Workshops and Breakout Groups

We are planning to hold 2-hour topical workshops and breakout groups on Wednesday morning from 8:00-10:00 AM.

Many rooms are available for this purpose, and can accommodate all sizes of groups. Alternately, late evening workshops may also be arranged following dinner (8:30-10 pm).

Field trips on Wednesday will depart at 11 AM following the morning Workshops.

Propose a Workshop!

We are soliciting ideas for conference attendees to organize and conduct specialized topical workshops or breakout groups. These workshops can range from informative (e.g. introductory topics for newcomers) to deeper technical discussions for specialists. The workshops will be cost-free to IsoEcol2022 participants and are led by a scientific leader or team.

The Workshop leader(s) are responsible for all workshop content and relevant e-materials given to the attendees and within the time allotment given. The Kartause will provide rooms and audiovisual facilities for presentations. For workshops requiring participant laptops, these must be provided by the attendees.

Proposals for an IsoEcol workshop are due April 1, 2022. In your proposal please provide the following:

  • Title

  • Abstract (200 words max) plus Syllabus (max 1-page A4/Letter)

  • Maximum number of people accepted

  • Required facilities (projector, desks, power, etc.)

Submit your Workshop Proposal online here.

Registration for the Workshops will open Spring 2022!