Leadership Team

I am a STEAM Facilitator and IMSA Fusion Educator who advocates for an interdisciplinary approach to solving real world problems while utilizing art and engineering concepts. Students should be pushed to be critical thinkers, collaborative, and innovators that use their knowledge and skills to help the community as a whole.

Steven Jones

STEAM Teacher

STEM Network Co-Chair

Helping students to creatively solve problems while developing empathy for others.


Charles Randolph

Instructional Technology Coordinator

STEM Network Co-Chair

Charles has over 10 years experience as an Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC) for Arlington Public Schools. During that time he has worked directly with students, teachers and administration to infuse 21st century instructional technology skills in the classrooms and schools. Charles has also supported school and county-wide deployments and professional development initiatives. He is a current member of ISTE and VSTE educational technology organizations and has served as Lead High School Instructional Technology Coordinator for Arlington Public Schools. Certified Apple Education Trainer and ETLO (Certified Online Facilitator).


Janine Feil

Tech Facilitator

Incoming STEM Network Co-Chair

Having both BS and MS degrees in Chemistry, and self-contained K-9 classroom teaching certification, Janine’s experience includes piloting software, applications and programs, and training teachers in new technology usage. Certified as a Level 1 Google Educator, iSchools Teacher Leader, and a Common Sense Media Educator she loves nature, mystery novels and vanilla ice cream.

Fun Fact: One of my favorite movies is the '80s flick Real Genius.


Technology coach. former CS Educator. Adventure Seeker. Maker. #edcampmagic EdMagineer. Love helping teachers & students find THEIR passions using technology.


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Faith Plunkett

Instructional Technology Coach

Incoming STEM Network Co-Chair

Fun Fact: Disney World is my favorite place on earth!

Jessica Shupik

Outgoing STEM Network Co-Chair

Jessica Shupik is a dedicated, self-motivated secondary educator with experience teaching and leading at the middle school and high school levels. She is passionate about the development and education of all students, and she enjoys being part of an innovative, collaborative environment. As one who likes to lead by example, Jessica continuously builds on her education with additional degrees and certifications. She is ecstatic to be serving ISTE as a member of the STEM Network's Leadership Team for a fourth straight year.

Fun Fact: I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was a kid.


Julianne Ross-Kleinmann is passionate about instructional technology to support teaching and learning. An educator for close to 30 years, Julianne is currently the Technology Integration Specialist for the Dutchess County Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) in Poughkeepsie, New York. She also serves on the ISTE Board of Directors.

Fun Fact: Julianne's goal is to become more confident riding her Harley 1200 Sporty alongside her husband on his Harley FXLR.


Julianne Ross-Kleinmann

Technology Integration Specialist

Outgoing STEM Network Co-Chair

Juliet Boone

Special Education Teacher

Work-Based Learning Ed. Tech Specialist


Juliet Boone is an educator who began her career in 1983, teaching biology in the junior high in Jamaica, West Indies. Her subsequent studies in linguistics led her to an investigation of the impact of language acquisition on performance in science. Even after leaving teaching for a decade to work in the insurance industry, Juliet persisted in seeking solutions to the challenges students face in learning. Returning to teaching as a special educator, Juliet’s life work is to empower students to excel through best practices and the use of educational technology.

Boone, who has worked at all levels of the educational system, birth through adulthood, is herself, a lifelong learner. She recently earned the Master of Science in Instructional Technology degree from the New York Institute of Technology. She is currently pursuing the ISTE/GM course in AI Explorations in K-12 School Environments. She eagerly brings back to her classroom new applications to improve outcomes for her students.

Mrs. Boone is NYS certified in work-based learning and enjoys teaching in the community-based program at a high school in Hyde Park. She is a 2019 recipient of the Grow with Us Grant from New York Agriculture in the Classroom/Cornell project. She plans to incorporate agricultural science into her curriculum as part of an interdisciplinary STEAM project that she hopes will grow into a school-based enterprise.

In addition to her work with students, Juliet designs and delivers online professional development courses for educators.

Juliet Boone lives in New York with her husband and two children where she is actively involved in service to her church and community. She enjoys board games and loves reading, relying heavily on audio-books when she is on the move.

Fun Fact: Juliet loves to watch things grow, especially while floating in the Caribbean Sea.

David Lockett

STEM Teacher

David Lockett is a STEM/IT/Robotics teacher at Edward W. Bok Academy in Lake Wales, Florida. He is passionate about technology integration, aerospace, astronomy, and robotics. He was part of the winning team in the NASA Space Apps Challenge and is currently helping design an app to track international rocket launch information. David believes that fostering students’ confidence in becoming independent learners is paramount. He enjoys fostering this confidence daily through the many programs offered by NASA JPL Education, as well as by teaching coding and programming skills with Tynker. Among other accomplishments, he has written articles for STEM Magazine, USA Today, and NSTA Reports.


Michelle Palmieri

Technology Integration Teacher

Michelle is a Technology Integration Teacher for Pine Plains Central School District in NY. She is certified in Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities 1-6. Michelle has experience as a Special Education Teacher and Computer Science Teacher, with an M.S. in Integrating Technology into the Classroom K-12.

Fun Fact: Michelle has fostered and helped over 15 dogs get adopted this past year and a half.


Melissa Getz has been a science teacher online and/or in classrooms with tables and chairs for more than twenty years. She brought her background in lab science to the classroom and started a biotechnology class in 1998. As her career progressed, she passed National Boards in 2010. Now she tutors math and science courses to students in an online, digital face to face environment.


Melissa Getz

PLN Leadership Team

Darshell Silva


I am a Librarian in RI (technobrarian according to my students)! Love tech, making, and STEAM. Check out my maker site at tiny.cc/MakerEdRI. Member of the RISTE board.

Fun Fact: I am going to Tanzania in July with a group of Librarians to work with a school there.


Jorge Valenzuela has served as an educator for the past 14 years and holds both computer science and administrative credentials. He coaches hundreds of educators- both face to face and virtually in Computer Science, Backwards Design Planning, Project-Based Learning (PBL) and the internationally acclaimed Engineering by Design curriculum. He delivers motivational keynotes for universities, school divisions, and educational organizations and is the lead coach for Lifelong Learning Defined, Inc, a National Faculty of the Buck Institute for Education and a National Teacher Effectiveness Coach with the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association.


Jorge Valenzuela

Educational Coach

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