Are there any hotels near the closest station to Tokyo Seitoku University?

There are two stations close to Tokyo Seitoku University, one is Jujo station on the JR Saikyo line and the other is Higashi-jujo on the JR Keihin-tohoku line. Although there are no hotels around Jujo station, there is one hotel between the conference venue and Higashi-jujo station, which is FEXSTAY INN Higashi-jujo (EN).

Itabashi station on the JR Saikyo line is a station between Ikebukuro station and Jujo station. There are two hotels near Itabashi station; APA Hotel Tokyo Itabashi Ekimae (EN) and Hotel Bougainvillea Itabashi (JP).

In Ikebukuro area, there are more options to find a hotel that suits you.

Also you can reserve hotel rooms blocked by ISPA through Gloria Eurex Co., Ltd. when you register for the conference through the online registration system from the end of December 2017.

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In which part of Tokyo do you suggest to stay during the conference?

We suggest you stay in Ikebukuro because this area is 5 minutes away by train from the closest station to the university campus, Jujo station on the JR Saikyo line. In Ikebukuro, you have more options to stay and places to eat than in Jujo station area. For your information, the Farewell Party on July 28th will be held at the restaurant, Sunshine Cruise Cruise, at Sunshine 60 Bldg. of Sunshine City, a commercial complex, in Ikebukuro.

Shinjuku is one of the most exciting areas in Tokyo and it is convenient for ISPA members to stay during the conference. You can take the JR Saikyo line from Shinjuku station to Jujo station. It takes about 10 minutes between the two stations by train.

Ueno and Akihabara are also convenient for you to stay. You can take the JR Keihin-tohoku line from those two stations to Higashi-jujo station, the other station close to Tokyo Seitoku University. It takes about 14 minutes from Ueno station to Higashi-jujo station and about 18 minutes from Akihabara station to Higashi-jujo station by train.

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I would like to change my hotel reservation.

Please email at You don't need to register twice (or more) to change your hotel reservation.