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iStock Championship Racing is an online, text-based racing game where you name your drivers, teams, choose your car graphics and then see how they do over the course of a season. Increase their skills through weekly practise, decide your tactics for the races, write press releases to help show their character, and hire and fire them if they don't perform up to snuff! No prior racing knowledge is required to be successful!

We use the rule-set developed by for Red, White and Blue Racin'. You can find out more and purchase the game by clicking here or the link above.

It is never too late to join - we will accept new drivers and teams throughout each season and at any point.

Current game state (02/06):

Old news:

Current free agents:

  • These drivers are believed to have no active player and therefore can be recruited to drive by anyone.

Dominic Jackson

Ivan Bender

Remy Lurue

Egil Van Can

LA Brick

Vasili Mikhailov

Urist Tannhauser

Rumour board

You can use the form below to contribute to the rumour board, which will work over the Offseason to allow people to post that they are after teammates, drivers or simply to taunt each other. Enjoy! If the embed doesn't work, you can find the form to submit a comment here: click me!

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2019 season Updates:

07/04 - The final race of the season is now complete! You can see the video here or read the reports in the usual place.

  • 25/03 - Race 8 is now live!
  • 18/03 - Race 7 of the 2019 season is now live.
  • 10/03/18 - Race 6 of 2019 season completed and uploaded.
  • 18/02/18 - a day later than planned, race 4 of the season has now been run for both series.
  • 10/02/18 - The third race of the season is now uploaded!
  • 03/02/18 - The second race of the season is now uploaded!
  • 27/01/18 - Season 3, the 2019 season, is now underway! This is the first season to use our custom-coded software to simulate the races, rather than the board game. The rules are the same, it's just quicker for the races to be processed and uploaded. Enjoy!

2018 Announcements:

  • 23/12/17 - The season is now complete, with Race 10 uploaded and ready for viewing! We now enter the offseason - keep an eye on your email on the 27th of December to see our promotion and demotion opportunities. Thank you all for your support of this project, and hopefully see you for the 2019 season!
  • 17/12/17 - Race 9 of 10 is now uploaded and ready to go. Please make sure you look at both Developmental and Main Series surveys!
  • 14/12/17 - Welcome to Clive and DrStrangeloaf, who have both created new drivers for the Developmental Series. They will have their first races this weekend.
  • 09/12/17 - Race 8 of 10 is now uploaded and ready to go - the championship seems to have been blown right apart! You can read it here.
  • 03/12/17 - Race 7 of 10 is now uploaded and ready to go! You can read it here.
  • 26/11/17 - Thanks for your patience - the sixth race of the season is now live. You can read it here: Link!
  • 11/11/17 - Our fifth race of the season, live from Portugal, has been published! You can read it here.
  • 08/11/17 - We extend a warm welcome to whitemic and his new team, who have joined the Developmental Series.
  • 04/11/17: Our fourth race of the season is now published, with an historic milestone reached. Read it here!
  • 31/10/17: Our season of delays continues, but Race 3 is now available, and it's our most action-packed yet!
  • 22/10/17: A day later than we would have liked, the second race of the season is now live and in the results section.
  • 14/10/17: Our first race of 2018 has now been completed, and can be found in the results section!

2017 Announcements:

  • 23/09/17: Our final race of the season has now been completed. Congratulations to our first champions! We are now in the offseason with drivers being progressed into their 2018 versions. This will take time - please hop over to the Discord or keep an eye on your email (if you gave us one) to know when your driver has been changed.
  • 16/09/17: Our penultimate race of the season has now been uploaded! The Offseason is just around the corner...
  • 11/09/17: We have slightly organised some pages and have now added the Offseason rules. These cover the progression / regression of drivers, along with how to shift your team and drivers around as desired.
  • 10/09/17: The Help section is now up and running and almost complete, with just the Offseason rules missing.
  • 09/09/17: Race 3 has now been run and can be found in the Results section!
  • 06/09/17: Choices have been sent out to the handlers from Race 2. New Developmental Series cars have been added - one more for RSiller and welcome to lewislewes and his new team.
  • 01/09/17: One day earlier than the schedule, the race has been completed and uploaded. This is because I am busy tomorrow at a charity event - see the Discord for more information.
  • 30/08/17: Having worked our way through the last few requests, the grid is now full. The drivers that have not made the grid, who are not yet listed on the roster, will instead take place in a developmental sprint race each event, and will make their debuts as rookies in the 2018 season due to start at the end of October. Thank you for the quite incredible demand!
  • 30/08/17: The Lusitanian Blues have formed of current driver Airen Slipper, and they have been joined by Jayden Slipper. We also welcome independents Elias (Prichard), Prichard (Prichard) and Jay Wolff (HipBEE) to complete our grid. Mason Shelton and Rain Winterson, both independents, have moved to the developmental sprint race instead.
  • 26/08/17: Race 1 of the 2017 season, the Hickory 500, has now been run! Find it in the Results and Standing section.
  • 26/08/17: Welcome to independent driver Boothby Grafoe (Robbo) and new team Harris Motorsport (Alexander Harris). There will now be a pause in any new teams or drivers being added until I run the race later today! Any signups after now will not appear in the first race but will debut in the second instead.
  • 25/08/17: Welcome to independent drivers Airen Slipper (Primeval Revenant) and Leapfrog Jones (sakusammakko), and two new teams in North Isles Racing and Yooperland Speedtraps! The Results and Standings page is now being split into the different events, with a separate page for 2017 Standings. The 2017 season starts tomorrow!
  • 24/08/17: The Schedule is now complete - we begin on Saturday 26th August as there's no need for a midweek choice in the first week. Welcome to our new independent driver Flash Finley (Ray Price) and The Spider Sisters team.
  • 23/08/17: Welcome to several brand new teams and drivers: Wagner-Wartburg Racing, Prost Racing, Allied Racing, Stover Racing Development, Mobius Engineering and Shooting Stars. The roster now sits at 29 and therefore dates will be set tomorrow for the first season.
  • 22/08/17: How does it work? and Results and Standings are now fully fleshed out, and recruitment can begin in earnest.