About Us

Image of front of JHS 278 Marine Park Circa 1959

JHS 278 Marine Park Circa 1959

Our Mission

The mission of Marine Park, JHS 278, is to engage its community in developing accomplished students equipped with the knowledge, skills and citizenship to achieve lifelong success.

Instructional Focus

In every classroom, teachers will design a clear learning objective and align learning tasks with reasonable time allocations, so that students can show evidence of learning.

Theory of change:

By supporting teachers through formative feedback on the observation process and ongoing professional development, teachers will be able to design clear learning objectives and align learning tasks so that students can show evidence of learning.

Rigorous Instruction:

By June 2019, to continue to close the achievement gap between English Language Learners and non-English Language Learners in mathematics by 8% in the area of expressions and equations as measured by both informal school-based assessments and the New York State mathematics test. This goal is aligned with our district goal to improve learning outcomes for English Language Learners in mathematics.

Supportive Environment:

By June 2019, the school will develop and implement a peer-buddy program in order to help support sixth graders in their transition to middle school, as measured by an increase of 10% in the number of students responding positively on supportive environment within the New York City School survey.

Collaborative Teachers:

By June 2019, Assistant Principals and teachers will participate as part of a data inquiry team in order to analyze student work products, discern student strengths and weaknesses, research potential strategies and tailor instruction for all students; including students with disabilities, English language learners and advanced students measured by classroom performance on formative and summative assessments in all subjects.

Effective School Leadership:

By June 2019, teachers will design and enhance rigorous learning tasks within each lesson plan to embed strategic instructional approaches with learning supports for all students which will result in at least 60% of teacher observation evaluations scoring Highly Effective in Danielson Competency 3C Engaging Students in Learning.

Strong Family and Community Ties:

By June 2019, 90% of staff members will be utilizing Skedula / Pupil Path to monitor and share students’ progress and anecdotal information with parents and members of the school community. There will be a 10% increase Learning Environment Survey.