Run with Power

run with power

Yes, it's true, we are one of the first coaching services anywhere with running and triathlon training plans specifically designed for a running power meter. As a pioneering engineer and consultant for bike power meters back to the 1990s, Tom Rodgers has logged over 10,000 hours with a power meter on his own bike and his coached athletes have logged over 500,000. He is one of the design and testing engineers for the new RPM-squared power meter being developed in Texas, and has been training and coaching with these revolutionary running devices since 2015.

For sprinters trimming tenths of a second, to endurance runners from distances of 5-10K to the marathon, on the track running, on the road, on the trail and in triathlons, we have the expertise to understand these devices and the hard-won, real-world experience to teach you, the demanding competitive athlete, how to revolutionize your running.

The run power meter and training is so new, we can't explain or reveal everything on a website, but we love to talk on the phone about running with power, so contact us and include your phone number for a quick response.

Watch the cool video, produced and narrated by Coach Tom Rodgers!