Hopping Up for It: A fun and challenging "only-upwards" platformer on Steam!

A magician has stored a rabbit in his enchanted top hat.  Inside the hat is a pocket dimension, seemingly as big as a tower, which he uses to store his stage props and more.  But the rabbit can smell a bag of carrots outside... help the rabbit hop out, for freedom and carrots!  Use your mouse to determine the rabbit's jump angle and strength: it's simple to learn, difficult to master.

Hopping Up for It is a type of game that may be familiar to some: You only go up, while getting over obstacles until you reach the top.  But this game would be nearly impossible for most players if not for its ability to save and load any time (and even then, it's quite the challenge)!  Only a true king or queen of jumping may ever make it out without using saves-- though the game will recognize it if you do.

There will be obstacles and tricky platforms such as giant dice, bouncy balloons, sliding cards, flipping coins, teleporting wands, swinging pendants and more.  Can you escape the hat?

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Isles of Ciphar: An immersive and adventurous fantasy/sci-fi book, available on Amazon & Audible!


In his dimension, Earth had evolved differently. Hundreds of millions of years ago, a meteor with unique properties smashed into his version of the little planet positioned between Venus and Mars, changing how the world’s lifeforms and even continents developed. An inhabitant of our world would never recognize his as the same planet by looking at a map of it, and would be especially skeptical if they were to gaze upon some of the inhuman races who dwelled there.

This is the story of Rov, King of Ciphar. To find the man who attacked his kingdom and escaped with a princess, Rov embarked on a journey across his world with the help of a blood fairy, a catwoman, and others until he uncovered the truth about what happened that day. A truth that would lead him to our own world—to my Hawaiian home, where I would learn his story and do anything possible to help him.

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