The offseason

how does the offseason work?


All of the following actions in this Progression section are taken by iStock HQ and require no intervention from the player. For actions you can influence, see the "Hiring, Firing, Promotions and Demotions" section below.

Please note that each table is for a full grid. For the smaller Developmental Series grid, the number of "slots" per table is reduced by the ratio of the original table.

Rule change 19/02/19 - Drivers are not eligible for progression if they have not completed 5 races in their current season. In addition, drivers in the development series cannot get worse during progression in their first two seasons.


Firstly, we identify how many gas and brake pedals the driver will be given in their next season of driving. This is done by looking at the final standings in the championship. You can see the table we use on the right.

Once we know how many total pedals and then gas pedals are awarded, a simple subtraction shows us how many brake pedals to award.

This shows that it's perfectly possible for a driver who has had a solid season yet poor stats, such as only having two brake pedals, to be justly rewarded for his season by a significant upgrade.


Once the number of pedals has been awarded, a diceroll is made to decide how many qualities the driver will have on their card. The number of qualities is not guaranteed - it can happen that a driver has a high number of pedals, representing raw speed or gutsy defending, but they can lack specific skill and end up with a lower number of qualities.

We will make three awards of qualities automatically, without dicerolls, for the drivers that meet the following thresholds.

Rule change 19/02/19

STAR: Star will be given to all the race winners this year. Star will be given to anyone who has won more than twice.

REFLEX: Reflex will be given to the top 5 drivers who have escaped being collected in trouble by passing their escape checks. Reflexwill be given to the top three in the iStock Series , with Reflex to 4th and 5th and to those in Aeon.

HEAT: Heat will be given to the top 5 drivers who have instigated the most duels, had fights during race week or were in a feud. The number of times that a driver has been on the TV list will also be added to this total. The same rule for Heatwill apply here.

As these are special awards, if a driver already has one of these three qualities, it'll be upgraded to the level, which gives them two attempts to move up when it is checked.

After that, the driver will be given as many rolls as necessary to get the number of qualities called for. This is done using the same table as during creation. However, unlike the special awards above, a driver will simply reroll a skill they already have, rather than having it upgraded.

Where a driver has regressed and loses qualities due to having a lower number of pedals than in the previous season, the qualities lost will be selected using the same table.


The average starting position for each driver will be calculated. Of course, the smaller the result the better. To represent the obvious prowess (or lack of it) shown in qualifying during the season, the trophies will then be re-assigned using the table to the right.

With Developmental being a smaller grid, a modified table will be used, with the top quarter getting gold and so forth.

Pit Crews

The prowess of the pitting is directly linked to that of their pit crew. As a result, the trophy defines the pit crew. The possible values from this diceroll are shown to the right.

Fast Pit and Escape

We then look again at the final standings and see how solid their overall race strategy was this season. You can see how there is again the possibility for variance and unlucky rolls, but that the more consistent drivers and strategists will end up with the higher values.

As a final roll, the percentage of escape rolls that succeeded for the driver will be compared against a table, and the value given as a result.

One all these checks are complete, the card will be updated and published on the site.

Hiring, Firing, Promotions and Demotions

At least the five lowest ranked drivers will drop down to the Developmental Series, along with anyone that did not complete 50% of the races. This will only occur if we have an equal number of drivers in the Developmental Series to take their place - at least five will change depending on how many drivers are in the developmental series - we do not wish to keep people "trapped there". The potential demotions will be announced immediately in the results of the final race of the season so that there are no surprises. The drivers being promoted will be in order depending on the Developmental Series championship: but this can be changed by a "call-up" or swap by one of the teams.

Remember, however, that you may control three drivers in total but only two on the main roster. If you end up with three drivers on the main roster through promotion, hiring or firing, you will have to choose one to drop, or the weakest overall of the three will be selected.

There will then be three deadlines named for players to partake in if they choose.

  • Customisation Deadline

Firstly, drivers may change names, switch to available numbers, and make specific requests to changes to their livery, such as the addition of sponsors, colour changes etc. Only requests with details can be considered, so please make sure it’s clear.

  • Progression Published

Not a deadline, really, but we will publish Progression and you can see how the drivers will change for the next season. Then you can strike while the iron is hot...

  • Movement Deadline

Those who control teams can choose to stay as they are, or hire and fire drivers. Handlers who own teams have full control over the firing of the drivers in their team, if they wish, and they can immediately swap around any developmental or main roster drivers that they control. They can also make offers to racers handled by other players - see below. We will inform you as soon as we can if one of your drivers is being removed from a team you do not control.

A handler may start a new team if they wish to do so; but remember that a handler can only control one team in total.

We fully expect this to be a difficult deadline to adjudicate and will appreciate patience during the first go at it.

  • How will it work?

If you own a team, you can respond to the Movement Deadline email with the drivers you would like to join your team. If their handler is playing using Pathway 2 or 3, we will contact them for you and keep you informed of any developments. If their handler is Pathway 1, we will let you know as soon as possible so you can make approaches elsewhere.

If no orders are received, your team will continue as normal - but of course, if one of your guys is demoted, you'll be a racer down.