How does it work?

What happens when i sign up?

When you sign up, a driver will be generated for you. A baseball-style card will be created for you and your driver(s), so that you can see their strengths and any weaknesses. They will then be added to the roster page. Below is an explanation of each of the parts of a driver's card.

For details on how these skills are used, check out one of the race reports. If you want a more in-depth explanation showing the exact mechanics which come into play, have a look into the Help section; particularly The Race.

The TRIPLE path system

We understand that many people are now content to sit back and watch a new fictional word come to life, and have no desire to be actively involved in it once they've got started. We do also, however, appreciate that many are in the opposite boat and want to be actively steering the events in that world. Our Triple Path system allows players to make their choice, without being disadvantaged for just wanting to watch.

Path 1 - Watcher

Path 1 is for those that just want to add their own creation and then let it grow. For Path 1, fill in the signup form as usual, leave the email field blank (if you wish!) then at the very bottom, click the button that says "Please do not contact me, I just want to be a watcher." Your character or characters will be created as soon as possible and added to the grid, but you never need make any decisions for them nor will we email you. Of course, if you decide you want to start getting involved, just let us know and we'll switch you over to one of the other pathways.

Path 2 - Player

Path 2 is slightly more involved, but only just. When you sign up, make sure an email address is provided.

  • Each Wednesday of the season, if you have a choice to make, an email will arrive. There is no problem if you don't respond to it - instead we'll make a decision in the best interest of your driver. For instance, if you have a performance boost available, we may ask you whether you want to use in qualifying or the race itself. Quite often, you won't have a choice to make, and therefore there will be no email sent.
  • You will then receive an email at the weekend when the race takes place, letting you know to check here for results.
  • At the end of the season, the Offseason, you will receive one more communication which will allow you to swap teams, retire or add drivers, change liveries etc.

At any point, you can switch to Path 1 and all communication will cease until you let us know you want to be put back on the Path 2 list.

Path 3 - Full Control

For the player that wants full control of how their team handles, this is the most time-intensive path.

At the start of the season, the number of gas and brake pedals that your driver would get will be totalled. You will then be contacted each Wednesday to tell me how many of the gas and brake pedals you will be using in the upcoming race (to a maximum of 5 gas pedals and 3 brake pedals per race). This allows you to deliberately go all-out for specific races that suit your driver, and put less into races where you suspect there will be problems.

For example, if driver Nigel Adams would normally drive with 3 gas pedals and 1 brake pedal, across a 12 race season they would be allowed to assign the following: 3 x 12 = 36 gas pedals and 1 x 12 = 12 brake pedals. Over the season, they can spend up to these amounts in total, which will be tracked by iStock but not made public to your rivals.