more information will be coming soon about NEIGHBOR'S ALLIANCE!!!

a group for concerned citizens coming together

to stand united against the increasing violations of our CIVIL AND GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS!!

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Welcome! Namaste!

I am excited you are here!

I have said for many years that there must be a reason for the life I have lived and all the details that continue to come together: my childhood, my estranged family, my children, my family of friends, toxic relationships, nursing school, my career, graduate school and internship, multiple relocations, freak occurrences, and several total resets over the last 37 years....

Sometimes it feels like I have lived several lives this time around! I must be paying off that ancestral and personal karmic debt! I have strong faith that in one of my favorite quotes- Everything I have gone through is preparing me for what I asked for.

For all my struggles, I am truly blessed!

I have been a healer all my life, and my world has grown exponentially since I started exploring and fully embracing my life's purpose.

Even so, I struggle with wanting to do ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME- you will see that I have a wide range of interests and investments :) I know that this tendency to stay busy is a trauma response and coping mechanism to keep my mind busy, but it has helped me immensely to spend a vast majority of my time fully absorbed in reading, researching, and writing.

Learn more about what I have been up to here!

Although they have changed drastically over the last several years, I proudly hold many titles:

I am a HEALER!! I have always leaned toward natural, alternative therapies in my practice as a registered nurse. Medications were not the first choice because even then I knew that medications rarely cure the disease, they just mask the symptoms. Over 16 years in the medical field, I slowly realized how contradictory and damaging our capitalist health care system is. I watched the science and art of nursing that I loved as it slowly eroded from quality patient care to profitable patient care. Building upon my nursing education and career, I sought training and certification in several natural and holistic healing methods and divination arts. I utilize all of my background experience to provide truly ONE-OF-A-KIND services for my clients and loved ones that fall under the title of Metaphysical Therapy.

I am a EDUCATOR! I LOVE learning, and once I focus in on a topic, I am not satisfied until I have explored every aspect. I love sharing what I have learned! My blog is filled with a myriad of topics.... something for everyone! Every event, every person, every experience happens as it should and is meant to teach you something... that same universal life force energy brought you here! As I develop and add more thoroughly researched and evidence-based content, I will also be working on developing materials to use with exclusive online and live classes.

I am an ENTREPRENEUR and ADVISOR! I have thoroughly enjoyed navigating the thrilling world of entrepreneurship! I helped to launch several small businesses for myself and friends, completing additional training every chance I got! If you have been considering starting your own small business and you need a little help, contact me! I will gladly offer any assistance I can for FREE, and competitive pricing if you would rather hand over some of the work.

I am an AUTHOR! In addition to my blog, I have finished and am currently in the process of digitizing and editing my very own handwritten Book of Light and Shadows! It started off as a project to create my Wiccan holy book, and it grew to become a treasured outline of my own spiritual journey. At times I feel like it was the only thing that kept me going through the worst of the heartbreak in first year after my parental rights were wrongfully terminated. I would like to one day publish the book, but my focus has been on fighting to justice for my children and myself.

I am an ARTIST! Creative expression is the purest form of spirituality and the simplest way of connecting with a higher power! I am blessed to have found many artistic outlets, such as painting, music, and visual performing arts that help me cope with life!

I am an ACTIVIST! While in meditation several years ago, the universe sent me a clear message encouraging me to embrace my role as CONFRONTER. As a nurse, I developed a strong voice to advocate for my patients. I have no issue speaking for the oppressed and the marginalized, because I am one of them. I am deeply troubled by the disparities and injustices in our society. It is my dream to one day serve in a public office, but I always joke that I have to get my ducks in a row first. I continue to become more involved in the grassroots political arena because real CHANGE starts at home with city, county, and state elections!

Me with Elijah, Noah, and Alexys Summer 2017

A letter to my beautiful, smart, amazing babies!!

I miss you SO MUCH!!

I love you,

forever and always,

MOST-EST-ER times infinity

times googleplexian!!

Metaphysical Therapy

Metaphysics is the science behind the Divination Arts and Healing Modalities that I have found as a means to survive and thrive. I share these techniques during our sessions to help you help yourself!


my THREE primary goals are:

1) to allow the Universe to work through me

for the greater good of all,

2) to EDUCATE and EMPOWER others,


3) to help raise the vibration of our Universal Consciousness... one friend at a time!

I know this is the path I chose when I signed my soul contract for this incarnation, because
I have read it all over in my charts! Consistently, across the board, I receive the same messages about who I am and what I am here to do!

I am offering one *FREE* session to all new and previous clients!

All I ask in return is for an honest review on social media and your gracious permission to cross post it

on my website and other social media accounts :-)

Time slots are filling up FAST!!

Orange Day Lillies are one of my favorite flowers!


I want to know more!

Ashley Marie's Blog

I am working hard to add new blog content every day!

I am grateful for the space that Google Sites has afforded me to get started with a website for free, and I have enjoyed using this platform to get a great start with blogging. This site will be updated on occasion, however, I have started transitioning over to WordPress because I feel it offers more functionality and options for growth.


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Painting a summer sunset George Wyth State Park

Painting a beautiful sunset from the roof of the TECHNOVAN August 2020

Logo Oeuvre of Ashley Marie

showcases my creative ventures and projects, including:

my original artwork,

handwritten Book of Light and Shadows,

freelance articles for Iowa EDM

my certificates for business and marketing related courses,


links and photos from my movies!

"Crazy conspiracy theorists" have been trying to warn us for years. Countless people have been paid for their silence or killed for their defiance. I have been attacked as an easy scapegoat for many years, but it wasn't until recently that I realized fighting back only furthers the agenda against me.... I am not an innocent victim, but neither am I the dangerous criminal that my record would suggest. Everything that was done TO me, was orchestrated by the people behind the curtain. Want proof? Remember that you asked for it.

PLEASE feel free to investigate everything on your own; If you take the time to read this article and view the accompanying video, and you still come to the conclusion that I'm making excuses or skirting the consequences of my actions, I offer my sincerest condolences. They don't say "back to your regularly scheduled programming" for nothing!

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars FULL READ ON YouTube

NASA The Future of War on Slideshare

My Blog Post Titled Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

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