I.S. Jones

Why I.S. Jones?

To quote Ken Arkind, “Your name is the first story you tell someone when you meet them”. When I began going by I.S. Jones, I noticed a curious thing began—I became a bit more accessible as my first name is not conventional by American standards. With this new name came certain assumptions. If no one saw my face prior, people assumed I was a man just by the name. I am never assumed to be a woman first. Yet, presses & foundations that I watched for many years reacted to quotes of my work. The name sounds regal and seasoned. I am not necessarily “more of a writer” with this moniker, yet if a name is the first story ones tells the world about themselves, then I.S. Jones is the story of a life-long dedication to the craft of poetry & the arts.


I.S. Jones is a writer, educator, & hip-hop head hailing from Southern California. She is a fellow with The Watering Hole, BOAAT Writer's Retreat, & Callaloo. I.S. is very Blk & loud about her joy. She has received an honorable mention from the Academy of American Poets & her work has received two nominations for the Best of The Net Anthology & 2016 was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

As a historian & an architect with the written word, each of her poems are lyrical meditations on race, love, family, the uses of rage while often employing mythos & engaging socio-political commentary. In a larger scale, her works seek to allow her readers the space to cultivate a rich, interior life.

She is the Assistant Editor at Chaparral, a literary magazine based in Southern California, a contributor at Dead End Hip-Hop, Revolt TV, & the first editor-in-chief at Upcoming Hip Hop. She has a column with Cove Alpa called ‘The Heart Harvest’, a bi-weekly column that engages art, politics, & the world in critical discourse. Her podcast “Carefree Black Girl”, produced by Quanna MC, Wize Grazette, & co-hosted with four other amazing women, spotlights the various facets of the life of black women.

Her works have appeared in The Harpoon Review, Fat City Review, Qua Magazine, The Blueshift Journal, SunDog Lit, Matador Review, Wusgood.black, anthologies, & other publications. She received her MFA from Hofstra University. I.S. is currently running for Poet Laureate of the Moon.

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