The 14th International i* Workshop


In the last decades a growing number of groups around the world have been using the i* (iStar) modelling framework in their research on early requirements engineering, business process design, organization modelling, software development methodologies, and more.

Following successful workshops in Trento/Italy (2002), London/United Kingdom (2005), Recife/Brazil (2008), Hammamet/Tunisia (2010), Trento/Italy (2011), Valencia/Spain (2013), Thessaloniki/Greece (2014), Ottawa/Canada (2015), Beijing/China (2016), Essen/Germany (2017), and Tallinn/Estonia (2018), Salvador/Brazil (2019), Zurich/Switzerland (2020), the Fourteenth International i* Workshop will take place on October 19th at St. John’s, NL, Canada , as part of the 40th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER'21).

As with previous editions, the objective of the workshop is to provide a unique opportunity for researchers in the area to exchange ideas, compare notes, promote interactions, and forge new collaborations.