What is expected of me?

1. Players, known as handlers, may be in control of up to three racers across all series.

2. Handlers may be in control of one team.

3. Handlers may spread their three racers across as many teams as they wish, or have any combination of team-affiliated or independent racers.

4. In interactions with iStock and with other players, you will follow the cardinal rule of PROGRESS Pro Wrestling. Feel free to Google it, but we're a family site so won't be repeating it here.

5. We will not provide minutae of how the races are generated or the rules. You must purchase these from instead! There is only one major difference. In the tabletop game, when a driver moves up the order, he is swapped like for like with the driver he passes. Therefore, Driver A in 6th would be swapped with Driver B in 16th. A would become 16th, B 6th. In our rules, Driver B would still take 6th, but Driver A would only drop back one place to 7th.