Isabel M. Fendley


I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford.

I was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at UC Berkeley during my PhD until my graduation in summer 2020.

I use geochemical (Hg concentration, C, S, O stable isotope composition) and statistical techniques to probe the relationship between volcanic eruptions and environmental change on all timescales: from Large Igneous Province eruptions to recent eruptions.

I was recently a guest on the AGU podcast "Third Pod From the Sun" to talk about Mt. Etna and volcano-caused climate change during the early Roman Empire. Check it out!

List of publications and presentations

Current affiliation:

University of Oxford Department of Earth Sciences

Previous affiliations:

UC Berkeley Department of Earth and Planetary Science

Berkeley Geochronology Center

UC Museum of Paleontology

Deccan Traps Project

Society of Women in Physical Sciences

Redpath Museum

McGill University Department of Earth and Planetary Science