Isle of Daphna

The Isle of Daphna is located on a fertile island in the Thassa sea, which is regarded a paradise by locals and travellers from afar. Cypress and fruit trees grow abundantly on the island's sunny shores, and the blue-green waters surrounding it are teeming with fish, pearls and other spoils of the sea. High walls and an elite scarlet caste with supporting professional mercenaries keep Isle of Daphna secure and fortified. Within the Great Archives of Daphna, academics and intellectuals alike craft illuminating manuscripts and scrolls and rigorously debate law and the philosophy of what it means to be Gorean. One who travels to the Isle of Daphna can not set sail without purchasing the ornate and intricate trinkets and refinery crafted with the skill and sweat of the artisan population. Within this wealthy city trade is seen more prestigious than use of arms. Daphna's gardens, pleasure houses, bottomless tavern, dedication to sport in the arena and and ornate customs are well known across the sea.