iSCHOOLS Promotional Sites for Schools 2021

AMAZING NEW SITES READY FOR TERM 2 2021. Lock in your new site with us now and we'll have it ready in a few days. Professional and User Friendly sites.

Take advantage of our websites for schools on the Google platform

A new site like these ones within a week of us receiving all the information we need.

NO ONGOING COSTS !! ONE OFF SITE BUILD COST ONLY - Build now ready for Term 4, 2020

KĀHUI AKO ( Community of Learning ) WEBSITE BUILD OFFER

  • Site build - $1800.00

  • Site built within a week of us receiving information.

  • We can build the site off your documentation - you email it to us, we lay it all out as a website ready to tweak with you to suit.

  • Link to all schools and ECE centres in your community.

  • Link to all national Kāhui Ako updates and relevant education initiatives

  • Outline roles and responsibilities and challenges.

  • Community detail and demographics.

  • One off cost to build only - schools can access and update all areas of the site themselves. Alternatively, we offer a $150.00 per month updating service where updates are emailed to us and we keep the site current and tidy for you. Previously, schools have found it is easier to do this as they are unable to release a teacher for $150.00 a month to do the updates or their resource person leaves the school. Out sourcing the responsibility ensures consistency. Email us for details on updating.




  • Sites take a week to build, from the time we receive the info we need. From nothing to an amazing, professional online presence!

  • Sites are bright, user friendly, clean and professionally presented - Check them out below

  • NO ONGOING COSTS ! ( Only the cost of your domain name registration per annum )

  • FREE UPDATING - You will be able to update, change and add to anything on the site - it is all accessible to you through the Google platform.

  • Site hosted at no cost on the Google platform - through Google Suite

  • Alternative updating service at $150.00 per month - offering it for schools / organisations who find keeping the site current a challenge. Cost effective and less than releasing a teacher to do. Email for more details.


Available now ready for 2021. Our special condensed 8 paged sites that mostly uses PDFs to present information. Sites present like our full sites that currently promo for $800.00. Enquire now for us to build you a free, no obligations mock up site on this template so you can see what you are purchasing before you opt in. View the PDF below with more instructions on what we will need for you and the process of this build. Enquire at