Membership Info

Membership in ISHA shall be designated as:

  • Professional - Persons occupationally engaged in one or more aspects of the school health program or any persons who are interested in school health and support the purpose and functions of this association.
  • Student - Full-time student enrolled in a professional preparation program (related to the purpose and functions of this association) in an institution of higher learning in the State of Illinois.
  • Organization - Any health or health related agency, institution, educational group business, industry, or society who supports the concept of coordinated school health programs.

Current membership fees

  • Professional (1 year - $50.00)

  • Student (1 year - $25.00)

  • Professional (3 years - $100.00)

  • Retired (1 year - $25.00)

  • Organization (1 year - $50.00)