Conference Program

How do I contact the local organizing committee?

A safe way to make sure you get our emails, is by adding our addresses to your mailbox Contacts:

  1. (inquiries on registration and payments -English OK)
  2. (miscellaneous inquiries)
  3. (hotel reservations info, also see )
  4. (scheduling of presentations/ Science Team/ abstract submissions)

Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Do you have pre-conference workshops on July 25, 2018?

Yes. Information about the pre-conference workshops are now available at the Pre-conference Workshops on the conference website.

Also please visit the ISPA pre-conference workshops 2018 on ISPA official website for your registration and fee payment.

How can I sigh-up and pay for the pre-conference workshop?

You can register and pay the fee for the pre-conference workshops through the online system. Please visit the ISPA pre-conference workshops 2018 or Pre-conference workshops.

I will attend the two-day Japanese program. Can I register for the pre-conference workshops to be held on July 25, 2018? (in Japanese, 日本語プログラムの参加者ですが、25日に開催される大会前研修に申し込むことができますか。)

Yes. Participants who are going to attend the two-day Japanese program are welcomed to register for the pre-conference workshops. There are some workshops which are available in Japanese. If you have any questions about registration, please do not hesitate to contact us via email in English or Japanese. (in Japanese., はい、お申し込みいただけます。日本語でご参加いただけるワークショップもありますので、ぜひ参加をご検討ください。申し込みはISPA本部のウェブサイトからお願いいたします(下記URL)。大変申し訳ありませんが、日本語で参加可能なワークショップ申し込みに際しても手続きは全て英語になります。ワークショップの参加申し込みと参加費支払いについてご不明な点がありましたら、ISPA東京事務局までメールでお問い合わせください。)

Pre-conference Workshops:

LOC ISPA 2018 Tokyo:

Will you provide any social events during the conference?

Yes. There will be Japanese traditional music performances, Sukeroku Daiko, at the opening ceremony on July 25 and the closing ceremony on July 28. We are also scheduled to have some traditional cultural entertainments at the closing ceremony on July 28.

Also there is a concert by Ms. Mariko Tone, a Japanese singer, during the farewell party on July 28.

For more details about the concerts, musician and singer, please go to the Events & Sightseeing Tours on the conference website.

How can I join the Social Gathering for local association members on July 27? (in Japanese, 7月27日の日本語プログラムの情報交換会への申し込み方法を教えてください。)

You can find information about the social gathering for local association members on the conference website for the Japanese program. ISPA participants are welcomed to attend this social event with an extra fee. The social gathering will be held in Japanese. Click here to find further information about this event.(in Japanese 英語プログラム参加者で日本語プログラムの情報交換会への参加をご希望の場合は、日本語プログラムの大会ホームページをご参照ください。ISPA英語プログラムの参加者は、非会員の方でもお申し込みいただけます。大会参加費とは別に参加費の支払いが必要になりますので、ご注意ください。情報交換会は日本語で開催されます。申し込みや支払いに関する詳細は、こちらでご確認ください。)

Do you have a community page of the 40th ISPA Conference on Facebook?

Yes, please join us on Facebook. We are going to provide information about the conference and tips for traveling in Japan.

ISPA 2018 Conference Tokyo, Japan (English)

第40回国際学校心理学会(ISPA)東京大会・日本語プログラム (Japanese)

Is there any childcare during the conference?

We are not going to provide any childcare service during the conference because it is very difficult to have one at the university facilities. There are childcare and kids programs operated in English in Tokyo. If you have any problem to find a childcare service, please contact us by email.