A Letter from Membership Chair

The Illinois School Health Association offers wonderful benefits such as content updates, teaching tips, media reviews, and strong networking opportunities! Members have helped each other find employment, find resources for research, helped each other with student interviews for college courses, and recommended each other for work on the state level on projects such as state standards and teacher certification tests.

Our challenge to all of our members is to bring somebody back! We all know someone we have worked with or mentored who either used to be involved with ISHA, or could benefit from all of these wonderful opportunities. Bring them back! Talk to them about renewing their memberships and coming to our spring conference in April. A one-year membership makes a great gift for graduating student teachers that you mentor!

The board would also love you to get involved as active members! You can help out by writing articles for Healthlines, helping us stuff folders for the annual conference, presenting a session at our ISHA conference or at IAHPERD as an ISHA representative, or helping us exhibit our display at other conferences you might be attending!

We also love getting feedback about membership benefits, conference ideas, or any changes you might have in mind that could benefit our ISHA members! Feel free to email me your suggestions at:

Don’t be afraid to step up and get involved! You can put in as much time or as little time as you want.


ISHA Membership Chair