Executive Board

Position Descriptions


The President coordinates the work of officers and committees of the association in order that the purposes maybe promoted, presides at all meetings of the association and the executive board. The President is also a member ex officio of all committees except the nominating committee and the official representative of the association at council and district meetings.

The President is responsible for assuring the work of the PTSA is performed properly and that the mission statement and all commitments are being met in a helpful and professional manner. The President is the manager that guides the attitude and achievement of the PTSA.

First Vice President

First vice president shall serve as Membership Chair and works with the membership committee to plan the annual membership campaign. The membership chairman/vice president is responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, collecting dues, and distributing membership cards. The First VP will also coordinate membership lists and volunteer lists and assist committees with volunteer organization.

The First VP is also responsible for creating and distributing a monthly newsletter, emailed out to the current membership list.

Second Vice President

The second vice president shall serve as Programs Chair and works with committee and other chairmen to plan and organize programs for the school year, collaborates with principal, PTA president, other committee chairmen and campus student groups to coordinate, plan and implement programs, and develops annual program calendar and presents it at PTA association meeting for adoption. The first VP publicizes approved program calendar using newsletters, website, social networks and school handbook and oversees and delegates volunteer recruitment for implementing and running programs.

Second VP will also post program literature and handouts on the IHS PTSA website for parents that could not be at the meeting.

The Second VP will also focus on family engagement and barriers to PTSA-Family involvement.


The Secretary will keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association and the executive board in a bound book which is the legal record of this association, be prepared to refer to minutes of previous meetings, and prepare a list of all unfinished business for the use of the president. The Secretary also keeps a current list of the paid members of the association provided by the membership chairman and a current signed original set of the bylaws and standing rules.

The Secretary will also conduct all necessary correspondence of the association upon authorization of the president, executive board or association, as well as notify officers of their election and chairmen of their appointments and send out notices of executive board meetings.


Keep such permanent books of account and records as shall be sufficient to establish the items of gross income, receipts and disbursements of the association, including specifically, the number of members, the dues collected from the members and the amount of dues remitted through channels to the California State PTA. Such books of account and records shall at all reasonable times be open to inspection by an authorized representative of the California State PTA. The Treasurer will also chair the budget committee and prepare the budget for adoption by the association and keep the membership informed of expenditures as they relate to the budget adopted by the association by presenting a treasurer’s report at every meeting of the association and the executive board and at other times when requested by the association. The Treasurer is responsible for filling out and forwarding all necessary report forms required by the California State PTA for insurance, and for filing all tax returns and other forms required by government agencies.


The Auditor is responsible for auditing the books and financial records of the association semiannually and preparing a midyear audit to be completed in January and July. The Auditor presents a written report to the executive board at the February meeting for review and to the association at the March meeting for adoption and prepares a year-end audit to be completed in July.


The Historian will assemble and preserve a record of the activities, achievements and volunteer hours of the association, as well as act as custodian of records and other materials pertinent to the history of the association. The Historian will assist the president with the preparation of the association’s annual report required by the California State PTA. The Historian is also responsible for the officer education binders and assuring the transition of such binders from one year to the next.


The Parliamentarian will attend ALL meetings of the association and of the executive board and give necessary advice in parliamentary procedure when requested. It is imperative that the Parliamentarian is available for all meetings to assure that policies and procedures are followed during all meetings and for all Association business.

The Parliamentarian will call the first meeting of the nominating committee, conduct election of a chairman and give instructions in procedure, and may be contacted for additional information, if needed; and shall attend meetings of the nominating committee only if elected to serve as a member of the committee. The Parliamentarian is also responsible to chair the bylaws committee and review bylaws and standing rules annually and submit revised bylaws every three years.