyde

33rd -- Emil Ziskie

35th -- Abnaber Salad

37th -- Manne Love

39th -- Takumi Fujiwara

2nd -- LA Brick

4th -- Lars Ungar

6th -- Nathan Dunkleman

8th -- Dominic Jackson

10th -- Travis Elford

12th -- Leapfrog Jones

14th -- Tamauria Spiders

16th -- Paul Puffin

18th -- Egil Van Can

20th -- Garrad McKinley

22nd -- Daniel Burman

24th -- Fred Orca

26th -- Kiki Roseburg

28th -- Jay Wolff

30th -- Aaliyah Stover

32nd -- Jayden Slipper

34th -- Tom Reynolds

36th -- Elias

38th -- Urist Tannhauser

40th -- Cannonball Malone


Turn 6: Vasili Mikhailov, Boothby Grafoe and Flash Finley (accident)

Turn 10 - REFLEX - MIDDLE - Cadorkian has to spend a chip to prevent Randy moving up any further in the race, as does Carrick to prevent a move from Egil. Caulfield manages to get ahead of Puffin, sending him backwards, and Jones takes advantage of Corky blocking Randy by heading further up the field too. Dominic Jackson, with his hair almost literally on fire, powers to 3rd position from 8th!

Turn 11 - HEAT - BOTTOM - A very quiet section of the race, with attempted moves by Cannonball Malone and Sweet Clyde both failing.

Turn 12 - HEAT - TOP - Dunkleman attempts to make a move on Jackson but fails - but it's all change at the front. To the shock of everyone in attendance, L.A. Brick uses his skill in close racing to take it to Tim Walker, and seizes the lead! L.A. BRICK LEADS.

Turn 13 - PIT TURN - Busy scenes again in the pit, with tyre wear about to kick in a bit earlier due to the early pit earlier. Lars Ungar is flagged as he stops with his right rear out of the pit box, causing him to be held and fall to the back of the race. In the middle group, Cucumbers Caulfield and Paul Puffin swap places with Stover and Lucky, moving them towards the head of the group. Von Passum, Elford, Jones, Corky and Stover all have exceptionally good pitstops and gain performance chips to be used. Dominic Jackson continues to grab the headlines and takes second place - an attempt on the lead must follow soon?

Turn 14 - SMART - BOTTOM - Urist Tannhauser gets the bit between his teeth and charges up to 15th from his lowly position at the back. A move by last week's winner Tom Reynolds (34th) is only stopped by the spending of a chip. Winter McFish makes her move to 22nd, Kraken to 15th, Airen to 18th and Burman now is 20th and just in the points.

Turn 15 - SKILL - TOP - Paul Puffin has a surge of speed and shifts into the top group, displacing Dunkleman. Prichard forces Jackson to use one of his two chips from effective pitting to stop any move there. This, however, leaves Jackson with one chip, and he is able to make a big challenge on the leader and force Brick backwards. We have a new race leader! DOMINIC JACKSON LEADS.

Turn 16 - DUEL - TOP - Paul Puffin (6th) has had a truly impressive race and has his eyes on only one position, first! He uses his opportunity to fine effect but there is an audible roar from the crowd as the rear of his car clearly clips Jackson's front left as he goes past on the inside! Jackson's car immediately pulls to the left and it appears he's in big trouble with a broken front suspension. He limps it home but it's clear from his body language that he knows his day is done. Dominic and Paul now count as FEUDING! DOMINIC JACKSON IS OUT. PAUL PUFFIN LEADS.

Turn 17 - SMART - TOP - One final chance for the racers at the front in a chaotic finish to the race. Only Selenia Spiders (4th) appears to have much in it, and she forces Paul to use his only performance boost in order to prevent her from stealing the race from him at the last moment.


WINNER -- Paul Puffin

3rd -- Tim Walker

5th -- Prichard

7th -- Max von Passum

9th -- Leapfrog Jones

11th -- Ben Stover

13th -- Violet Carrick

15th -- Urist Tannhauser

17th -- Airen Slipper

19th -- Daniel Burman

21st -- Winter McFish

23rd -- Garrad McKinley

25th -- Fireplug Fitzpatrick

27th -- Jay Wolff

29th -- Aaliyah Stover

31st -- Jayden Slipper

33rd -- Tom Reynolds

35th -- Elias

37th -- Takumi Fujiwara

39th -- Lars Ungar

2nd -- LA Brick

4th -- Selinia Spiders

6th -- Nathan Dunkleman

8th -- Travis Elford

10th -- Corky Cadorkian

12th -- Cucumbers Caulfield

14th -- A.I. Kraken

16th -- Tamauria Spiders

18th -- Victor Lucky

20th -- Egil Van Can

22nd -- Randy Flamethrower

24th -- Fred Orca

26th -- Kiki Roseburg

28th -- Lem Tables

30th -- Sweet Clyde

32nd -- Emil Ziskie

34th -- Abnaber Salad

36th -- Manne Love

38th -- Cannonball Malone


Turn 6: Vasili Mikhailov, Boothby Grafoe and Flash Finley (accident)

Turn 16: Dominic Jackson (broken suspension following collision)

Drivers with unpsent chips are Max Von Passum (2 chips), Travis Elford )1, Leapfrog Jones (1), Corky Cadorkian (1) and Lem Tables (1). Choices will be emailed no later than Wednesday if their owners have enabled them.


Note that the pole sitter gets five bonus points, and each person who led a lap also receives five bonus points. The polesitter must lead the race later than turn 2 in order to receive the lap led bonus. Racers receive their bonus points even if they do not finish the race.

All done!

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