Iris M. Steine Phd

Iris Steine, PhD

Research Scientist and psychologist

Quantitative researcher and psychology professional with the vision to improve global health outcomes. Delivers compelling, peer-reviewed journal articles and in-person presentations on independent and collaborative research findings. Designs studies to explore unmet needs, working cross-functionally and internationally to make the greatest impact. Effective writer and public speaker.

Core Competencies

Analytical skills | Problem Solving | Psychology | Mental health | Public speaking | Information management | Communication (written, verbal, listening) | Collaboration | Client-facing skills | People skills | Negotiation | Literature Searches | Data Analysis | Regression Analysis | T-tests | ANOVA | Descriptive Statistics | Mentorship | Stress and Trauma | Individual Interviews | User Involvement Groups

Career Highlights

  • Independently secured $300K from the Norwegian Dam Foundation to complete a three-year, international research project on the long-term health consequences of childhood abuse and neglect.

  • First-authored 16 peer-reviewed journal articles with over 300 verified citations to date, with one paper ranking among the top 1% of most-cited articles published in Psychiatry/Psychology in 2017, and five papers among the top 10% most-cited articles published in Psychiatry/Psychology in 2012, 2016, and 2017, respectively.

  • Co-organized the 2020 and 2021 UC Berkeley Beyond Academia conference - a two day event featuring around 100 PhD speakers who successfully transitioned to non-academic careers. In 2021 our small team adapted the conference to a virtual platform for the first time, attracting almost 1800 PhD students and academics from all over the world.

  • Invited to present at Schizophrenia Days, the largest mental health conference of the Nordic countries, with an audience of over 900.

  • Provided scientific product consulting in the promotion of Mochi- a screen less coding toy aimed at reducing screen time for kids.

  • Awarded “Bjørn Christiansen’s Memorial Award” for best published paper in 2012 in the Journal of the Norwegian Psychological Association.

  • Received media coverage for research on childhood trauma, stress hormones and mental health, among others from,, Dagsavisen, Save the Children Norway, Bergens Tidende, and The Norwegian National State TV channel (NRK). My research has also been extensively used to lobby against the statute of limitations on both child and adult sexual abuse cases.

  • Selected by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth, and Family Affairs to participate in a small reference group of SMEs on statistics and indicators related to violence and abuse.

  • Worked as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (in Norway) for four years, in both the public sector and in private practice. Exercised high-level active listening, communication, decision-making, strategic planning, and problem-solving. Designed and implemented evidence-based interventions, both independently and as a part of cross-functional teams. Promoted mental health, behavioral change, and growth in a diverse client and patient population.

  • Provided clinical mental health services to individuals on employment sick leave, resulting in their return to work, as part of the greater Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration public health initiative to promote wellness and recovery.