International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

UMass Amherst Student Chapter


Welcome to the University of Massachusetts Amherst student chapter of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE)!

This industrial society is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to building a world-wide network for professionals who work in a biotechnology field. As students, we can take advantage of this by being exposed to professionals who have agreed to mentor us. Through this we learn what the pharmaceutical industry really is, the best ways to succeed in the industry and most of all, we are given opportunities to build lasting friendships with these individuals.

The student chapter helps facilitate this learning. Our members are able to participate in professional conferences, career development events, and career fairs hosted by ISPE. We coordinate private tours of local pharmaceutical facilities where we are allowed to see the inner workings of the plant. We have guest speakers come to our university to tell us about the industry. It's never too early to start building friendships with people in the industry who can offer you jobs!

About ISPE

ISPE is the global industry leader in connecting pharmaceutical knowledge to deliver manufacturing and supply chain innovation, operational excellence and regulatory insights to enhance industry efforts to develop, manufacture and reliably deliver quality medicines to patients.

We are a student chapter hosted by the ISPE Boston Area professional chapter. Founded in 1992, the Boston regional chapter is the largest and most active chapter of ISPE, an international organization whose mission is to deliver technical and operational solutions to support pharma and bio-pharma professionals across the globe. The Boston Area Chapter has grown with the region’s pharma and biopharma industries and provides educational, career development and networking opportunities to technical professionals across New England.

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