About Us

After more than 3 years of continued success, the International Society for Mexico Energy (formerly Houston Mexico Energy Group) is now the first non-profit organization focused on Best Practices and Relationships for Business Success in all Sectors of Energy in Mexico.


With the new Energy Reform in Mexico, international companies (Investors, Operators, Service Providers) need to learn about Mexico’s business opportunities, regulation, local players, key developments, cultural aspects, community concerns, etc. Also, Mexican companies need to learn about all of the above (it’s a new market for everyone), and they also need to learn about new technologies, partnerships, expertise, capital, etc.

ISME is now the first nonprofit international energy association to find quality connections, information and business opportunities through our local meetings in Houston and now in Mexico City (starting in Sept 2017) and very soon also through our Online Hub.

Houston and Mexico City

As part of our evolution, in addition to our Houston meetings and activities, later this year we will start a Mexico City Chapter hosted by Tec de Monterrey's EGADE Business School.

We are also excited and honored to welcome our first Board of Advisers who will help us to better steer our efforts in this unique initiative to help develop the energy sectors of Mexico through the success of our members.

Board of Advisers

George Baker (Chief Editor, Energia.com)

Santiago Barcón (CEO, EnergíaHoy)

Jesús Córdoba (EVP, IEnova)

Edmundo González (Head of ProMexico Texas)

Luis Alfredo Hernández (EGADE Business School – Mexico City)

Francisco Salazar (Partner, ENIX; Ex-President, CRE)

Alex Sleptsov (Tulane Business School - Houston)